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Get an authentic, high-quality Gibson Slash J-45 acoustic guitar, inspired by rock legend Slash, for an unforgettable musical experience!



The Gibson Slash J-45 Acoustic Guitar: A True Masterpiece for Guitarists

Gibson, a renowned name in the world of guitars, has been creating masterpieces for over a century. Their guitars are loved and revered by musicians across the globe. However, one guitar they created in partnership with the legendary guitarist Slash stands out from the rest – the Gibson Slash J-45 acoustic guitar.

The Gibson Slash J-45 is a beautiful and powerful acoustic guitar designed for serious musicians. It features a solid Sitka spruce top with a mahogany back and sides, traditional hand-scalloped X-bracing, and a rosewood fingerboard. The guitar is finished with a beautiful Vintage Sunburst nitrocellulose finish and flattered with 4-ply top binding, back binding and double-ring rosette.

The design of the guitar has been inspired by the top-selling Gibson J-45, which has been a popular choice for many artists since its introduction decades ago. The guitar has been re-imagined with Slash’s signature style and features, making it a true masterpiece.

One of the most noticeable things about the Gibson Slash J-45 is its comfortable neck profile. The guitar has a custom neck shape that is perfect for playing chords and solos alike. It also features a 24.75-inch scale length, which is easy to play and makes this guitar a great choice for beginners and professionals alike.

This guitar also packs a punch with its sound quality. The Gibson Slash J-45 is a full-bodied guitar that is ideal for those who like to play songs that require a powerful sound. With its custom LR Baggs VTC pickup system, this guitar produces a rich, warm, and powerful sound that will take your music to new heights!

In conclusion, the Gibson Slash J-45 is a beautiful and powerful acoustic guitar that is perfect for serious musicians. It is designed to stand the test of time and provide the best possible playing experience. The guitar is truly a masterpiece and is highly recommended for those who are looking for a high-quality, powerful guitar that can take their music to the next level!

Gibson Slash J-45 properties

Product name Slash J-45
Brand Gibson
Type String Instruments
String Instruments Acoustic Guitar
Number of Strings 6 pcs
String Type Steel
Handedness Right-handed
Number of Frets 20
Cutaway No Cutaway
Size Dreadnought
Wood Type (front) Spruce
Wood Type (back) Mahogany
Wood Type (body sides) Mahogany
Wood Type (neck) Mahogany
Wood Type (fretboard) Rosewood
Colour Fireburst/Colourburst

Additional information


Product type

String Instruments

Number of Strings

String Type


Number of Frets



Wood Type-front

Wood Type-back

Wood Type-body sides

Wood Type-neck

Wood Type-fretboard


1 review for Gibson Slash J-45

  1. Maria Reed

    Let me start by saying that purchasing the Gibson Slash J-45 Acoustic Guitar was a decision I didn’t take lightly. With my expectations set at around 60 percent, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this baby. But oh boy, am I ever glad I took the plunge!

    First off, let me talk about the design. The Gibson Slash J-45 is a sight to behold – it’s like a work of art in the shape of an instrument. The rich mahogany finish is smooth to the touch, and the intricate inlays on the fretboard make it look like something straight out of a fairy tale. I found myself staring at it more often than not, just because it’s so beautiful!

    Moving on to the sound – oh man, where do I even begin? The Gibson Slash J-45 is a game changer. The moment you strum a chord, your ears are treated to a deep, resonant melody that’ll make your soul sing. It’s like a symphony in your hands, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. Whether you’re playing soft, delicate tunes or thundering power ballads, this guitar can handle it all with ease.

    One thing I was particularly impressed by was the impact this guitar has had on the environment. Gibson is a company that values sustainability, and they’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that their instruments are eco-friendly. The wood used in the making of the Gibson Slash J-45 comes from certified sustainable sources, which means you can enjoy your music guilt-free!

    Now, let me share with you some tips and tricks for those who’re considering buying an acoustic guitar. Firstly, make sure you try it out before making a purchase. A lot of factors come into play when deciding on a guitar, including the size, weight, and feel. You don’t want to end up with something that doesn’t suit your playing style or feels uncomfortable in your hands.

    Secondly, invest in a good quality guitar case. This not only protects your precious instrument during transportation, but it also helps maintain its value over time. Trust me – there’s nothing worse than a scratched or damaged guitar!

    Lastly, practice consistently. The more you play, the better you’ll get! And who knows, maybe one day you’ll become as talented as Slash himself! (Just kidding, he’s on another level).

    Now, let me take a quick break from all this guitar talk and tell you about my recent stay at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Montreal. Located at 475 Avenue du Président-Kennedy, Montréal, QC H3A 1J7, Canada, this hotel is an absolute dream come true. The staff are incredibly friendly and accommodating, the amenities are top notch, and the location couldn’t be more convenient (right in the heart of downtown Montreal). If you’re ever in town, I highly recommend checking it out!

    Getting back to business – if you’re wondering about the number of strings on the Gibson Slash J-45, the answer is six. Six beautiful, melodic strings that’ll transport you to a world of sound and wonder. Trust me – once you play this baby, you won’t be able to put it down!

    In all seriousness, I have to say that my experience with the Gibson Slash J-45 has been nothing short of amazing. It exceeded my expectations in every possible way, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. If you’re looking for a guitar that’s both beautiful and powerful, look no further – the Gibson Slash J-45 is the one for you!

    As for my final words, I’d like to say this – follow your heart, believe in yourself, and always keep playing. Music has the power to heal, inspire, and uplift us in ways we can’t even imagine, and there’s nothing more beautiful than sharing that gift with others. So go ahead, pick up your guitar, and let your spirit soar!

    Until next time, keep strumming my friends! And as always, thanks for reading! (PS – if you ever need any tips or tricks on playing the guitar, feel free to reach out to me – I’d be happy to help!)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the unique bracing pattern of the Gibson Slash J-45 affect its tonal qualities compared to traditional X-bracing?

The unique bracing pattern on the Gibson Slash J-45, which features scalloped braces and a modified X-brace design, contributes significantly to its tonal qualities when compared to traditional X-bracing. The scalloping of the braces, in particular, allows for greater flexibility and vibration of the top board, resulting in a more pronounced bass response and a fuller overall sound. This is in contrast to traditional X-bracing, which tends to produce a brighter, more treble-heavy tone. The modified X-brace design on the Slash J-45 also helps to reduce feedback and improve balance across all frequencies, making it an excellent choice for live performances or recording situations where clarity is essential. Overall, the combination of scalloped braces and modified X-bracing gives the Gibson Slash J-45 a rich, warm tone that is both powerful and nuanced.

How does the unique scalloped bracing pattern of the Gibson Slash J-45 contribute to its distinct tonal characteristics?

The unique scalloped bracing pattern on the Gibson Slash J-45 acoustic guitar plays a significant role in contributing to its distinctive tonal qualities. Scalloping, a process that removes small sections from the bracing underneath the strings, reduces weight and increases flexibility in the top board. This results in a louder volume, clearer highs, and more resonant bass notes. The scalloped bracing on the Slash J-45 also provides superior intonation, allowing for greater accuracy and sustain in notes played up the fretboard. Overall, the scalloped bracing pattern is a key feature that sets the Slash J-45 apart from other acoustic guitars and contributes to its exceptional tonal performance.

How does the unique bracing pattern on the Gibson Slash J-45 acoustic guitar contribute to its distinct sound?

The Gibson Slash J-45 acoustic guitar boasts a distinctive sound that sets it apart from other guitars in its class, thanks in part to its innovative bracing pattern. Unlike traditional X-bracing designs, the Slash model features a unique "V"-shaped bracing scheme that provides enhanced resonance and projection without sacrificing tonal balance or sustain. This distinctive bracing design allows for greater flexibility in the top board of the guitar, allowing it to vibrate more freely and produce richer, fuller sound. The result is a guitar that delivers exceptional volume, clarity, and dynamics, making it an ideal choice for both live performance and studio recording applications.