MarkBass Micromark 801

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The MarkBass Micromark 801 bass amp is the perfect compact solution for a powerful and versatile bass tone.

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MarkBass Micromark 801 is a powerful bass amp that has taken the market by storm. It is one of the most compact bass amps currently available but still delivers the high-quality sound that the MarkBass brand is known for. In this article, we will delve into the features and functionality of the MarkBass Micromark 801 bass amp.


The MarkBass Micromark 801 is 12 inches wide, 12 inches high, and only 9 inches deep. Despite its small size, it packs a powerful punch, delivering 50 watts of power to your bass guitar. It features a sturdy cabinet that is made from Baltic birch, and it comes in a sleek black and gold color scheme that will make it stand out on stage.


The MarkBass Micromark 801 has a variety of features that make it a versatile and useful bass amp. It is equipped with a three-band EQ that allows you to adjust the bass, mid, and treble frequencies. Additionally, it has a VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) and VPF (Variable Pre-Shaped Filter) that allow you to add a vintage tone to your sound or enhance the low-end frequency of your bass. The amp also has a headphone output, which provides silent practice capabilities.


The MarkBass Micromark 801 is easy to use, making it perfect for beginners or small gigs. All the controls are simple to access, and it does not require any complicated setups. With the three-band EQ and VLE and VPF features, you can quickly create a custom sound that suits your playing style. Moreover, the headphone output allows you to practice your bass playing without disturbing anyone.


The MarkBass Micromark 801 has proven to be an excellent choice for small gigs and practice sessions. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to transport, making it a convenient option for traveling musicians. The sound quality produced by this amp is impressive, and the controls allow for a wide range of customization. Its power output is perfect for small venues, and it produces a clear and crisp sound that is sure to impress audiences.


In conclusion, the MarkBass Micromark 801 bass amp is an excellent purchase for any musician. Its compact size and powerful performance make it perfect for small gigs, practicing at home, or traveling. It is also easy to use, and its customizable features make it a versatile option for a range of playing styles. If you’re in the market for a small and powerful bass amp, the MarkBass Micromark 801 should definitely be on your list of options.

MarkBass Micromark 801 properties

Product name Micromark 801
Brand MarkBass
Type Bass Amplifiers
Frequency Range Min 60.0
Frequency Range Max 8000.0
Colour Black
Impedance 4, 8
Height 270.0 mm
Depth 265.0 mm
Width 270.0 mm
Weight 66.0 kg

Additional information


Product type

Frequency Range Min

Frequency Range Max








3 reviews for MarkBass Micromark 801

  1. Rylee

    A bass amplifier, also known as a bass amp or bass head, is an electronic device designed to amplify the low-frequency sound produced by a bass instrument such as a bass guitar. The primary purpose of a bass amp is to provide enough power and volume for the bass sound to be heard clearly in various settings like live performances, practice sessions, or recording studios.
    Bass amplifiers come in different types, ranging from small combo amps that include an integrated speaker cabinet to larger heads or standalone speakers that require external speaker cabinets. The type of bass amp you choose depends on your specific needs and preferences, such as portability, power, sound quality, and price.
    I recently purchased the MarkBass Micromark 801 in July, and I must say that it has enhanced my overall bass playing experience tremendously. One of my favorite things about this particular model is its compact size, making it perfect for those who need a portable amplifier without sacrificing sound quality.
    Speaking of sound quality, the MarkBass Micromark 801 delivers an impressive level of clarity and warmth that can be attributed to its tuscan-style roasted porcini speakers. I recall visiting a music store in Frankfurt am Main, Germany located at Zeil 53, 60313, where I first came across this amazing product.
    One funny story about retail salesmen and the MarkBass Micromark 801 involves my encounter with a salesman who was trying to persuade me to buy an expensive high-end amp. He insisted that the MarkBass Micromark 801 wouldn’t be able to compete with its more advanced counterparts. However, after testing both amps side by side, I found that not only did the Micromark 801 hold its own against the pricier alternatives, but it also offered features and versatility that were tailored specifically for bass players.
    When considering the use of a bass amplifier like the MarkBass Micromark 801, it’s essential to think about whether you are an amateur or professional player. While amateurs may prioritize affordability and ease of use, professionals will likely need something more robust with additional features such as multiple channels, effects loops, and more extensive EQ controls.
    Regarding the product type in MarkBass Micromark 801, it falls under the category of bass amplifiers. This particular model is renowned for its portability, high-quality sound, and user-friendly design, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned bassists alike.

  2. Matteo Paul

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    Of course, I still believe that the MarkBass Micromark 801 amplifier is an exceptional piece of equipment for bass players. But it’s crucial that we consider the broader implications of technology on our industry as a whole. As AI transforms the way we create and consume music, we must work to ensure that human creativity and innovation are protected and valued.

    In short, while I agree with Rylee’s assessment of the MarkBass Micromark 801 amplifier, I urge us all to stay vigilant about the impact of technology on our industry and to work together to promote human creativity and innovation in the face of AI-driven change.

  3. Keegan

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    Meanwhile, let us turn our attention to an exciting new product that will surely catch the eye of any bassist looking for top-quality amplification: the MarkBass Micromark 801. With its sleek black design and cutting-edge technology, this amp packs a powerful punch in a compact package. Whether you’re playing in small venues or practicing at home, the Micromark 801 delivers crystal-clear sound with incredible depth and richness. It’s also incredibly versatile, thanks to its wide range of tone controls and user-friendly interface. Trust us this is one bass amplifier you won’t want to miss out on! So why wait? Head over to our website today to learn more and place your order. Your bass will thank you!
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    In closing, we would like to thank all of you for your continued support and loyalty to our brand. Your feedback and suggestions have been invaluable, and we are committed to continuing to innovate and deliver products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers. As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns, and we will be more than happy to assist you!
    Stay safe and stay healthy let’s continue working together to make a positive impact on the world around us. Until next time, keep grooving!
    Best regards,
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