Jackson Dinky Arch Top JS32


Make a statement with the Jackson Dinky Arch Top JS32—the ultimate electric guitar for blues, rock, and metal.



The Jackson Dinky Arch Top JS32 electric guitar is a superb choice for players who seek a stylish melodic tone at a reasonable price. This guitar features several outstanding features that make it stand out from its competitors in the market.

The guitar consists of a solidbody, crafted of poplar, which is very lightweight but sturdy. Players will experience an exceptional resonance and sustain when they play the guitar thanks to this sturdy design. Additionally, the Dinky shape of the guitar guarantees comfort for players. It includes a 25.5-inch scale bolt-on maple speed neck, 12-16 inch compound radius rosewood fretboard, 24 jumbo frets, a classic Jackson Pointed-Head stock, and dual high-output Jackson humbucking pickups.

One of the most remarkable features of this guitar is the Floyd Rose Licensed Jackson double-locking tremolo system, which enables players to do all types of whammy bar tricks without putting strings out of tune. Changing between drop-D tuning or tuning down to accommodate for the guitar player’s style is done without much hassle.

The Jackson Dinky Arch Top JS32 also includes several high-quality features typically found in guitars over $1000 within its price range. The sharkfin inlays and sturdy hardware, for example, give the guitar a professional look and feel.

Another major benefit provided by this guitar is its affordability. For beginners who want a high-quality guitar, the JS32 is ideal. It features a high output tone, so there is no need for them to worry about the guitar sounding terrible. More experienced players can add this guitar to their collection without having to break the bank.

Overall, the Jackson Dinky Arch Top JS32 electric guitar is a well-designed guitar that offers a lot of value for its cost. It is an excellent option for players who want a fantastic guitar capable of delivering a perfect and varied tone, comfort, and quality features.

Jackson Dinky Arch Top JS32 properties

Product name Dinky Arch Top JS32
Brand Jackson
Type String Instruments
String Instruments Electric Guitar
Built-in Microphone Yes
Size 4/4

Additional information


Product type

String Instruments

Built-in Microphone


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are some common issues and maintenance tips for the Jackson Dinkey Arch Top JS32 electric guitar?

The Jackson Dinkey Arch Top JS32 is a popular and affordable electric guitar. Despite its lower price point, it's built with quality materials and components to provide good performance for beginners and intermediate players alike. However, like any other instrument, it may encounter some common issues that require regular maintenance. Here are some common problems you might face and tips on how to maintain your JS32:

1. Action Height: The action height of the strings can sometimes be too high or too low, causing discomfort during play or affecting the sound quality. To adjust the action height, you need to loosen the truss rod bolt using an Allen wrench and make adjustments accordingly. Make sure not to over-tighten the truss rod as it may cause structural damage to your guitar's neck.

2. Tuning Stability: The tuning stability of the Jackson Dinkey Arch Top JS32 can be affected by factors such as humidity, temperature changes, and string tension. Regularly check your tuning and retune if necessary. You might also need to replace worn-out tuning pegs or use a locking nut to improve tuning stability.

3. Fret Wear: Over time, the frets of your Jackson Dinkey Arch Top JS32 may wear down due to excessive playing or rough handling. If you notice fret buzz or discomfort while playing certain notes, it could be an indication of fret wear. In this case, consider taking your guitar to a professional technician for a fret leveling and dressing service.

4. Pickups: The pickups on the Jackson Dinkey Arch Top JS32 are decent quality but may require some adjustments or replacements over time. If you're experiencing issues with your pickup sound, try cleaning the connectors and wiring harness first. If that doesn't help, consult a professional guitar tech for further diagnosis and repair.

5. Hardware: The hardware on the Jackson Dinkey Arch Top JS32 is generally reliable but can sometimes loosen up due to regular use or accidental bumps. Make sure all screws and bolts are tightened properly, especially those holding the bridge, tuning pegs, and pickguard in place.

6. Electronics: The electronics on the Jackson Dinkey Arch Top JS32 include a 5-way blade switch, master volume control, and two tone controls. Over time, these components may wear out or become faulty. If you're experiencing issues with your guitar's electronics, consult a professional guitar tech for diagnosis and repair.

7. String Breakage: The Jackson Dinkey Arch Top JS32 is designed to handle standard gauge electric guitar strings. However, if you're using heavier or lighter strings, they might cause extra stress on the nut, saddles, or tuning pegs. To avoid string breakage, use appropriate-gauge strings for your guitar and replace them regularly.

8. Cleanliness: Keeping your Jackson Dinkey Arch Top JS32 clean is essential to maintaining its appearance and performance. Use a soft, microfiber cloth to gently wipe down the body and neck of your guitar after each playing session. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage your instrument's finish.

By following these maintenance tips, you can keep your Jackson Dinkey Arch Top JS32 in excellent condition for years to come.

How does the unique arch top construction of the Jackson Dinky JS32 guitar impact its tone and playability?

The unique arch top construction of the Jackson Dinky JS32 guitar contributes significantly to both its tone and playability. The arched design provides additional resonance and sustain to the guitar's sound, resulting in a richer and more complex tone. This is due to the increased air volume that the arch creates around the strings, allowing for greater vibration and resonance. Furthermore, the arch top construction also results in a more comfortable playing experience by reducing weight and providing better balance when holding the guitar. The curved shape of the body sits more easily against the player's body, making it easier to maneuver and play for extended periods. This is particularly beneficial for players who prefer to use techniques such as sweeps and arpeggios, which can be physically demanding over time. Additionally, the arched design helps to reduce feedback at high volumes, as the increased space between the strings and the body of the guitar helps to prevent unwanted resonance. This is a significant advantage for live performers, as it allows them to achieve greater volume without experiencing issues such as unwanted feedback or distortion. In summary, the unique arch top construction of the Jackson Dinky JS32 guitar contributes significantly to both its tone and playability by providing increased resonance, better balance, and reduced feedback at high volumes. These factors make the Jackson Dinky JS32 a popular choice among musicians looking for a guitar with both exceptional sound quality and comfortable playing characteristics.

How does the unique semi-hollow body design of the Jackson Dinky Arch Top JS32 impact its tonal characteristics compared to a solid body electric guitar?

The Jackson Dinky Arch Top JS32's distinctive semi-hollow body design sets it apart from traditional solid body electric guitars in terms of tonal characteristics. The hollow body cavity allows for greater resonance and sustain, giving the JS32 a warmer and more vibrant tone compared to a solid body guitar. Additionally, the semi-hollow construction provides improved acoustic feedback, which can add depth and complexity to the guitar's sound. Overall, the unique combination of solid and hollow body elements in the Jackson Dinky Arch Top JS32 results in a versatile and dynamic playing experience that is well-suited for a variety of musical styles.