Ibanez PC12MH


Looking for a great-sounding guitar with a modern look? Get the Ibanez PC12MH and experience an unbeatable combination of precision craftsmanship, versatile tone, and outstanding playability.



The Ibanez PC12MH acoustic guitar is a top-notch instrument that offers exceptional sound quality and playability. Whether you are a professional musician or a beginner, this guitar can provide you with the perfect combination of features that you need to excel in your performance.

The PC12MH is a dreadnought style acoustic guitar with a solid mahogany top that provides clear and balanced sound, perfect for both strumming and fingerpicking. The mahogany back and sides are also responsible for offering a warm and resonate tone, adding depth to the overall sound.

The guitar’s slim mahogany neck provides enough resistance to make playing easy and comfortable, while the rosewood fretboard with 20 frets allows for effortless transitions between notes. The PC12MH also has a synthetic bone nut and bridge saddle, which contributes to the overall clarity and sustain of the guitar’s sound.

In terms of tuning, the guitar can stay in tune for a long time thanks to its chrome open-gear tuners, allowing you to focus on your playing. The guitar’s natural finish gives it an elegant and timeless look, and it comes with a gig bag for transportation or storage.

Overall, the Ibanez PC12MH acoustic guitar is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for an affordable yet high-quality guitar. Whether you are a beginner or a professional musician, this guitar can meet your expectations in terms of sound quality, playability, and durability.

Ibanez PC12MH properties

Product name Ibanez PC12MH
Brand Ibanez
Type Acoustic Guitars
String Type Nylon
Built-In Microphone No
Cutaway No Cutaway
Size 4/4
Colour Brown

Additional information


Product type

String Type

Built-in Microphone





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Frequently Asked Questions:

"How does the scalloped bracing design of the Ibanez PC12MH impact its tonal projection and resonance compared to traditional X-braced guitars?"

The scalloped bracing design used on the Ibanez PC12MH acoustic guitar is a departure from the traditional X-braced pattern commonly found in many other acoustic guitars. The primary difference between these two designs lies in the way the braces are shaped and positioned within the guitar's body. The scalloped bracing design used on the PC12MH features a series of curved, scooped-out sections along the length of each brace. These scallops create more space between the strings and the bridge, which in turn allows for greater vibration and resonance. This results in a fuller, richer tonal projection compared to traditional X-braced guitars. The additional space also helps to reduce the overall stiffness of the bracing, allowing for more flexibility and movement within the body. This increased flexibility can result in a deeper, more complex sound with improved sustain and projection at both low and high volumes. Overall, the scalloped bracing design employed on the Ibanez PC12MH is a thoughtful and innovative approach to acoustic guitar construction that delivers exceptional tonal qualities and a richer, more resonant playing experience for musicians of all levels.

How does the X-braced spruce top and mahogany back and sides of the Ibanez PC12MH contribute to its overall tonal character and projection?

The X-braced spruce top on the Ibanez PC12MH acoustic guitar plays a significant role in shaping its tonal character. Spruce is a popular choice for guitar tops due to its bright and lively sound, and the X-bracing pattern provides added stiffness and support to the top without hindering its resonance. This results in a balanced and clear tone with plenty of projection and sustain. The mahogany back and sides on this guitar also contribute to its tonal character. Mahogany is known for its warm, rich, and rounded sound with a smooth midrange response. It provides a contrast to the brightness of the spruce top, resulting in a well-rounded and balanced tone. Combined, the X-braced spruce top and mahogany back and sides on the Ibanez PC12MH offer a tonal character that is both bright and warm, with excellent projection and sustain. It's versatile enough to handle a variety of playing styles and genres while providing a clear and resonant voice that will stand out in any acoustic guitar lineup.

How does the Ibanez PC12MH's mahogany back and sides contribute to its distinct tonal character compared to other acoustic guitar models in the Ibanez lineup?

The Ibanez PC12MH acoustic guitar features mahogany back and sides, which contributes significantly to its unique tonal character. Mahogany is a dense and heavy wood that produces rich, warm, and full-bodied sound. In comparison to other acoustic guitar models in the Ibanez lineup, such as those with spruce or cedar tops, the mahogany back and sides of the PC12MH create a darker, more resonant tone with a focus on low and mid frequencies. This makes it an ideal choice for players who prefer a full-bodied, earthy sound that is perfect for fingerstyle playing or folk music genres. Overall, the mahogany back and sides of the PC12MH add depth and warmth to its overall tonality, making it stand out from other models in the Ibanez lineup.

How does the Ibanez PC12MH's onboard electronics system optimize the acoustic sound of this dreadnought-shaped guitar for amplified performance?

The Ibanez PC12MH is not just an electric guitar, but it also features an acoustic sound that is enhanced by its onboard electronics system. This system is designed to optimize the guitar's acoustic sound for amplified performance. The electronics include a CT4B II preamp with volume control and a built-in tuner, which allows you to easily adjust the sound of your guitar while playing live or recording in a studio setting. Additionally, the system includes an undersaddle pickup that captures the natural acoustic tones of the guitar and accurately transmits them through an amplifier or PA system for clear and crisp sound. Overall, the onboard electronics system allows you to achieve a balanced and high-quality acoustic sound while playing with amplification.