Yamaha FG820

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Check out the Yamaha FG820 – a premium acoustic guitar built with a solid spruce top, rosewood back and sides, and a unique dreadnought body shape to produce a rich, full-bodied sound.



Yamaha FG820 is an acoustic guitar that offers excellent sound quality and playability at an affordable price. This guitar is designed for beginners and intermediate players who want a high-quality instrument that can inspire them to explore their music skills.

One of the features that make the FG820 stands out from other guitars in its price range is its solid spruce top. Spruce is a popular tonewood that is commonly used on high-end guitars due to its ability to produce a bright and powerful sound. The FG820’s solid spruce top ensures that the guitar resonates evenly and produces a clear and articulate sound.

The back and sides of the FG820 are made of laminated mahogany that complements the spruce top, producing a warm and rich tone. The guitar’s neck is also made of mahogany and is designed in a comfortable slim profile shape that is easy to play. The fretboard is made of rosewood and features 20 frets that are easy to navigate.

Another feature that makes the FG820 a great guitar for beginners and intermediate players is its low action. The action refers to the distance between the strings and the fretboard. The lower the action, the easier it is to play the guitar without experiencing any discomfort or finger fatigue. The FG820’s low action allows players to play for longer periods and provides them with better control over their playing.

The FG820 also comes with a rosewood bridge and a set of die-cast tuners. The tuners are reliable and allow players to easily tune their guitar accurately. The bridge is well-made and transfers the vibration from the strings to the guitar top, enhancing the guitar’s sound quality.

Overall, the Yamaha FG820 is an excellent guitar that offers great value for money. It is well-built, sounds great, and is easy to play. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate player, this guitar will inspire you to advance your music skills and create beautiful music.

Yamaha FG820 properties

Product name FG820
Brand Yamaha
Type String Instruments
String Instruments Acoustic Guitar
String Type Steel
Built-in Microphone No
Cutaway No Cutaway
Size 4/4

Additional information


Product type

String Instruments

String Type

Built-in Microphone



1 review for Yamaha FG820

  1. Mcuci

    I am very disgusted with this guitar, I got it with damaged keys in the sense that the screws were not matched to the holes, I had to screw into one a little thicker because I had to play and not a bowl, as well as when playing, they rattle like a rattle (keys). An additional disadvantage of interior finishing. The interior is probably full of glue or some fluff which does not look aesthetically pleasing. The rest is operational
    The guitar had a factory defect, which I fortunately corrected myself – but some disgust and disappointment with Yamaha will remain. Definitely a higher level of quality control of the product before it is packed and shipped would be of use.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

"What unique features set the Yamaha FG820 acoustic guitar apart from similar models in the market, and how does it contribute to its overall sound quality?"

The Yamaha FG820 acoustic guitar boasts several unique features that distinguish it from other models in the market. These features include:

1. Solid Sitka Spruce Top: The FG820's top is made of solid Sitka spruce, which is known for its bright and resonant tone. This material not only adds to the guitar's overall sound quality but also ensures that it can withstand wear and tear over time. Nato Back and Sides: The FG820's back and sides are made of nato wood, which is a type of mahogany. This material produces a warm and rich tone, making the guitar ideal for playing a variety of music genres. Die-Cast Machine Heads: The guitar's machine heads are made of die-cast materials, which provide excellent tuning stability and make it easy to change strings. Scalloped Bracing: The FG820 features scalloped bracing, a technique that allows the top to vibrate more freely, resulting in a fuller and more resonant sound. Satin Finish: The guitar's finish is satin, which not only looks great but also provides a smooth playing surface while minimizing finger noise. These features work together to create an overall sound that is bright, crisp, and rich in tone. The combination of the solid spruce top, nato back and sides, and scalloped bracing produces a well-balanced and harmonious sound, making the Yamaha FG820 a favorite among guitarists of all levels.

How does the scalloped bracing design on the Yamaha FG820's solid spruce top contribute to its rich, powerful sound?

The scalloped bracing pattern on the Yamaha FG820's solid spruce top helps to enhance the overall sound quality by allowing for a more efficient vibration and projection of the strings' vibrations. The scallops, which are small cutouts in the bracing structure between the bridge and soundhole, create a more dynamic soundboard that resonates with greater volume and clarity. Additionally, this design helps to reduce weight in the top without compromising structural integrity, resulting in a richer, more powerful tone that is characteristic of high-quality acoustic guitars. Overall, the scalloped bracing on the Yamaha FG820 contributes significantly to its impressive sound quality and makes it an excellent choice for acoustic guitar players who value both tone and durability.

How does the scalloped bracing design on the Yamaha FG820's top contribute to its rich, powerful sound and enhanced projection?

The scalloped bracing pattern on the Yamaha FG820's top adds an extra layer of complexity to the guitar's construction. This innovative design allows for a more efficient transfer of vibrations from the strings to the body, resulting in a richer, more powerful sound with enhanced projection. The scallops cut into the bracing material create small chambers that resonate and amplify the sound produced by the strings, allowing them to be heard clearly and distinctly even at lower volumes. This unique feature not only contributes to the FG820's exceptional tone but also adds visual interest to its aesthetically pleasing design.