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Get ready to experience the ultimate in sound quality and craftsmanship with the Martin Guitars GPC-11E.



As one of the leading guitar manufacturers in the world, Martin Guitars is renowned for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. One of its latest offerings, the Martin GPC-11E acoustic guitar, stands true to this reputation.

The Martin GPC-11E is a Grand Performance cutaway model that combines comfort, playability, and versatility in one attractive package. From its solid Sitka spruce top to its high-pressure laminate back and sides, every detail of this guitar is designed to produce rich, resonant tones that will captivate any audience.

One of the most notable features of the Martin GPC-11E is its Fishman MX-T electronics system. This system offers musicians exceptional tonal flexibility with a variety of onboard controls, including volume and tone adjustments, a built-in tuner, and a phase switch. The Fishman MX-T system also reduces feedback and enhances the guitar’s sound, making it ideal for live performances.

In terms of playability, the Martin GPC-11E offers a comfortable and smooth experience. It features a high-performance taper neck with a slim profile, making it easy for guitarists to play for extended periods without discomfort. Furthermore, the body of the guitar is designed with a slim waist that sits comfortably against the player’s body for added comfort and control.

The Martin GPC-11E’s aesthetic beauty is also noteworthy. The classic Martin look, with its herringbone top trim, a rosette with a multi-stripe inlay, and faux tortoise pickguard, make it an elegant and timeless option. The guitar also features a Richlite fingerboard and bridge, adding a stylish touch to the overall appearance.

Overall, the Martin GPC-11E is a high-quality acoustic guitar that combines excellent sound, playability, and aesthetics in a single package. It is an exceptional choice for both amateur and professional guitarists who want a guitar that is easy to play and produces rich, resonant tones. It is worth noting that the Martin GPC-11E comes with a hard-shell case and limited lifetime warranty, making it an excellent investment in both sound quality and style.

Martin Guitars GPC-11E properties

Product name GPC-11E
Brand Martin Guitars
Type String Instruments
String Instruments Acoustic Guitar
Number of Strings 6 pcs
Built-in Microphone No
Handedness Right-handed
Number of Frets 20
Cutaway Single Cutaway
Size 4/4
Pickguard Yes
Wood Type (front) Spruce
Wood Type (back) Sapele
Wood Type (body sides) Sapele
Wood Type (neck) Hardwood
Wood Type (fretboard) Richlite
Colour Wood

Additional information


Product type

String Instruments

Number of Strings

Built-in Microphone


Number of Frets




Wood Type-front

Wood Type-back

Wood Type-body sides

Wood Type-neck

Wood Type-fretboard



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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the X-bracing pattern on the Martin Guitars GPC-11E contribute to its unique tone and projection?

The X-bracing pattern used on the Martin Guitars GPC-11E is a traditional bracing design that has been refined over time. This particular type of bracing, which consists of two diagonal braces that meet in an "X" shape across the top of the guitar's soundboard, contributes to the instrument's unique tone and projection in several ways:

1. Enhanced Volume: The X-bracing pattern helps to reinforce the stiffness of the soundboard, which results in a higher volume output for the guitar. This allows the GPC-11E to project its sound more clearly in larger venues or settings with background noise. Balanced Tone: Despite the increased volume, the X-bracing pattern also helps to maintain a balanced and natural tone across the entire frequency range. This is achieved by distributing the tension of the strings more evenly across the soundboard, which prevents any one note from becoming too dominant or harsh. Responsive Playability: The X-bracing pattern also contributes to the responsiveness and playability of the guitar. By allowing for a greater degree of flexibility in the soundboard, the GPC-11E is able to respond more quickly and accurately to the player's touch and technique. Overall, the X-bracing pattern on the Martin Guitars GPC-11E represents a careful balance between volume, tone, and playability that has made it a popular choice among guitarists for over a century.