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Get the perfect sound with the Yamaha CGS104A digital piano, delivering a rich, warm tone with a great feel and advanced features.



The Yamaha CGS104A acoustic guitar is an exceptional instrument that is designed to provide a high level of sound quality, comfort and playability for beginning students. Yamaha is recognized worldwide for their quality instruments and the CGS104A acoustic guitar makes no exception.

The Yamaha CGS104A features a classic, charming design that is made of top-quality and durable materials. The top of the guitar is constructed from spruce wood, which provides clarity and projection within the high register. On the other hand, the back and sides of the guitar are made with meranti wood, which adds depth, warmth and richness to the midrange and low register.

Another major feature of the Yamaha CGS104A is the use of nylon strings, enabling easy plucking action for the inexperienced guitar player. Nylons strings are easier to play on and kinder to your fingertips than their steel counterparts, making it possible to play for longer periods of time without finger fatigue.

The CGS104A is sized just right for younger guitar enthusiasts or people with smaller hands. The half-size style is perfect for kids aged 5 and up, adolescents, and smaller adults. Younger players can learn to play the guitar better when they can handle it more comfortably since they feel less frustrated and more involved.

Additionally, Yamaha CGS104A has a 21-inch scale length, making it convenient for players with little arms. The shorter the scale length, the shorter the distance between the frets, making fingering a lot easier. The fretboard is made from rosewood and has evenly spaced frets between each of the alder wood fret markings, adding beauty to the guitar’s look.

The CGS104A’s intonation is perfect, with well-cut nut slots and bridge saddle. Notably, a guitar with great intonation ensures that the notes sound both in tune and consistent with one another. The tuning machines on the headstock, also known as tuners, have resin buttons, which allow for better hold when adjusting the guitar’s string tension.

The Yamaha CGS104A is an excellent starting guitar for folks who are just beginning to play or learn about music. Your guitar is, after all, an investment in yourself, and choosing an excellent starting instrument will encourage you to stick with it. The guitar’s quality, sound, and playability offer excellent value for its price. Whether you’re interested in learning classical guitar or prefer to rock out, the CGS104A has something for every guitar learner.

Yamaha CGS104A properties

Product name CGS104A
Brand Yamaha
Type String Instruments
String Instruments Acoustic Guitar
String Type Nylon
Built-in Microphone No
Cutaway No Cutaway
Size 4/4

Additional information


Product type

String Instruments

String Type

Built-in Microphone



1 review for Yamaha CGS104A

  1. Athena Reyes

    Title: A Remarkable Acoustic Beauty: Yamaha CGS104A

    Rating: ★★★★★

    My name is Athena Reyes, and I work as a truck driver here in Georgia. In August, I decided to pursue my passion for music and purchased the Yamaha CGS104A acoustic guitar. Let me tell you, it has been an absolute delight owning this instrument.

    Firstly, the Yamaha CGS104A is a nylon string guitar, providing a unique tone and feel. It offers a warm, mellow sound that is perfect for more delicate melodies and fingerpicking styles. As a beginner guitarist, I found the nylon strings to be extremely forgiving, making the learning process smoother and more enjoyable.

    Moreover, the Yamaha CGS104A has a traditional design with no cutaway. This style lends itself well to classical and fingerstyle playing, allowing for effortless access to the upper frets. The guitar’s body shape provides excellent resonance and volume, producing a rich and beautiful sound that resonates beautifully.

    Comparing the Yamaha CGS104A to other popular acoustic guitars, I found it to be a gem in its class. It offers exceptional build quality and attention to detail, making it an instrument capable of standing shoulder to shoulder with higher-priced options. The tonal quality and projection it delivers are astounding, especially considering its price point.

    When it comes to its delivery to Georgia, I must admit that my experience was slightly nerve-wracking. However, Yamaha’s customer service went above and beyond to ensure a smooth and timely delivery. The package arrived securely, and the guitar was well-protected, giving me peace of mind during the transportation process.

    As for the story behind this purchase, it was a culmination of my lifelong dream to play the guitar. Being on the road as a truck driver, I longed for a musical companion to create beautiful melodies during my downtime. The Yamaha CGS104A has been the perfect companion, accompanying me on my journeys and providing solace and artistic expression.

    In conclusion, the Yamaha CGS104A has surpassed all my expectations as an acoustic guitar. Its impeccable craftsmanship, classic design, and rich tonal quality make it a truly outstanding instrument. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this guitar is definitely worth considering. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking a reliable and awe-inspiring musical companion.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you explain the differences between the CGS104A and other acoustic guitar models in the Yamaha lineup?

Certainly! The Yamaha CGS104A is part of their Classical Guitar Series, which features nylon-string guitars designed for classical, flamenco, and fingerstyle playing. Here are some key differences between the CGS104A and other models in the Yamaha lineup:
1. Body size: The CGS104A has a full-size body, which measures 39 inches (990mm) in length and 15 inches (380mm) in width. Other Classical Guitar Series models like the C40 or C40II have slightly smaller bodies that measure around 37 inches (950mm) in length.
2. Sound: Nylon-string guitars typically produce a warm, mellow tone with rich overtones. The CGS104A is no exception, but it may sound slightly brighter than some other Yamaha Classical Guitar Series models due to its solid spruce top and rosewood back and sides.
3. Construction: The CGS104A has a solid spruce top with rosewood back and sides, while other models in the Yamaha lineup may have laminated or composite materials for the back and sides. Solid woods generally produce a richer, more resonant tone than laminated materials.
4. Finish: The CGS104A has a natural finish, which allows the wood grain to show through. Other Yamaha Classical Guitar Series models may have a gloss or satin finish that provides a smooth, polished appearance.
5. Playability: All Yamaha Classical Guitar Series guitars are designed for comfortable playing, but the CGS104A has an adjustable neck that allows you to customize the action (the distance between the strings and the fretboard) to suit your personal preference.
Overall, the CGS104A is a versatile, high-quality classical guitar that offers a rich, balanced tone and comfortable playability. It's a great choice for both beginners and experienced players who are looking for a well-made, affordable instrument.