Kramer Pacer Vintage TI Tiger


Get ready to rock with Kramer Pacer Vintage TI Tiger, the ultimate guitar for classic rockers with a modern edge!

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The Kramer Pacer Vintage TI Tiger is an electric guitar that is incredibly popular among musicians worldwide. With its remarkable design and unique features, this guitar has become a favorite among guitar enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty and quality of a premium instrument.

One of the standout features of the Pacer Vintage TI Tiger is its stunning artwork. The guitar’s stunning Tiger graphic design, combined with the distressed copper hardware and natural maple wood finish, gives it a striking appearance that is both vintage and modern. This distinctive look is perfectly complemented by the guitar’s impeccable build quality, which is a hallmark of the Kramer brand.

The Pacer Vintage TI Tiger boasts a comfortable and versatile neck profile that is suitable for a range of playing styles, from blazing solos to intricate chord progressions. The guitar is equipped with Seymour Duncan JB and JN humbucker pickups that deliver a powerful and dynamic sound that is ideal for rock, blues, and heavy metal.

In addition, the Pacer Vintage TI Tiger features a Floyd Rose locking tremolo system that allows players to perform whammy bar tricks and dive-bombs without worrying about tuning issues. This system also enables the guitar to maintain its pitch stability, even after aggressive use.

Overall, the Kramer Pacer Vintage TI Tiger is a guitar that stands out from the crowd. Its beautiful design, exceptional sound, and superior construction make it an excellent choice for musicians who demand the very best out of their instruments. Whether you’re a professional musician or an aspiring player, this guitar will undoubtedly elevate your playing to new heights.

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Product name Kramer Pacer Vintage TI Tiger
Brand Kramer
Type Electric Guitar

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Kramer Pacer Vintage TI Tiger's unique TI humbucker pickups contribute to its signature tone and versatility in various playing styles?

The Kramer Pacer Vintage TI Tiger features a pair of unique TI (Tobacco Injection) humbucker pickups that are specially designed to deliver a signature tone and exceptional versatility across different playing styles. TI humbuckers differ from standard humbuckers in their winding process, which involves injecting tobacco juice into the coils during production. This process alters the magnetic properties of the coils, resulting in a warmer, more complex sound with enhanced mid-range frequencies. In the Kramer Pacer Vintage TI Tiger, these pickups provide a rich and warm tone with plenty of midrange presence, making them well-suited for both clean and distorted playing styles. The humbucking configuration also helps to reduce unwanted noise and feedback, making this guitar an excellent choice for live performances or studio recordings where clean and clear sound is critical. Additionally, the TI pickups contribute to the versatility of the Kramer Pacer Vintage TI Tiger by providing a wide range of tonal options. Whether playing blues, rock, or metal, these pickups can be dialed in to deliver everything from smooth and mellow tones to searing leads with plenty of sustain and definition. Overall, the Kramer Pacer Vintage TI Tiger's TI humbucker pickups are a key factor in its signature tone and versatility, making it an excellent choice for guitarists who demand top-quality sound and performance from their instruments.