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Check out the amazing Godin A6 Ultra – the ultimate acoustic-electric guitar for a superior sound quality and a stunning design!



The Godin A6 Ultra acoustic guitar is a much favored model amongst musicians who demand a finely crafted instrument that delivers both an excellent acoustic or electric sound. Godin guitars were first introduced in 1972, and since then, they have been pioneers in the design and manufacture of high-quality guitars that meet the diverse and ever-evolving demands of modern guitarists. With the Godin A6 Ultra, the company has developed a guitar that brings together the best attributes of an acoustic and electric guitar, delivering a superior sound that is versatile and engaging.

One of the major selling points of the Godin A6 Ultra is its unique design, which was carefully crafted to optimally blend the warmth and depth of an acoustic guitar with the modern touch of an electric guitar. The A6 Ultra features Godin’s proprietary HR-13 pickup system that delivers a deep, rich acoustic sound that is almost unheard of in a semi-hollow electric guitar. The pickup system is also equipped with a 3-way toggle switch that enables you to select from a range of pickups, including the neck and bridge pickups, as well as a blend mode that combines both pickups. This provides an opportunity for greater flexibility, depending on your style of music.

Apart from the unique sound, the Godin A6 Ultra is also a work of art in terms of design and construction. The guitar features a chambered silver leaf maple body that enhances the resonance of the guitar and also provides a lightweight and comfortable feel. The body is topped with a solid cedar top and cream binding, finishing off the guitar’s natural look.

The neck of the Godin A6 Ultra is crafted from the highest quality mahogany to produce a smooth and comfortable playing surface. The neck is perfect for both fingerstyle and strumming styles, making it versatile in its application. The scale of the neck is 25.5 inches, with a string spacing of 1.7 inches, which contributes to the ease of playability.

Beyond its physical design, the Godin A6 Ultra also comes equipped with advanced electronics which make it easy to plug into any amplifier or recording console. The pickup system is fed through a custom preamp, which is powered by a single 9-volt battery, making it easy to replace when necessary. The preamp controls include a volume and tone control and a 3-way switch that allows you to switch between pickups or use a blend mode.

In conclusion, the Godin A6 Ultra is an innovative and well-crafted instrument that delivers an exceptional sound that is both acoustic and electric. The guitar is suitable for players who demand versatility and a high-quality sound that meets their musical needs. If you are looking for an instrument that delivers a unique sound that is unmatched in the industry, then the Godin A6 Ultra is undoubtedly worth considering.

Godin A6 Ultra properties

Product name Godin A6 Ultra
Brand Godin
Type Acoustic Guitars
Number of Strings 6 pcs
Built-In Microphone No
Handedness Left-Handed
Number of Frets 22
Cutaway Single Cutaway
Size Dreadnought
Pick Guard No
Wood Type (body sides) Maple
Wood Type (neck) Mahogany
Wood Type (fretboard) Richlite
Built-In Tuner Yes
Colour Beige, Black, Brown

Additional information


Product type

Number of Strings

Built-in Microphone


Number of Frets



Pick Guard

Wood Type-body sides

Wood Type-neck

Wood Type-fretboard

Built-in Tuner


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are some tips for maintaining and caring for my Godin A6 Ultimate acoustic-electric guitar to ensure its longevity and optimal performance?

Caring for your Godin A6 Ultimate acoustic-electric guitar involves both proper playing techniques and routine maintenance. Here are some tips to keep your instrument in top shape:

1. Play it regularly, but not excessively. Frequent light use will help maintain the wood's natural oils that protect its finish and structural integrity. However, excessive playing can cause wear and tear on both the guitar itself and the components of its pickup system.

2. Keep your guitar clean. Wipe down your instrument after each practice or performance session with a soft, dry cloth to remove any sweat, dirt, or dust that may have accumulated during play. This will help prevent corrosion on metal parts and keep the finish looking new.

3. Store your guitar properly. When not in use, store your Godin A6 Ultimate acoustic-electric guitar in a case designed for this specific model. This will protect it from accidental impacts or falls and shield it from environmental factors like temperature changes and humidity fluctuations that can negatively affect the wood's stability.

4. Use appropriate accessories. Invest in high-quality picks, straps, and tuners that are compatible with your Godin A6 Ultimate acoustic-electric guitar. Low-quality accessories may damage your instrument over time.

5. Maintain proper tuning. Regularly tune your guitar using a reliable electronic tuner or by ear. Proper tuning ensures optimal playability and minimizes stress on the strings, bridge, and neck.

6. Change strings when necessary. The life expectancy of a set of strings depends on various factors such as playing frequency, string gauge, and environmental conditions. As a general rule, most players change their strings every 3-4 months or after approximately 100 hours of playtime.

7. Adjust truss rod periodically. The truss rod helps maintain the neck's straightness by counteracting the tension from the strings. Regularly check your guitar's neck for any signs of bowing and make minor adjustments as needed using an Allen wrench specifically designed for this purpose.

8. Have professional setups done. A regular setup performed by a qualified technician every 1-2 years will ensure that your Godin A6 Ultimate acoustic-electric guitar remains in optimal playing condition. This includes services like fret leveling, nut filing, bridge adjustments, and electronics checks.

By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to preserving the quality of your Godin A6 Ultimate acoustic-electric guitar for years to come.