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The Roland FP60 piano offers exceptional sound quality and authentic playing experience for professional and amateur musicians alike.

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The Roland FP60 piano is an excellent keyboard for those who want versatility, flexibility, and a high level of performance. This digital piano is designed to provide a realistic and natural playing experience, which is ideal for musicians of all skill levels.

The FP60 piano is equipped with Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, which delivers a rich and expressive tone that captures the nuances of traditional acoustic pianos. It also features an advanced 88-note keyboard with fully weighted keys and Ivory Feel, which mimics the texture of real ivory to provide a more natural and comfortable playing experience.

One of the standout features of the FP60 piano is its portability. This keyboard is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and set up for gigs, rehearsals, and studio sessions. It also features a built-in speaker system, which allows for easy monitoring during performances.

In addition to its realistic piano sound, the FP60 piano boasts a wide range of other high-quality voices and sounds. It includes 288 tones, 22 drum kits, and a variety of sound effects and accompaniment styles. These options provide musicians with endless creative possibilities, making the FP60 piano a versatile and flexible instrument for any genre and style of music.

For those who prefer to play with headphones, the FP60 piano has two headphone outputs, which allow for private practice sessions or collaborative playing. It also features a USB port, which allows for easy connectivity to computers and mobile devices for recording or playback.

In conclusion, the Roland FP60 piano is an excellent keyboard for musicians who want a natural and authentic playing experience, versatile sound options, and portability. It’s a high-quality instrument that combines technological innovation with traditional craftsmanship to deliver a top-of-the-line playing experience for both beginners and professionals.

Roland FP60 properties

Product name FP60
Brand Roland
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Stage and Digital Piano
Keys Yes
Number of Keys 88 pcs
Colour Black

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Product type

Keyboard Instrument


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1 review for Roland FP60

  1. Lila Russell

    As Lilas Russell, I am a passionate music enthusiast who takes her musical journey seriously. In August, when I first laid my hands on the Roland FP60, it was nothing short of a magical experience. The piano’s advanced technology allowed me to immerse myself in the world of music like never before.
    Roland FP60 is not just any ordinary Stage and Digital Piano; it is an energy-efficient powerhouse that helps save the planet while providing top-notch performance. With its power-saving mode, this piano consumes less electricity, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions. As someone who cares about our environment, I find the Roland FP60 to be a perfect fit for my lifestyle and musical needs.
    If you’re considering investing in a Stage and Digital Piano, let me share some tips that have helped me make the most of my Roland FP60:
    1) Take time to understand the piano’s features: The Roland FP60 comes equipped with various sound options and effects that can significantly enhance your playing experience. Take the time to explore these functions and discover what works best for you.
    2) Practice regularly: Consistency is key when it comes to mastering any musical instrument. Dedicate a specific time each day to practice on your Roland FP60, and gradually increase the difficulty level as you progress.
    3) Use headphones: While playing the piano can be therapeutic, it may not always be convenient or practical to have a loud instrument in your home. The Roland FP60 comes with built-in headphone jacks that allow you to enjoy your music without disturbing others.
    4) Attend workshops and classes: There is no substitute for learning from experienced professionals who can guide you through the nuances of playing a Stage and Digital Piano. Look for local workshops or online classes that focus on the Roland FP60, as they will provide valuable insights into getting the most out of your instrument.
    In conclusion, the Roland FP60 is an exceptional Stage and Digital Piano that offers both musical pleasure and environmental sustainability. If you’re considering investing in a new keyboard instrument, I highly recommend giving the Roland FP60 a try. With its advanced features and energy-efficient design, it’s sure to become your go-to companion on your musical journey.

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