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Experience the rich, warm tones of Yamaha’s LL16D ARE acoustic guitars, perfect for both studio and live performances.



Yamaha LL16D ARE Acoustic Guitar: A Masterful Blend of Tone, Playability, and Craftsmanship

YAMAHA’s LL16D ARE is an impressive acoustic guitar that combines quality craftsmanship, tonal excellence, and playability. This guitar is part of Yamaha’s acclaimed L series, which has been designed with the needs of professional and experienced players in mind.

Construction and Design

The Yamaha LL16D is made from premium quality materials and features a hand-selected solid Engelmann spruce top, paired with solid rosewood sides and back. The neck is crafted from mahogany with a matte finish, which complements the rest of the guitar’s glossy, high-quality finish.

The overall design of the LL16D is classic, yet modern, with a dreadnought-style body and a venetian cutaway, which offers easy access to the upper frets. Moreover, the guitar’s top finishing is unique, that is, the Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (ARE) technology. This technology involves subjecting the wood to a torrefaction process that mimics the aging process to create a more mature, open, and resonant sound.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, the Yamaha LL16D is a real masterpiece. The combination of the solid Engelmann spruce top and solid rosewood sides and back produces a well-balanced and clear tone with plenty of projection and sustain. The guitar’s dynamic range is also quite impressive, offering a full and punchy tone that performs equally well in both strumming and finger-picking applications.


Playability is another area where the Yamaha LL16D truly excels. The guitar features a comfortable and ergonomic neck profile, with a smooth finish that makes it easy to move around the fretboard. The action is set up perfectly, making it easy to play both chords and single notes. As a result, the LL16D offers the perfect combination of tone and playability, making it an ideal choice for any style of music, from pop to blues to country.

Final Thoughts

The Yamaha LL16D ARE is an exceptional acoustic guitar that is perfect for players of all levels looking for a high-quality instrument that will stand the test of time. With its impressive tonal range, comfortable playability, and premium materials, it’s no wonder why the LL16D has received so many positive reviews from guitar enthusiasts and professional players alike. Overall, if you’re looking for a premium-grade acoustic guitar that offers exceptional tonal performance and playability, the Yamaha LL16D ARE is definitely an instrument worth considering.

Yamaha LL16D ARE properties

Product name Yamaha LL16D ARE
Brand Yamaha
Type Acoustic Guitars
String Type Steel
Built-In Microphone No
Cutaway No Cutaway
Size 4/4
Colour Black, Wood

Additional information


Product type

String Type

Built-in Microphone






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