Warwick BC 20


Experience unparalleled depth and clarity in your bass tone with the Warwick BC 20 bass amp – the perfect addition to any bassist’s rig.

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The Warwick BC 20 bass amp is a powerful and efficient amplifier designed specifically for the needs of bass players. The amp features a range of premium components, innovative technology, and excellent connectivity options that make it ideal for both practice and performance.

One of the standout features of the Warwick BC 20 is its compact and lightweight design, which makes it easy for bass players to carry it with them to gigs or rehearsals. The amp weighs only 6.6 pounds and measures just 11.8 x 10.6 x 8.6 inches, making it extremely portable and easy to transport.

But don’t let its small size fool you, the Warwick BC 20 packs a punch with its 20-watt output power and 8” custom-tailored Warwick driver. This combination delivers a rich, warm sound that is perfect for a variety of playing styles and genres, from rock and metal to jazz and blues.

The amp also features an array of controls that allow bass players to adjust the tone of their instrument, including a 3-band EQ (bass, mid, and treble), a gain control, and a master volume control. There is also a headphone jack, so you can practice silently or plug in for recording, and an aux input to connect your smartphone or other devices.

Another great feature of the Warwick BC 20 is its durable design. The mesh grille protects the speaker while also allowing for optimal sound projection. The amp’s sturdy metal corners and ABS housing are built to withstand the rigors of touring and frequent use.

Overall, the Warwick BC 20 bass amp is an excellent choice for bass players who are looking for a high-quality, portable, and versatile amplifier. With its powerful sound and easy-to-use controls, this amp is a great investment for both beginners and experienced players alike.

Warwick BC 20 properties

Product name BC 20
Brand Warwick
Type Bass Amplifiers
Sound Setting Equalizer, Middle, Treble
Power Output (RMS) 20.0 W
Amplifier Model Hybrid Combo
Colour Black
Height 430.0 mm
Depth 380.0 mm
Width 320.0 mm

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Product type

Sound Setting

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Frequently Asked Questions:

"How does the Warwick BC 20's unique Class D technology differ from traditional analog amplification methods, and what benefits does it offer to bass players?"

The Warwick BC 20 combo amplifier features a unique Class D technology that sets it apart from traditional analog amplification methods. While analog amplifiers rely on vacuum tubes or solid-state components to amplify the electrical signal, Class D amps use switch mode power supplies and digital signal processing techniques to achieve high efficiency and reduced weight and size. The key difference between traditional analog amplification and the Warwick BC 20's Class D technology lies in the way they handle power conversion. In a traditional analog amp, power is converted from AC mains into DC power, then filtered and smoothed to provide stable DC voltage for the amplifier stage. The unused energy during each half cycle is wasted as heat, which results in low efficiency (typically around 50%). In contrast, Class D amplifiers use a high-frequency switching topology that converts AC mains into DC power directly. This technique enables near-perfect efficiency (up to 97%) and minimizes the amount of heat generated during operation. This is particularly beneficial for bass amps as it reduces weight and size while providing enough power output for stage applications. The benefits of Class D technology are significant for bass players. Firstly, they offer a more compact design, making them more portable for gigging musicians who need to transport their equipment frequently. Secondly, the high efficiency ensures that less battery or mains power is required compared to traditional analog amplifiers, which means longer playtime and lower running costs for gigging musicians. Moreover, Class D technology offers improved sound quality with reduced distortion and noise as the low-noise switching regulators generate less electromagnetic interference (EMI). This ensures that bass players can deliver high-fidelity sound while minimizing unwanted background noise. Finally, Class D amplifiers like the Warwick BC 20 offer precise tuning and adjustment options due to their digital signal processing capabilities. With features such as built-in compressors, equalizers, and effects processors, bass players can tailor their sound to fit different genres and playing styles. In summary, the unique Class D technology in the Warwick BC 20 combo amplifier offers significant benefits for bass players, including improved efficiency, reduced weight and size, lower running costs, better sound quality, and advanced tuning options. These factors make it an attractive choice for both practice and live performances, where portability, power, and flexibility are essential considerations.

What unique features does the Warwick BC 20 bass amplifier possess that make it stand out from other comparable models on the market?

The Warwick BC 20 bass amplifier distinguishes itself from other comparable models on the market with its innovative and cutting-edge design. Unlike traditional bass amps, this model incorporates advanced digital technology to deliver crystal-clear and accurate sound reproduction. The use of high-quality components, including custom-made transformers and premium capacitors, further enhances the overall tonality and responsiveness of the amplifier. Moreover, the BC 20 features a versatile EQ section that allows for precise adjustments to bass, mid, and treble frequencies, as well as a built-in compression function that helps to maintain consistent levels and prevent unwanted peaks in the signal. Finally, the compact and lightweight design of the Warwick BC 20 makes it an ideal choice for touring musicians who demand high performance and reliability from their gear.