Epiphone SG-Special VE


Get ready to rock with the Epiphone SG-Special VE – a classic electric guitar with modern features, sleek design and great sound!



The Epiphone SG-Special VE electric guitar is a budget-friendly option for players who are looking for a quality instrument without breaking the bank. It is part of Epiphone’s Vintage Edition (VE) series, which is designed to pay tribute to the classic Gibson guitars of the past. If you’re a beginner or someone who wants to add a good value guitar to their collection, the Epiphone SG-Special VE electric guitar is definitely worth checking out.

The first thing you’ll notice about this guitar is its classic design. The SG body shape has been a favorite among guitar players for decades, and the SG-Special VE stays true to that iconic look. It has a lightweight mahogany body with a glossy finish, while the bolt-on mahogany neck features a rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets and dot inlays. The pearloid pickguard adds a nice touch of style, which contrasts nicely with the rest of the guitar.

In terms of electronics, the SG-Special VE features two open-coil humbucking pickups that deliver a wide range of sound options. The pickups are designed to handle anything from clean tones to heavy distortion, making it suitable for playing a variety of genres. The guitar also comes with two volume and two tone controls, as well as a three-way pickup selector switch.

One of the best things about the SG-Special VE is its comfortable and playable neck. The slim-tapered D profile feels smooth and easy to navigate, which makes it perfect for beginners or anyone who prefers a fast-playing guitar. The frets are also nicely finished, so you won’t have to worry about any sharp edges or intonation issues.

Another great feature of the SG-Special VE is its bridge and tuners. The Locktone Tune-O-Matic bridge ensures that your strings stay in place, which prevents unnecessary string buzz or slipping. The guitar also has an Epiphone Premium Die-cast machine head, which features a 14:1 gear ratio for accurate and stable tuning.

Overall, the Epiphone SG-Special VE electric guitar is a solid choice for anyone who wants a good-looking and versatile guitar that won’t break the bank. With its classic design, comfortable neck, and reliable hardware, it’s a guitar you can take to gigs, recording sessions, or even just practice at home. If you’re in the market for an affordable yet high-quality SG-style guitar, the SG-Special VE is definitely worth considering.

Epiphone SG-Special VE properties

Product name Epiphone SG-Special VE
Brand Epiphone
Type Electric Guitar
Number of Strings 6 pcs
Handedness Right-Handed
Number of Frets 22
Cutaway Double Cutaway
Size 4/4
Wood Type (body sides) Mahogany, Poplar
Wood Type (neck) Okoume
Colour Black, Red, Sunburst/Colourburst

Additional information


Product type

Number of Strings


Number of Frets



Wood Type-body sides


Wood Type-neck


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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Epiphone SG-Special VE's ProBucker pickups differ from standard humbuckers, and what effect do they have on the guitar's tone?

The Epiphone SG-Special VE's ProBucker pickups are specially designed to offer a different tonal experience compared to standard humbucker pickups. The ProBucker pickups used in this guitar model were developed in collaboration with Gibson, the legendary guitar brand, and are an improved version of the classic humbuckers. These ProBucker pickups have higher output levels than traditional humbuckers, making them ideal for producing a more powerful and full-bodied sound. They also feature Alnico V magnets, which offer a warmer and smoother midrange response compared to the standard Alnico II magnets found in regular humbuckers. This results in a tone that is richer, more natural, and less harsh sounding, with improved clarity and definition across the frequency range. Additionally, ProBucker pickups are known for their ability to maintain tonal consistency across different positions on the neck, providing a smooth and cohesive sound no matter where you place your hand on the fretboard. This makes them an excellent choice for players who want a versatile and consistent tone, whether they're playing chords or solos. Overall, the ProBucker pickups used in the Epiphone SG-Special VE contribute to a warm, rich, and dynamic sound that is well-suited to a wide variety of music genres, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced musicians alike.