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Get the classic sound of the iconic Gibson ES-335 Figured guitar and experience a unique, rich tone.

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Gibson ES-335 Figured Electric Guitar: A Marriage of Classic and Modern Design

The Gibson ES-335 is one of the most iconic electric guitars ever made, known for its versatile sound, supreme playability, and elegant semi-hollow body design. Since its debut in 1958, the ES-335 has been used by countless guitar heroes in various styles of music, from blues to rock to jazz to fusion. Over the years, Gibson has released numerous variations of the ES-335, but the Figured model stands out with its stunning visual appeal and premium features.

First and foremost, the Figured ES-335 boasts a top-of-the-line figured maple top, which means the wood grain pattern resembles a marble or flame effect. This special feature not only adds to the guitar’s aesthetic charm but also improves its tonal characteristics. The maple top adds brightness, clarity, and sustain to the sound, while the semi-hollow body creates a rich resonance and natural acoustic-like ambiance.

The Figured ES-335 also features a modern SlimTaper D-profile neck, which provides a comfortable and fast playing experience. The neck is made of solid mahogany, complementing the warm and punchy tone of the guitar. The fingerboard is made of high-quality rosewood, offering a smooth and silky feel for your fingers. The frets are medium jumbo-sized, allowing for easy bending and vibrato techniques.

The pickups on the Figured ES-335 are Gibson’s BurstBucker humbuckers, which are designed to emulate the classic PAF (patent-applied-for) pickups from the 1950s and 1960s. The BurstBuckers capture the vintage tone of the ES-335 while providing enough output for modern music styles. The neck pickup has a warm and mellow sound, perfect for jazz and blues. The bridge pickup has a bright and crunchy sound, great for rock and funk. Both pickups together produce a full and dynamic sound, suitable for any genre.

The Figured ES-335 also features high-end hardware, including the Locking Grover tuners, which ensure accurate tuning stability and intonation. The ABR-1 bridge and tailpiece with titanium saddles provide excellent sustain and resonance transfer. The knobs and switch are made of top-notch materials, ensuring smooth and precise control of volume and tone.

The Figured ES-335 is available in two finishes: Faded Lightburst and Antique Natural. Both options showcase the stunning grain patterns of the maple top and complement the guitar’s vintage-meets-modern aesthetics. The guitar comes in a hardshell case, protecting it during transportation and storage.

In conclusion, the Gibson ES-335 Figured Electric Guitar is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, combining classic and modern design elements with premium components and materials. Whether you’re a professional guitarist, a collector, or an enthusiast, the Figured ES-335 is an instrument that will inspire and delight you for years to come. Its timeless beauty and versatile sound make it a true icon of electric guitar history.

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Product name Gibson ES-335 Figured
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Size 4/4
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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Gibson ES-335 Figured's chambered construction affect its sound and tone?

The Gibson ES-335 is a semihollow-body electric guitar that features a unique chambered construction. This design consists of two solid pieces of wood, typically maple, with hollow chambers in the center surrounded by a thin layer of laminated wood. The top and back of the guitar are also made from thin slabs of wood which adds to its lightweight and resonant sound.

The chambered construction provides several benefits when it comes to the guitar's sound and tone:

1. Sustain: The hollow chambers inside the ES-335 contribute to increased sustain by allowing the vibrations from the strings to continue resonating after they are struck. This creates a rich, warm tone that is often associated with classic jazz and blues recordings.

2. Balanced Tone: Due to its semi-hollow body design, the ES-335 produces a balanced sound that combines the warmth of a hollow-body guitar with the clarity of a solid-body instrument. The result is an versatile tone that works well for various genres including jazz, blues, rock, and even country music.

3. Reduced Feedback: One major advantage of the chambered construction is its ability to reduce feedback at high volumes. Because the hollow chambers help dissipate sound waves, the ES-335 can be played at higher volumes without experiencing unwanted squealing or howling noises that are common with solid-body guitars.

4. Comfortable Playability: The lightweight nature of the chambered construction makes the ES-335 comfortable to play for extended periods of time. This, combined with its thin body depth and contoured cutaway design, allows players to easily access higher frets without discomfort.

In summary, the chambered construction of the Gibson ES-335 plays a significant role in shaping its unique sound and tone characteristics. Its semi-hollow body design provides increased sustain, balanced tone, reduced feedback, and comfortable playability – making it a popular choice among musicians across various genres.