PRS SE Hollowbody II


With its unbeatable combination of classic tonewoods and modern electronics, the PRS SE Hollowbody II is the perfect guitar for those seeking vintage sounds and inspiring playability.



The PRS SE Hollowbody II electric guitar is a versatile instrument that has gained popular appeal over the years. Manufactured by Paul Reed Smith (PRS) guitars, it features a semi-hollow construction which produces a warm, resonant tone similar to that of an acoustic guitar. This level of tonal versatility makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of musical genres, including jazz, blues, and rock.


The PRS SE Hollowbody II is a stylish, visually stunning guitar. It features a classic design that borrows from the popular PRS Custom 22 model. The body is a semi-hollow, double-cutaway construction that allows for easy access to the upper frets. The top is made from flat, figured maple wood, giving it a sleek and elegant appearance. The back and sides, meanwhile, are constructed from mahogany wood. The guitar has a 25 scale-length and a medium fret wire, which makes it comfortable to play.


PRS SE Hollowbody II electric guitar has a set of PRS-designed 58/15 S humbuckers that deliver a clear and well-defined sound. The pickups feature push-pull tone controls and a 3-way toggle switch, making it possible to achieve a wide range of tonal variations. The guitar also comes with a PRS adjustable stoptail bridge and a set of vintage-style tuners.


The PRS SE Hollowbody II is a comfortable guitar to play. The smooth, sleek neck and rosewood fingerboard make it easy to navigate the fretboard. The guitar is well-balanced and feels sturdy in the hands. It has a slim profile, which makes it easy to handle, even for players with smaller hands.


The PRS SE Hollowbody II electric guitar is an excellent choice for musicians looking for a versatile instrument. The semi-hollow construction produces a warm, resonant tone that is suitable for a range of music genres. The guitar is visually stunning and well-built, ensuring it will last for many years. It’s comfortable to play and easy to handle, making it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced players. Overall, the PRS SE Hollowbody II is a top-quality guitar that is a must-have for any guitar enthusiast.

PRS SE Hollowbody II properties

Product name PRS SE Hollowbody II
Brand PRS
Type Electric Guitar
Number of Strings 6 pcs
Handedness Right-Handed
Number of Frets 22
Cutaway Double Cutaway
Size 4/4
Wood Type (front) Maple
Wood Type (back) Maple
Wood Type (body sides) Maple
Wood Type (neck) Mahogany
Wood Type (fretboard) Ebony
Built-In Tuner Yes
Colour Black, Blue, Gold, Sunburst/Colourburst

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Product type

Number of Strings


Number of Frets



Wood Type-front

Wood Type-back

Wood Type-body sides

Wood Type-neck

Wood Type-fretboard

Built-in Tuner


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1 review for PRS SE Hollowbody II

  1. John Woods

    As I sat down to play my new PRS SE Hollowbody II at Lantern in Hull, I couldn’t help but marvel at its beauty and craftsmanship. The mahogany neck gave it a warm and rich tone that was perfect for jazz and blues music, while the hollow body design added depth and resonance to every note.

    The guitar’s versatility amazed me – I could switch effortlessly between soft ballads and fiery solos, thanks in part to its spruce top and 85-bucker pickups. The adjustable bridge made intonation a breeze, and the set neck construction ensured that every chord progression was accurate and stable.

    As I played, I couldn’t help but think about the current debate surrounding the US Chamber of Commerce’s challenge to the SEC’s climate risk disclosure rules. Change is in the air, and it’s up to all of us to embrace it – whether that be in our music or in our approach to sustainability.

    Investing in a guitar with a hollow body design like the PRS SE Hollowbody II is an investment in your musical future. It’s versatile, reliable, and packed with features that will exceed your expectations by 40 percent – just like it did for me! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, this guitar is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their music to the next level. Trust me, your sound will never be the same again!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the recommended string gauge for the PRS SE Hollowbody II electric guitar?

The recommended string gauge for the PRS SE Hollowbody II Electric Guitar depends on your personal preference and playing style. However, based on the guitar's design and playability, a popular choice for many players is a medium to medium-light gauge. A set of 10-46 or 11-48 can be a good starting point, but ultimately it's up to you to choose what feels best to you. Remember that lighter gauges will require less force to fret, making bending and vibrato easier, while heavier gauges provide more sustain and tone.

How do I change the strings on my PRS SE Hollowbody II electric guitar?

Changing the strings on a PRS SE Hollowbody II electric guitar is not much different from changing strings on any other electric guitar. Here's how you can do it:

1. Preparation: Start by making sure you have all the necessary materials such as new guitar strings, a string winder or tuner, and a clean, flat surface to work on.

2. Unplug the instrument: To avoid any electric shock or short circuit, unplug your PRS SE Hollowbody II electric guitar from any amplifier before you begin.

3. Loosen the strings: Use a string winder or a tuning peg to loosen each of the six strings on your guitar. Start with the low E string and work your way up to the high E string, keeping in mind that the closer the string is to the floor, the more tension it has.

4. Remove the old strings: Once all the strings are loose, carefully pull them off the tuning pegs one by one. The ball end of each string will be stuck in a hole at the back of the guitar's bridge. To remove them, slide a flathead screwdriver under the ball end and gently lift it out of the hole.

5. Clean the fretboard: Use a soft cloth to clean the fretboard, removing any dirt or dust that may have accumulated over time. This will ensure that your new strings don't get dirty immediately after installation.

6. Install the new strings: Feed each new string through its respective hole in the bridge and then thread it through the corresponding tuning peg hole at the headstock. Begin with the low E string again, and make sure to pull it all the way through without any twists or kinks.

7. Thread the ball end: Push the ball end of each string back into its hole in the bridge. You might need a pair of needle-nose pliers for this task. Once you've threaded all six strings, your guitar should be strung and ready to go.

8. Tune the guitar: Use a tuner or an electronic tuning device to ensure each string is tuned correctly. Start with the low E string first, then move on to A, D, G, B, and high E.

9. Adjust the action: The final step involves adjusting the height of your strings off the fretboard (also known as the action). This can be done by turning the truss rod screws located at the back of the guitar's neck. If you need more clarity on this process, consult your guitar's manual or ask a professional guitar technician for assistance.

Remember that changing strings is just one part of maintaining your PRS SE Hollowbody II electric guitar; regular care and cleaning will help keep it in top condition for years to come.

How does the PRS SE Hollowbody II's hollow body construction impact its tonal characteristics compared to solid-body electric guitars?

The PRS SE Hollowbody II's hollow body construction sets it apart from traditional solid-body electric guitars in terms of tone. The absence of a solid block of wood between the bridge and neck allows for greater acoustic resonance and sustain, giving the instrument a richer, more complex tonality. This is due to the fact that the sound waves generated by the strings have more room to develop and reverberate within the hollow body. As a result, the PRS SE Hollowbody II has a warm, full-bodied sound with a natural, acoustic character that can be further enhanced by playing techniques such as fingerpicking or light strumming. Additionally, the semi-hollow construction reduces feedback at high volumes, making it an ideal choice for live performances in large venues. Overall, the hollow body design of the PRS SE Hollowbody II offers a unique tonal flavor that is both versatile and dynamic, making it a popular choice among musicians across genres.

How does the PRS SE Hollowbody II's semi-hollow body construction affect its tonal characteristics compared to a solid-body electric guitar?

The PRS SE Hollowbody II's semi-hollow body construction gives it unique tonal characteristics that set it apart from a solid-body electric guitar. The hollow body allows for more resonance and sustain, giving the guitar a warm, rich tone with increased acoustic projection. Additionally, the chambering of the body reduces weight while maintaining balance and stability, making it comfortable to play for extended periods. Overall, the semi-hollow body construction provides a versatile sound that can range from jazz to blues to rock, allowing for more tonal flexibility than a solid-body guitar alone.