Aguilar Tone Hammer TH 500


Experience unmatched power and quality sound with the Aguilar Tone Hammer TH 500 guitar amp head, perfect for any level player.



The Aguilar Tone Hammer TH 500 is a guitar amp head that is making a lot of noise amongst enthusiasts and professionals alike. It is a powerful and versatile amp that has become a favorite for many guitarists who are looking for a compact, lightweight, and powerful head for their gigs and recording sessions.

The TH 500 is a Class D amplifier, which is known for its efficiency and power output. It can produce 500 watts of power at 4 ohms, making it ideal for demanding gigs and heavy sessions. It is also very lightweight, weighing only 4.9 pounds, which makes it an easy-to-transport and travel-friendly amp head.

One of the most impressive features of the Aguilar Tone Hammer TH 500 is its tonal versatility. It has a four-band EQ, including treble, high mid, low mid, and bass, which can dial in different tones from vintage to modern. The amp also features a gain control that can add extra grit to your sound, and a built-in compressor that can smooth out your tone and add sustain.

The TH 500 also boasts a balanced DI output with a pre and post EQ switch for recording and live gigs. It also includes a headphone output for silent practice and a tuner output for added convenience.

Another great feature of the TH 500 is its compatibility with various speaker cabinets. It can drive different cabs with varying ohm loads from 2.67 to 8 ohms, giving you the flexibility to adjust your sound for different venues and setups.

Overall, the Aguilar Tone Hammer TH 500 is a versatile and powerful amp head that has become a go-to choice for many guitar players. It is well-built, lightweight, and portable, making it an excellent investment for gigging musicians and home recording enthusiasts alike. With its tonal versatility, power output, and compatibility with different cabs, it is no wonder why the TH 500 is a popular choice amongst guitarists all over the world.

Aguilar Tone Hammer TH 500 properties

Product name Tone Hammer TH 500
Brand Aguilar
Type Guitar Amplifier Heads
Sound Setting Equalizer, Middle, Treble
Amplifier Model Solid State
Impedance 4, 8
Height 69.8 mm
Depth 215.9 mm
Width 273.5 mm

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Product type

Sound Setting

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Amplifier Model







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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Aguilar Tone Hammer TH 500's proprietary tube-like tonal response compare to traditional tube amplifiers?

The Aguilar Tone Hammer TH 500 delivers a unique and proprietary tube-like tonal response that is similar to traditional tube amplifiers. However, it achieves this without the use of vacuum tubes, instead utilizing cutting-edge Class D technology. This means that players can enjoy the warmth, harmonics, and midrange characteristics typically associated with tube amplifiers, while also benefiting from the TH 500's high efficiency, light weight, and reduced heat output compared to traditional tube amplifiers. Essentially, the Aguilar Tone Hammer TH 500 provides a hybrid of traditional tube sound and modern solid-state technology that is ideal for players who want the tonal benefits of tubes without the associated downsides.

How does the patented Power Scaling technology of the Aguilar Tone Hammer TH 500 amplifier head contribute to its versatility and tonal flexibility across different power output levels?

The patented Power Scaling technology in the Aguilar Tone Hammer TH 500 amplifier head is what sets it apart from other amplifiers in terms of versatility and tonal flexibility across different power output levels. This technology allows for a seamless transition between high and low wattage settings without any loss of tone or clarity, making it suitable for both rehearsals and live performances. At full power (500 watts), the TH 500 delivers massive headroom and punch that is perfect for cutting through in large venues. However, as the volume level decreases, the Power Scaling technology ensures that the tone remains rich, full, and natural, allowing for greater dynamic range and expression. Furthermore, this technology also helps to preserve the integrity of the signal chain, as it prevents any distortion or compression that can occur at lower wattage settings in traditional amplifiers. This means that even at the lowest power output level (15 watts), the TH 500 still produces a clear and articulate sound that is suitable for studio work and small gigs. Overall, the patented Power Scaling technology in the Aguilar Tone Hammer TH 500 amplifier head makes it an incredibly versatile and flexible option for bassists who need to adapt to different playing situations with ease. Whether you're rehearsing at home, playing in a small club, or performing in a large arena, this amplifier has got you covered.