Fender Mini ’57 Twin-Amp


Experience the classic rock tones of the ’50s and ’60s with the Fender Mini ’57 Twin-amp, capable of delivering authentic tube-driven sound in a compact and portable package.

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Fender has been known for creating timeless pieces of equipment in the music industry, and the Fender Mini ’57 Twin-Amp is no exception. This mini amplifier exudes the same power and features as its larger counterpart with a charming vintage look.

Despite its size, the Mini ’57 Twin-Amp packs a punch with a push-pull power amp that produces an impressive sound. It has two wattage options of 1 watt and 0.1 watts, making it an exceptional option for both practice and recording situations.

The Mini ’57 Twin-Amp’s control panel gives easy access to volume, tone, and gain, making it an intuitive and user-friendly amplifier. Additionally, the headphone jack and auxiliary input allow for seamless recording or practice using earphones without disturbing others.

The vintage design of the Mini ’57 Twin-Amp is eye-catching, with its classic tweed exterior, red knobs, and iconic Fender badge. It is perfect for those who seek a modern and chic look while still maintaining a sense of nostalgia.

In conclusion, the Fender Mini ’57 Twin-Amp guitar amp is not just for collectors but also for those who seek a powerful amplifier in a compact and portable size. The impressive sound quality, user-friendly controls, and stunning vintage design make it a must-have. Get your hands on this outstanding amplifier, and you won’t regret it.

Fender Mini ’57 Twin-Amp properties

Product name Mini ’57 Twin-Amp
Brand Fender
Type Guitar Amplifiers
Sound Setting Gain/Drive
Connection Outputs Headphones 6.3mm
Power Output (RMS) 1.0 W
Colour Beige
Power Supply Battery, Electrical

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Product type

Sound Setting

Connection Outputs

Power Output-RMS


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What unique features set the Fender Mini '57 Twin-Amp apart from other small combo amps?

The Fender Mini '57 Twin-Amp boasts several unique features that make it stand out among other small combo amps. Here are a few:

1. Celestion® G12-M Greenback Speakers: The Fender Mini '57 Twin-Amp is equipped with two Celestion® G12-M Greenback speakers, which are known for their bright and punchy tone. These speakers are commonly found in high-end amplifiers and contribute to the amp's full and rich sound. V6 Tube Preamp and Power Amp: The Fender Mini '57 Twin-Amp uses two 6V6 tubes in both the preamp and power amp stages, which are known for their warm and harmonically rich tone. This combination is also found in Fender's iconic '57 Stratocaster, which adds to the amp's vintage vibe. Spring Reverb: The Fender Mini '57 Twin-Amp features a spring reverb, which adds depth and dimension to your sound. This is a unique feature for a small combo amp, as many other amps in this category do not include reverb. Footswitchable Channels: The Fender Mini '57 Twin-Amp has two channels that can be selected using the included footswitch. This allows you to switch between clean and overdrive tones quickly and easily during your performance. Overall, these features make the Fender Mini '57 Twin-Amp a unique and versatile amplifier for players looking for vintage tone and functionality in a small combo package.

What are the differences between the Fender Mini '57 Twin-Amp and its full-sized counterpart, the Fender '57 Custom Pro?

The main differences between the Fender Mini '57 Twin-Amp and the Fender '57 Custom Pro are size, power output, and features. Size: The Mini '57 is a smaller, more compact version of the '57 Custom Pro. It stands at only 12 inches tall, making it an ideal choice for musicians who need to travel light or have limited space on their performance area. On the other hand, the '57 Custom Pro measures around 18 inches tall and is a bit bulkier. Power Output: The Mini '57 has a lower power output compared to its full-sized counterpart. It delivers 4 watts of power per channel, while the '57 Custom Pro produces 20 watts per channel. This means that the Mini '57 is best suited for smaller venues or practice sessions, while the '57 Custom Pro can handle larger stages and more demanding performances. Features: The Mini '57 has fewer features compared to the '57 Custom Pro. It only has two channels (clean and overdrive), whereas the '57 Custom Pro offers three channels (clean, crunch, and lead). Additionally, the Mini '57 lacks built-in reverb and a footswitchable boost feature found in the '57 Custom Pro.