Blackstar Silverline Standard

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Experience unmatched tone and versatility with the Blackstar Silverline Standard guitar amp – perfect for all your live performances and recording needs.



The Blackstar Silverline Standard guitar amp is a game-changer in the world of guitar amplifiers. This innovative and versatile amplifier has been crafted to cater to the needs of all guitarists, whether they’re beginners or professionals.

One of the most amazing features of this amp is its digital capabilities. With six different voicings including Clean Warm, Clean Bright, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD 1 and OD 2, this amp has been designed to provide a wide range of tones to suit all kinds of musical styles. Whether you’re looking for a classic rock sound or a more modern, high gain tone, the Silverline Standard has got you covered.

Another great thing about the Silverline Standard is the way it handles tone shaping. With a three-band EQ and a built-in reverb, you can easily achieve the exact tone you’re looking for. The amp also comes with an effects loop, which allows you to add your own pedals and create your own unique sound.

One feature that separates this amp from other digital amps is its six distinct power amp configurations. This allows you to mimic the different power amp stages of classic tube amps, giving you even more control over your tone. Whether you want to emulate the response of a 50-watt EL34 or a 100-watt 6L6, the Silverline Standard has got it covered.

The British-based company, Blackstar has been making great-sounding amps for a while now, and the Silverline Standard is no exception. With 20 watts of power, this amp is perfect for gigging or practicing at home, and its sleek and modern design makes it a great addition to any guitarist’s collection.

In conclusion, the Blackstar Silverline Standard guitar amp is a must-have for any guitarist looking to broaden their tone possibilities. Its digital capabilities and innovative features make it stand out from the crowd, and it’s all built with top-quality materials. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, you’ll love the Blackstar Silverline Standard.

Blackstar Silverline Standard properties

Product name Silverline Standard
Brand Blackstar
Type Guitar Amplifiers
Sound Effects Chorus, Clean, Crunch, Delay, Flanger, Overdrive, Phaser, Presence, Resonance, Reverb, Tremolo
Sound Setting Bass, Gain/Drive, Treble, Volume
Features Tuner for Instrument
Connection Inputs AUX/Line 3.5mm, USB
Foot Switch Inputs 1
Power Output (RMS) 16.0 W
Power Output (Max) 20.0 W
Amplifier Model Modelling
Guitar Amplifier Design Standard
Colour Silver
Amount of Channels 4
Supported Audio Formats MP3

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Connection Inputs


Foot Switch Inputs

Power Output-RMS

Power Output-Max

Amplifier Model

Guitar Amplifier Design


Amount of Channels

Supported Audio Formats

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  1. Batlesip

    A very nice combo from Blackstar , I didn’t expect it to sound so nice, sometimes there is noise, but it’s my guitars, pickups and cable fault. Lots of channels, sound modeling and adding effects. I recommend it to all undecided
    Well-made, handy combo, lots of effects, instructions in Polish included. I recommend it for home playing.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the recommended guitar cable length for optimal sound quality when using the Blackstar Silverline Standard amplifier?

The length of a guitar cable does not directly affect the sound quality, but it can impact performance. Longer cables can introduce more noise and signal loss. However, in most cases, a cable length of 10-25 feet (3-7 meters) should be suitable for using the Blackstar Silverline Standard amplifier. It's essential to choose a high-quality cable with low capacitance and shielding to minimize noise and signal loss. Aim for at least a 20-foot (6.1-meter) cable if you need extra length, but try to keep it as short as possible to maintain the best sound quality.

"How does the proprietary Super Wide Stereo technology in the Blackstar Silverline Standard amplifier differ from traditional stereo amplification methods?"

The Blackstar Silverline Standard amplifier features a unique and innovative approach to stereo sound reproduction through its proprietary Super Wide Stereo technology. Unlike traditional stereo amplification methods that simply split the signal to two separate channels, Super Wide Stereo creates a much wider stereo image by utilizing four separate speakers arranged in a 2x2 configuration. This not only expands the stereo width but also enhances depth and clarity, providing a more immersive and realistic listening experience. Additionally, this technology allows for greater flexibility in stage monitoring, as individual instruments can be assigned to specific speakers for precise localization and separation. Overall, Super Wide Stereo takes stereo amplification to new heights and adds an exciting new dimension to the already impressive Blackstar Silverline Standard amplifier.