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BluGuitar NanoCab guitar cabinet delivers impressive sound quality with a compact and lightweight design perfect for gigging and rehearsals.



The BluGuitar NanoCab is a compact and lightweight guitar cabinet designed for guitarists who need a portable, yet professional-sounding amp setup. Despite its small size, this cab packs a punch thanks to its innovative construction and design.

This cabinet is perfect for home practice, small gigs, and recording sessions. BluGuitar is known for creating high-quality, compact products, and the NanoCab is a great example of their prowess.

First, let’s talk about the material used to create the cabinet. The wood used for the body of the NanoCab is Baltic birch plywood. This wood is known for its durability and helps to create a tight, clear sound.

The NanoCab also features a special ceramic speaker that delivers a mid-range punch that is perfect for rock and metal tones. This speaker is well-balanced and has a remarkable high-frequency response, ensuring that every note you play cuts through the mix.

One of the best things about the BluGuitar NanoCab is its innovative design. The cabinet is divided into two separate compartments, each housing a separate speaker. This means that the sound is split into two separate paths, creating an incredibly detailed and focused sound.

Another feature of this cabinet is the special resonance chamber, which is situated underneath the speakers. This chamber boosts the low end and helps to round out your tone. Additionally, the chamber also functions as a port for the speakers, allowing for air to escape more freely and improving the overall clarity of the sound.

Another benefit of the BluGuitar NanoCab is its portability. The cabinet weighs only 4.4 lbs, making it incredibly easy to carry around. This is perfect for gigging musicians who need to move their gear from venue to venue, or for home players who need a compact setup that can be stored easily.

Overall, the BluGuitar NanoCab is an incredible cabinet that offers amazing tone and portability. Its innovative design and construction make it perfect for any musician looking for a reliable and high-quality guitar cabinet. Whether you’re playing at home or on stage, the NanoCab is sure to impress.

BluGuitar NanoCab properties

Product name NanoCab
Brand BluGuitar
Type Guitar Cabinets
Sound Effects Clean, Crunch, Distortion
Sound Setting Gain/Drive
Features Monitor Stage Listening
Connection Inputs Tele/TRS 6.3mm/1/4″
Connection Outputs Speaker Connections Tele/TRS 6.3mm/1/4″
Speaker Connections Outputs 2
Elements Size Bass 1.0 “
Elements Amount Bass 12
Power Output (RMS) 60.0 W
Cabinet Design Closed Cabinet
Colour Black
Impedance 8
Height 370.0 mm
Depth 280.0 mm
Width 360.0 mm
Weight 10.0 kg

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Sound Effects

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Connection Inputs

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Elements Size Bass

Elements Amount Bass

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