Marshall 1960BX


Experience the definitive sound of rock with the Marshall 1960BX guitar cabinet – delivering unparalleled power, projection and tone that will leave any audience spellbound.

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The Marshall 1960BX guitar cabinet is an iconic piece of equipment that has been used by countless rock and metal guitarists over the past few decades. It is a powerhouse of a cabinet that delivers a massive, full-bodied sound that cuts through even the loudest of mixes.

The cabinet is made from birch ply, which gives it a warm and balanced tone with plenty of low-end punch. Its four 12-inch Celestion G12M-25 Greenback speakers have been specifically chosen for their ability to handle high volumes without distorting, while still delivering a smooth and creamy sound. This makes it an ideal cabinet for guitarists who want to get the most out of their amps without sacrificing tone.

The 1960BX is a four-by-twelve cabinet, which means it has four speakers arranged in a vertical and horizontal pattern. This configuration allows for an even distribution of sound across the room, ensuring that everyone gets a full, rich sound no matter where they are in the audience. Moreover, the cabinet is angled in such a way that it can be pointed upwards toward the player’s head, allowing them to hear their own playing more clearly and providing a more immersive experience.

One of the best things about the 1960BX is its flexibility. It can handle a wide range of different tones, from classic rock to heavy metal, and everything in between. This is due in no small part to the fact that it is a closed-back cabinet, which means that it has a more focused sound than an open-back cabinet would have. This allows for greater control over the sound, and the ability to fine-tune the tone to suit the needs of the player.

Overall, the Marshall 1960BX is a powerhouse of a guitar cabinet that has become a staple of the rock and metal scene. It is incredibly versatile, and can handle a wide range of different tones with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, this cabinet is sure to deliver the sound and performance that you need to take your playing to the next level.

Marshall 1960BX properties

Product name 1960BX
Brand Marshall
Type Guitar Cabinets
Sound Setting Middle
Power Output (RMS) 100.0 W
Colour Black
Impedance 16
Height 830.0 mm
Depth 365.0 mm
Width 760.0 mm
Weight 38.0 kg

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Sound Setting

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the dimensions and weight of the Marshall 1960BX cabinet?

The Marshall 1960BX cabinet has the following dimensions:
- Height: 32 inches (81. Width: 24. Depth: 17. The weight of the Marshall 1960BX cabinet is approximately 70 pounds (31.

How does the reissue of the Marshall 1960BX guitar cabinet differ in terms of construction and sound from the original model produced in the late 1960s?

The reissue of the Marshall 1960BX guitar cabinet differs from the original model produced in the late 1960s in both construction and sound. While retaining the iconic design and aesthetic of the classic cabinet, the reissue features some notable differences. Firstly, the construction of the reissue is more refined than its predecessor. The original cabinets were built using plywood panels held together with glue and screws, while the reissue utilizes a sturdier construction method that incorporates particleboard and a more secure screw-lock fastening system. This results in a more robust and durable cabinet that is less prone to warping or cracking over time. Secondly, the sound of the reissue has been updated to reflect modern amplifier technology. While still retaining the distinctive midrange focus and punchy low end that made the original cabinets so popular, the reissue also features improved frequency response and reduced resonance, resulting in a clearer and more articulate sound. In summary, while the Marshall 1960BX reissue preserves the classic design and aesthetic of the original cabinet, it offers significant improvements in both construction and sound that make it a superior choice for modern musicians seeking to recreate the legendary tone of the original models.

How does the Marshall 1960BX cabinet contribute to the tonal character of a guitar amplifier, and what factors influence its performance in live or recording settings?

The Marshall 1960BX cabinet plays a significant role in shaping the tonal character of a guitar amplifier. It is designed to work in conjunction with Marshall's amp heads such as the JCM800, DSL, and JVM series. The cabinet is constructed using high-quality materials, including Baltic birch plywood for the enclosure and heavy-duty grille cloth made from steel mesh. The 1960BX features four 12" Celestion Vintage 30 speakers that are renowned for their rich, full-bodied sound with a tight low end and crisp highs. The cabinet's closed-back design helps to preserve the tonality of the amplifier by minimizing speaker resonance and unwanted overtones, resulting in a more focused and controlled sound. In live settings, the Marshall 1960BX is a versatile and reliable choice for guitarists due to its powerful output and ability to handle high levels of power without distortion. The cabinet's portability and compact size also make it easy to transport and set up on stage. In recording settings, the cabinet can be used in a variety of ways depending on the desired sound. It can be positioned close to the microphone for a more direct and focused sound or further away for a more ambient and natural room sound. The speakers' response also makes them ideal for capturing both clean and distorted tones. In summary, the Marshall 1960BX cabinet contributes significantly to the tonal character of a guitar amplifier through its high-quality construction, speaker selection, and closed-back design. Its versatility and reliability make it an excellent choice for both live and recording settings.