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Get lost in captivating sound with the Yamaha PSR-E360, an easy-to-use, portable keyboard with intuitive controls for every music enthusiast.

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Aspiring musicians, Yamaha has come up with another excellent innovation: the Yamaha PSR-E360 Keyboard, perfect for beginners and intermediate players alike. With its impressive features and affordable price, this keyboard is an ideal instrument to learn and enhance your skills with.

The Yamaha PSR-E360 Keyboard, which replaces the PSR-E353 model, has a sleek, modern design and is available in two colors: black and silver. The keyboard is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry from one place to another, ideal for both in-home use or gigs.

One of the crucial features of any keyboard is its sound quality. The Yamaha PSR-E360 has 400 high-quality instrument sounds that allow you to experiment with various genres, from classical to pop to jazz. Each instrument sound creates an authentic sound, ensuring that your music will reach an impressive level of excellence. In addition, the keyboard comes with 130 accompaniment styles that let you mix up various styles and instruments and create a unique sound. And if that’s not enough, the keyboard also comes with a built-in reverb, allowing you to add depth to your music.

The Yamaha PSR-E360 Keyboard also includes a fantastic learning suite that helps beginners learn music faster and easier. For example, it has a mode called the Keys to Success, in which the user must hit the right key at the right time. This mode is like a video game, and the players receive scores based on their accuracy and timing. Another feature the keyboard includes is a chord dictionary, which is an excellent reference for those who are unsure how to play a specific chord. The keyboard also has a lesson function that includes numerous songs pre-installed.

The keyboard has a standard touch response, which means the harder you press the keys, the louder the sound will be. This touch-sensitive feature allows you to improvise and play with dynamics.

The keyboard connectivity options include a USB port, allowing you to connect the keyboard to a computer or mobile device to record and share your music. Apart from that, the keyboard also has an aux input port that allows you to connect an external source, such as a smartphone or MP3 player, and play along with your favorite songs.


With its various features and affordable price, the Yamaha PSR-E360 Keyboard is a perfect instrument for beginners and intermediate players. It provides an excellent sound quality and various styles to experiment with. Additionally, its in-built learning suite is an innovative way of educating beginners and helping them learn music efficiently. Its light-weight and easy portability make it an ideal instrument to carry from home to gigs or lessons. Furthermore, its connectivity options allow you to record and share your music and play along with your favorite tunes. If you’re looking for a perfect keyboard that caters to your music needs, the Yamaha PSR-E360 Keyboard is a worthy investment.

Yamaha PSR-E360 properties

Product name PSR-E360
Brand Yamaha
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Keyboard
Keys Yes
Number of Keys 61 pcs
Connections 3.5mm (Aux), Headphone
Colour Brass, Brown, Wood

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  1. Sienna Case

    Keys on a keyboard refer to the buttons or switches that are pressed down by the user to input characters, numbers, and symbols into a device such as a computer or smartphone. On a traditional piano keyboard, there are 88 keys, but the number of keys can vary depending on the type of keyboard you’re using. For instance, the Yamaha PSR-E360 has 61 full-sized keys with Graded Soft Touch (GST) technology that replicates the feel of an acoustic piano.
    The Yes key is typically a function or modifier key on a computer keyboard that activates certain features when pressed along with other keys. For example, pressing Ctrl + Y will undo the previous action, while holding down Shift + Ctrl and pressing Y will paste text without formatting. However, in the context of a Yamaha PSR-E360, Yes may not be a relevant term as it doesn’t have a function key labelled as Yes.
    The Yamaha PSR-E360 is an excellent choice for a truck driver living in Sunderland. It offers a wide range of features that can help make long journeys more enjoyable and less monotonous. With 574 high-quality voices, including pianos, organs, guitars, and drums, the PSR-E360 allows you to play various musical styles and genres. The built-in speakers provide clear sound even at higher volumes, making it perfect for playing along with your favorite songs or practicing your skills.
    Moreover, the Yamaha PSR-E360 is environmentally friendly. It uses less power than traditional keyboards and pianos, reducing energy consumption. Additionally, all Yamaha electronic instruments are manufactured under strict environmental guidelines, ensuring that they have minimal impact on the environment.
    One of the unique aspects of the Yamaha PSR-E360 is its Graded Soft Touch (GST) technology. This feature provides a realistic piano experience by simulating the weight and feel of an acoustic piano’s keys. The high-quality 61 full-sized keys allow for smooth transitions between notes, making it easy to play complex pieces or practice advanced techniques.
    In conclusion, the Yamaha PSR-E360 is a versatile and eco-friendly keyboard that offers an exceptional musical experience for truck drivers living in Sunderland or anywhere else. Its Graded Soft Touch technology and wide range of voices make it perfect for playing various styles and genres, while its environmentally friendly design ensures that it has minimal impact on the planet.

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How to connect Yamaha PSR-E360 to computer?

Yamaha PSR-E360 keyboard is a standalone instrument that has its own sound engine. However you can connect it to a PC/Mac computer. It will significantly extend the functions and usability of the instrument. You can use USB-MIDI interface to control co called DAW Software like Ableton Live, Fl Studio, Logic Pro or Cubase to record MIDI notes and command or pure digital audio.

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