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Experience the beauty of a grand piano with the Roland GP-609, featuring beautiful sound, elegant design, and advanced features to enhance your playing experience.

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The Roland GP-609 is a digital piano designed for the discerning pianist seeking the sound and feel of a grand piano in a compact and versatile instrument. The GP-609 is part of Roland’s flagship series of digital pianos, and it incorporates advanced technology to ensure an authentic piano experience.


The GP-609’s design is a blend between a traditional grand piano and a modern digital keyboard. The piano is available in either a polished ebony or white finish, which adds elegance to any home or studio setting. The keyboard has a full range of 88 keys, with a responsive touch that replicates the feel of a grand piano.


The GP-609 produces a rich and detailed sound that is the result of Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology. This technology uses multiple samples to recreate the sound of an acoustic grand piano, from the softest to the most powerful tones. The GP-609 also includes a range of additional instrument sounds, including electric pianos, organs, strings, and more.


The GP-609 has an array of features designed to enhance the playing experience. The piano includes a built-in metronome, a record function, and Bluetooth connectivity. The GP-609 also features a headphone jack, which allows for private practicing, and a line-out jack to connect the piano to external speakers or amplifiers.


The GP-609 includes a range of connectivity options, including Bluetooth and USB. This allows the user to connect their smartphone or tablet to the piano, enabling them to play along with their favorite songs or practice with music apps.


The Roland GP-609 is a high-quality digital piano with features designed to enhance the playing experience. The sound and touch of the GP-609 replicate that of an acoustic grand piano, making it an ideal choice for pianists seeking a digital instrument that replicates the feel of a grand piano. With its advanced technology, elegant design, and range of features, the GP-609 is an excellent choice for pianists looking for a versatile digital piano.

Roland GP-609 properties

Product name GP-609
Brand Roland
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Grand Piano, Stage and Digital Piano
Keys Yes
Number of Keys 88 pcs
Colour Black, White

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Keyboard Instrument



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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the key differences between Roland GP-607 and Roland GP-609 digital pianos?

The Roland GP-607 and Roland GP-609 are both high-quality, stylish digital pianos with advanced features. However, there are several differences between these two models that may impact your decision when choosing between them:
1. Number of Voices: The GP-607 has 348 voices, while the GP-609 has 382 voices. This means that the GP-609 offers more sound options for users to choose from.
2. Speakers: The GP-607 has a stereo amplifier output of 15W + 15W (4 ohms), while the GP-609 has an amplifier output of 18W + 18W (4 ohms). This means that the GP-609 produces slightly louder sound.
3. Size and Weight: The dimensions and weight of these two models are almost identical, with the GP-607 measuring 52" W x 13.7" D x 36.6" H (including music rest) and weighing approximately 89 lbs (44 kg), while the GP-609 measures 52" W x 13.6" D x 36.6" H (including music rest) and weighs approximately 92 lbs (42 kg).
4. Bluetooth Audio Support: The Roland GP-607 does not support Bluetooth audio, while the Roland GP-609 does. This means that you can stream audio wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet to the GP-609.
5. USB Memory Recorder: Both models have a built-in USB memory recorder that allows you to record and play back your performances. However, the GP-609 has an additional feature called "Smart Pianist," which is a free iOS app that helps you control the piano's functions and provides interactive features such as chord detection, song selection, and more.
In summary, the Roland GP-609 offers more sound options, slightly louder speakers, Bluetooth audio support, and the Smart Pianist app. However, both models are high-quality digital pianos that offer a great playing experience for users who prioritize sound quality, touch response, and design.

"What unique features does the Roland GP-609 possess that enhance its capabilities as a stage and digital piano compared to other models in its class?"

The Roland GP-609 stands out among other pianos in its class with several distinct features that elevate its performance on both the stage and as a digital instrument. Firstly, the GP-609 boasts a state-of-the-art keyboard action that offers an unparalleled level of responsiveness and expressivity. This technology, known as PHA (Progressive Hammer Action), reproduces the weight and texture of an acoustic piano's keys, allowing for a highly realistic playing experience. Secondly, the GP-609 features Roland's SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology, which accurately recreates the complex interactions that occur when playing an acoustic grand piano. This results in a rich, vibrant, and dynamic sound that responds to the subtlest nuances of touch and technique. Additionally, the GP-609 has built-in Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to stream audio or use external applications for learning and entertainment purposes. Another key feature of the GP-609 is its flexible amplification system, which includes a powerful 45-watt speaker section designed to deliver clear and detailed sound even in large performance spaces. Furthermore, the GP-609's compact and stylish cabinet design allows for versatile placement options on stage or in smaller settings like home studios and recording environments. Compared to other pianos in its class, the Roland GP-609 offers a unique combination of advanced technology, superior performance, and practical features that make it an exceptional choice for both professional and amateur musicians alike. Whether used as a primary instrument or as part of a larger setup, the GP-609 is sure to impress with its unmatched capabilities and exceptional sound quality.