Roland GP-609


Experience the beauty of a grand piano with the Roland GP-609, featuring beautiful sound, elegant design, and advanced features to enhance your playing experience.

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The Roland GP-609 is a digital piano designed for the discerning pianist seeking the sound and feel of a grand piano in a compact and versatile instrument. The GP-609 is part of Roland’s flagship series of digital pianos, and it incorporates advanced technology to ensure an authentic piano experience.


The GP-609’s design is a blend between a traditional grand piano and a modern digital keyboard. The piano is available in either a polished ebony or white finish, which adds elegance to any home or studio setting. The keyboard has a full range of 88 keys, with a responsive touch that replicates the feel of a grand piano.


The GP-609 produces a rich and detailed sound that is the result of Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology. This technology uses multiple samples to recreate the sound of an acoustic grand piano, from the softest to the most powerful tones. The GP-609 also includes a range of additional instrument sounds, including electric pianos, organs, strings, and more.


The GP-609 has an array of features designed to enhance the playing experience. The piano includes a built-in metronome, a record function, and Bluetooth connectivity. The GP-609 also features a headphone jack, which allows for private practicing, and a line-out jack to connect the piano to external speakers or amplifiers.


The GP-609 includes a range of connectivity options, including Bluetooth and USB. This allows the user to connect their smartphone or tablet to the piano, enabling them to play along with their favorite songs or practice with music apps.


The Roland GP-609 is a high-quality digital piano with features designed to enhance the playing experience. The sound and touch of the GP-609 replicate that of an acoustic grand piano, making it an ideal choice for pianists seeking a digital instrument that replicates the feel of a grand piano. With its advanced technology, elegant design, and range of features, the GP-609 is an excellent choice for pianists looking for a versatile digital piano.

Roland GP-609 properties

Product name GP-609
Brand Roland
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Grand Piano, Stage and Digital Piano
Keys Yes
Number of Keys 88 pcs
Colour Black, White

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Keyboard Instrument



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