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Get ready to explore the classic sounds of the Roland Boutique SH-01A, the iconic synthesizer reborn in a modern and portable format!



Roland Boutique SH-01A Synthesizer: A Classic Analog Sound Reimagined

The Roland Boutique SH-01A Synthesizer is a tiny replica of the iconic Roland SH-101, a classic analog synth from the early 1980s that has been used by countless artists across many genres. The original SH-101 was known for its fat and punchy bass sounds, its simple and intuitive interface, and its rugged and portable design. The SH-01A brings all of these features back to life in a modern and affordable package that is perfect for both beginners and professionals.

At first glance, the SH-01A looks almost identical to the SH-101. It has the same layout of knobs and switches, the same color scheme of gray and orange, and the same overall shape and size. But upon closer inspection, there are a few key differences that make the SH-01A even more versatile and powerful than its predecessor.

For one, the SH-01A is not just a standalone synthesizer; it is also a polyphonic and polyrhythmic sequencer, a MIDI controller, and a sound module that can be used with other synthesizers and DAWs. This means that you can use the SH-01A to create complex compositions and arrangements, layer multiple sounds and effects, and control other instruments and software.

Another major upgrade of the SH-01A is its digital technology. While the SH-101 was an all-analog synth, the SH-01A combines analog and digital components to achieve even more sonic variety and fidelity. The SH-01A uses Roland’s Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology to model the original SH-101 circuitry and add new digital features such as waveforms, LFO shapes, and effects.

The SH-01A also has a built-in arpeggiator and a chord memory function, which allow you to create complex patterns and harmonies with ease. You can choose from four different arpeggio modes (up, down, up/down, and random) and adjust the tempo, gate time, and octave range to fit your needs. The chord memory function lets you store and recall up to four different chords, which can be played with one finger or triggered by a sequencer.

In terms of sound, the SH-01A is as fat and punchy as the SH-101, if not more. It has a rich and warm tone that is perfect for basslines, leads, pads, and effects. The SH-01A has 25 full-size keys with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch, which allow for expressive and dynamic playing. The SH-01A also has a built-in speaker and a headphone output, which make it a great portable synth for jamming and performing on the go.

Overall, the Roland Boutique SH-01A Synthesizer is a fantastic homage to a classic analog synth that has withstood the test of time. The SH-01A combines the best of both worlds: the simplicity and character of the original SH-101, and the versatility and technology of modern digital synths. Whether you are a vintage synth enthusiast or a modern producer looking for a compact and affordable synth, the SH-01A is definitely worth considering.

Roland Boutique SH-01A properties

Product name Boutique SH-01A
Brand Roland
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Synthesizer
Drawbars/Sliders Yes
Rotary Controls Yes
Colour Red

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Rotary Controls




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