Roland JX-08


Experience the classic analog sound of the ‘80s with the Roland JX-08, a vintage synth synthesizer that will bring your music to life.



The Roland JX-08 Synthesizer is a modern-day incarnation of the classic JX-3P synthesizer from the 1980s. Its compact design and sound quality make it a popular choice for musicians and producers alike.

The JX-08 is a 4-voice polyphonic synthesizer that features two digitally controlled oscillators (DCO) per voice, a resonant low-pass filter, and an integrated chorus effect. There are also two envelope generators, one for amplitude and one for filter modulation, and a single LFO for modulation purposes.

One of the standout features of the JX-08 is its ability to create rich, warm pads and strings. The oscillator section includes sawtooth, square, and pulse waveforms, allowing for a wide range of sound possibilities. The chorus effect also contributes to the lush character of these sounds.

In addition to its classic pad and string sounds, the JX-08 can also produce punchy basses and sharp leads. The filter section offers control over resonance and cutoff frequency, allowing for precise sound shaping.

To further expand on the JX-08’s sound capabilities, it also includes a built-in arpeggiator and a sequencer with up to 16 steps. These features make it an excellent choice for electronic music production, especially in genres like synthwave and retrowave.

The JX-08 is also lightweight and compact, making it an ideal choice for musicians who need a portable synthesizer. Its intuitive layout and easy-to-use interface make it a great option for beginners who are just starting with synthesizers.

One minor drawback of the JX-08 is that it does not have a built-in keyboard. Instead, it is meant to be used with an external MIDI controller or sequencer. However, this can also be seen as an advantage for some musicians who prefer to use their own preferred keyboard or controller.

Overall, the Roland JX-08 Synthesizer is a powerful and versatile synthesizer that offers classic analog sounds and modern features. Its compact design and excellent sound quality make it an excellent choice for both home studio and live performances.

Roland JX-08 properties

Product name Roland JX-08
Brand Roland
Type Synthesizers
Keys No
Drawbars/Sliders Yes
Pads No
Rotary Controls Yes
Modulation Wheel No
Pre-Programmed Rythms No
Pre-Programmed Songs No
Pre-Programmed Sounds No
Pre-Programmed Drumset No
Pre-Programmed Effects Yes
Built-In Tuner Yes
Portable Yes
Speakers Yes
Connections 3.5mm (AUX), Headphone, MIDI, MIDI Through USB, USB
Colour Black
Power Supply USB

Additional information


Product type




Rotary Controls

Modulation Wheel

Pre-Programmed Rythms

Pre-Programmed Songs

Pre-Programmed Sounds

Pre-Programmed Drumset

Pre-Programmed Effects

Built-in Tuner




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Power Supply


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the unique MIDI control option available on the Roland JX-08 synthesizer for adjusting filter cutoff frequencies?

The unique MIDI control option available on the Roland JX-08 synthesizer for adjusting filter cutoff frequencies is the "Envelope Follow (EF)" option. A0 Envelope Detail will allow you to adjust the filter cutoff frequency using a keyboard or with a drum pad, while A36 Normal Envelope will allow you to use an electronic percussion instrument such as a TR-808 or TR-909 to adjust the filter cutoff frequency.