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Get ready to experience a blast from the past with the Yamaha Reface DX, the perfect synth for recreating those classic 80s synth sounds!



Yamaha Reface DX Synthesizer Review

The Yamaha Reface DX Synthesizer is a 37-key, portable, and retro-modern synth that offers classic FM synthesis sounds in a compact package. Yamaha has made a name for itself in the world of synthesisers with the DX7 in the 1980s, and the Reface DX is a tribute to that legendary instrument.

Design and Features

The Reface DX is designed for musicians who want a small and portable synthesizer that can be carried around with ease. The instrument is incredibly lightweight, and it can be powered by six AA batteries or an optional AC adapter. The Reface DX has four main sections: Voices, Effects, Arpeggiator, and Controllers. These sections are accessed using the four rows of buttons on the front panel.

The Voices section has eight different FM synth sounds that are reminiscent of the DX7. These sounds are the DX7 E-Piano, DX7 Clav, DX7 Organ, DX7 Pad, DX7 Brass, DX7 Synth Lead, DX7 Strings, and DX7 Bass. Each sound can be tweaked using the four knobs on the front panel, which control various aspects of the sound such as the envelope, modulation, and filter.

The Effects section offers four different effects that can be applied to the sound. These effects are Distortion, Chorus, Phaser, and Delay. The Arpeggiator section allows you to create complex arpeggios with ease. You can choose from one of eight different arpeggio patterns and adjust the speed and octave range.

The Controllers section allows you to adjust different parameters of the sound using the touch-sensitive panel on the front panel. This section includes parameters such as pitch bend, modulation, and aftertouch.


The Reface DX offers a great array of classic FM synth sounds that are easy to tweak and modify. The keyboard is responsive and has a pleasant feel. The built-in speakers provide a decent sound quality, which is surprising given the small size of the instrument. The Reface DX is perfect for playing live gigs or for creating music on-the-go.


The Yamaha Reface DX Synthesizer is an excellent tribute to the legendary DX7. It offers a classic FM synth sound in a compact and portable package. The instrument is incredibly easy to use, and it is perfect for musicians who want a synth that can be carried around with ease. The Reface DX is an excellent value for the price, and it is an excellent choice for musicians of all levels.

Yamaha Reface DX properties

Product name Yamaha Reface DX
Brand Yamaha
Type Synthesizers
Drawbars/Sliders Yes
Rotary Controls Yes
Colour Black

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Rotary Controls



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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Yamaha Reface DX synthesizer differ from its predecessor, the DX7, in terms of sound generation technology?

The Yamaha Reface DX synthesizer has some significant differences in sound generation technology when compared to its predecessor, the iconic DX7. While both instruments use FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesis, the Reface DX employs a modernized version of this technique called "Spectrum Mode. This mode allows for more realistic and natural-sounding tones, as it focuses on reproducing specific harmonics and overtones rather than just the fundamental frequency. Additionally, the Reface DX includes new features like "Super Knob" control, which allows for quick and intuitive parameter adjustments, and a built-in phrase sequencer for added versatility in composing and performing music. Overall, while the Reface DX still retains some of the classic sound qualities of its predecessor, it offers a more advanced and streamlined FM synthesis experience.

How do I properly program and save a custom FM synthesis patch on the Yamaha Reface DX?

First, make sure your Reface DX is turned on and set to FM mode by pressing the "FM" button located in the bottom left corner of the control panel. Next, select the voice you want to edit by using the "Voice Program" buttons (located in the bottom right corner of the control panel) or by using the data entry dial (located on the top right corner of the control panel). Once you have selected the desired voice, press and hold the "Function" button (located directly above the "Data Dial") until the display reads "PROG". Use the "Function" button to select "PATCH", then use the data entry dial to navigate to an empty slot in which you want to save your custom patch. You can do this by scrolling through the available slots using the arrow buttons located below the "Function" button. Once you have selected an empty slot, begin editing the voice parameters by pressing the "Edit" button (located directly below the "Data Dial"). You can adjust various aspects of the voice, such as operator levels, resonance, and feedback, using the buttons located around the control panel. To save your custom patch, press and hold the "Function" button until the display reads "SAVE". Use the data entry dial to select the empty slot you previously selected, then press the "Write" button (located below the "Function" button) to save your changes. Your custom FM synthesis patch is now saved and ready to use! You can access it by selecting the appropriate voice using the "Voice Program" buttons or by loading a preset set that includes your custom patch.