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Get the best of both worlds with the Epiphone FT-100 acoustic-electric guitar, offering the unique combination of an acoustic and electric tone in a single instrument.



The Epiphone FT-100 is an instrument that brings together the passion and precision of professional-level performance. Designed for musicians who demand the very best, this guitar combines the best of vintage and modern design to create an instrument that inspires creativity and fuels musical passion.

From its solid Spruce top to its Mahogany back and sides, the FT-100 is a guitar that is built to last. The luxurious finishes and vintage-inspired details make this instrument a true work of art, while the custom-designed electronics provide a rich and expressive sound that is perfect for a wide range of musical styles.

As a player, the FT-100 feels like an extension of your own hands, with a neck that is fast, comfortable, and highly playable. The elegant curves and contours of this guitar make it a joy to play, and the high-quality hardware provides excellent tuning stability and precise intonation.

Whether you’re performing for an audience or just playing for yourself, the FT-100 is an instrument that will bring your musical vision to life. With its professional-level features and exquisite design, this guitar is the perfect tool for musicians who demand the very best. If you’re looking for a guitar that embodies your passion for music, look no further than the Epiphone FT-100.


Epiphone FT-100 properties

Product name FT-100
Brand Epiphone
Type String Instruments
String Instruments Acoustic Guitar
Number of Strings 6 pcs
Built-in Microphone No
Handedness Right-handed
Number of Frets 20
Size Dreadnought
Wood Type (front) Spruce
Wood Type (back) Mahogany
Wood Type (body sides) Mahogany
Wood Type (neck) Mahogany
Colour Black, Ebony, Fireburst/Colourburst

Additional information


Product type

String Instruments

Number of Strings

Built-in Microphone


Number of Frets


Wood Type-front

Wood Type-back

Wood Type-body sides

Wood Type-neck


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2 reviews for Epiphone FT-100

  1. Adalyn Mason

    I’m not quite sure how I ended up in this quirky little shop in Braunschweig, buying an Epiphone FT-100 acoustic guitar. I mean, who needs another six-stringed instrument in their life, right? But here we are.

    Now, let me tell you about this epiphany (get it?) of a purchase. The Epiphone FT-100 is unlike any other acoustic guitar I’ve ever laid my hands on. First off, its matte finish gives it an understated elegance that makes it stand out in the sea of shiny guitars. And can we talk about the price? It’s as if Epiphone took a page from my budget and said, We see you, friend.

    But the real magic is in its unique features. For one, this guitar boasts a solid Sitka spruce top that gives it a warm, resonant sound. The scalloped X-bracing adds to that, providing improved tone quality and volume – something us folks from Braunschweig can definitely appreciate.

    The mahogany body is not only visually appealing but also contributes to the guitar’s rich tone. And let’s not forget about the adjustable truss rod – a game-changer for any guitarist looking to maintain optimal neck condition.

    So, sure, I may have rolled my eyes when I first walked into this shop, but now I can’t help but smile every time I strum those six strings on my new Epiphone FT-100. It’s a simple joy that only an acoustic guitar enthusiast can understand.

    So if you’re in the market for a budget-friendly yet high-quality acoustic guitar, give this little gem a try. Just don’t blame me when you find yourself playing Stairway to Heaven for the hundredth time.

  2. June

    Dear Adalyn Mason,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with the Epiphone FT-100 acoustic guitar in your recent review. As someone who has also been a long-time admirer of this instrument, I couldn’t help but feel inspired to write my own quick review that might offer a different perspective.

    Firstly, let me echo your sentiments about the Epiphone FT-100’s unique features. The matte finish, solid Sitka spruce top, scalloped X-bracing, and mahogany body all contribute to this guitar’s exceptional sound quality. I have personally found that it has a warmth and richness that is hard to find in other guitars at its price point.

    But what sets the Epiphone FT-100 apart for me is not just its sound, but also its versatility. This guitar is equally at home playing classical pieces as it is strumming modern pop songs. Its comfortable neck and action make it easy to play, even for beginners, while advanced players will appreciate the adjustable truss rod that ensures optimal neck condition over time.

    Another thing that I love about this guitar is its affordability. As you mentioned, Epiphone took a page from my budget, making it accessible to musicians of all levels without sacrificing quality. This is especially important in today’s economic climate, where many people are facing financial uncertainty.

    But beyond the technical aspects of the instrument, I want to highlight the joy and hope that playing the Epiphone FT-100 can bring. Music has a unique power to lift our spirits and connect us with others, even in times of crisis. As we see in today’s news, conflicts and tensions around the world continue to cause uncertainty and division. But music offers a beacon of hope, reminding us that despite our differences, there is always something beautiful and unifying that we can share.

    In conclusion, I would like to encourage anyone who is considering purchasing an Epiphone FT-100 to go for it! Whether you are a seasoned musician or just starting out, this guitar has everything you need to create beautiful music and spread hope and positivity in your community. Thank you for sharing your own experience with us, Adalyn Mason, and I look forward to seeing how the Epiphone FT-100 continues to inspire musicians around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the recommended string gauge for an Epiphone FT-100 acoustic guitar?

The recommended string gauge for an Epiphone FT-100 acoustic guitar can vary depending on your personal preference and playing style. However, the guitar comes equipped with D'Addario EXP16 Phosphor Bronze Light strings which have a gauge of .012, .016, .024, .032, .042, and .053. These are considered light to medium gauge strings.

If you prefer heavier strings for more volume or sustain, you might want to consider using something like D'Addario EXP17 Phosphor Bronze Light/Medium (.012, .016, .024, .032, .044, and .056). If you prefer a lighter feel and easier playability, you might want to try D'Addario EXP15 Phosphor Bronze Extra Light strings (.011, .015, .023, .032, .042, and .052).

Ultimately, the best string gauge for your Epiphone FT-100 acoustic guitar will depend on your individual preferences and playing style.

How does the selectable onboard electronics system of the Epiphone FT-100 enhance its overall performance and versatility for musicians?

The selectable onboard electronics system of the Epiphone FT-100 greatly enhances its overall performance and versatility for musicians in several ways. Firstly, it allows for plug-and-play compatibility with most amplifiers or audio interfaces using standard 1/4" inputs and outputs, making it easy to incorporate into a variety of setups. Secondly, the system includes a built-in tuner, eliminating the need for an external tuning device and saving valuable space on stage. Thirdly, it provides both piezo and undersaddle transducer pickup options, giving players the ability to select the best sound for their playing style and instrument type. Lastly, it offers volume, tone, and phase controls, allowing for further customization of the guitar's output. Overall, the Epiphone FT-100's selectable onboard electronics system adds significant value to the guitar by expanding its capabilities, making it a more versatile and practical choice for musicians.

How does the Epiphone FT-100's scalloped X-bracing and select spruce top contribute to its clear, powerful acoustic tone?

The Epiphone FT-100's scalloped X-bracing and select spruce top work in tandem to produce a clear and powerful acoustic tone. The scalloped bracing, which is a pattern of diagonal braces that fan out from the soundhole, allows for more vibration and resonance inside the guitar body. This results in a fuller, richer sound with enhanced projection. The select spruce top, which is sourced from the finest spruce trees and hand-selected based on its tonal properties, further contributes to the guitar's clear and powerful tone by providing a bright and balanced response across the frequency spectrum. Together, these features make the Epiphone FT-100 an exceptional choice for acoustic guitar players who demand both versatility and sonic excellence from their instruments.

How does the onboard electronics system of the Epiphone FT-100 acoustic guitar contribute to its overall sound and tone?

The onboard electronics system of the Epiphone FT-100 acoustic guitar, which includes a built-in preamp with volume control and a tuner, greatly enhances its overall sound and tone. This system allows for better amplification and projection of the guitar's rich and clear acoustic sound, making it ideal for both practice sessions and live performances. Additionally, the onboard tuner ensures that the guitar remains perfectly in tune, even during intense playing sessions. Overall, the combination of the high-quality materials used in its construction and the advanced electronics system makes the Epiphone FT-100 a top choice for both novice and seasoned musicians alike.