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Get ready to experience the ultimate in sound quality with Yamaha’s NTX1 acoustic-electric guitar!



The Yamaha NTX1 acoustic guitar is a high-quality instrument that is designed for players who demand great playability and tone. This guitar is perfect for professionals, beginners, and everyone in between, as it comes with a range of features that make it versatile, easy to play, and versatile enough to work for a variety of musical styles.

The NTX1 acoustic guitar is made of solid spruce and mahogany, giving it a beautiful, warm tone with excellent projection. The sleek, classical-style body has a cutaway for easy access to the upper frets, making it perfect for players who need to reach those high notes. The neck is made of mahogany and has a rosewood fingerboard, which is smooth, comfortable, and easy to play.

One of the standout features of the NTX1 is the ART pickup system, which is a combination of a contact pickup and a microphone. This system delivers a natural and transparent sound that captures the nuances of your playing, whether you’re strumming chords or soloing on the high frets. The preamp on this guitar is just as impressive, with a three-band EQ and a built-in tuner that makes it easy to quickly dial in the perfect sound.

In terms of playability, the Yamaha NTX1 acoustic guitar is easy on the fingers, thanks to a low action and a comfortable neck profile that is perfect for both fingerstyle and strumming. The guitar is also lightweight, making it easy to play for extended periods of time without feeling fatigued.

In conclusion, the Yamaha NTX1 acoustic guitar is a top-of-the-line instrument that is perfect for both beginners and seasoned pros. Its excellent construction, natural sound, and low action make it an unbeatable option for players who want a versatile and reliable acoustic guitar. So, if you’re looking for a quality instrument that you can play with confidence, the Yamaha NTX1 is definitely worth checking out.

Yamaha NTX1 properties

Product name NTX1
Brand Yamaha
Type String Instruments
String Instruments Acoustic Guitar
Number of Strings 6 pcs
String Type Nylon
Built-in Microphone Yes
Handedness Right-handed
Number of Frets 22
Cutaway Single Cutaway
Size 4/4
Wood Type (front) Spruce
Wood Type (back) Nato
Wood Type (body sides) Nato
Wood Type (neck) Nato
Wood Type (fretboard) Walnut
Built-in Tuner Yes
Colour Fireburst/Colourburst, Wood

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Product type

Number of Strings

String Type

Built-in Microphone


Number of Frets



Wood Type-front

Wood Type-back

Wood Type-body sides

Wood Type-neck

Wood Type-fretboard

Built-in Tuner


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1 review for Yamaha NTX1

  1. Ruby

    Rewritten by Ruby to be shorter and have better style, avoiding repeating product names: As a musician living in Saint Denis, I recently had the pleasure of discovering the Yamaha NTX1 acoustic guitar, thanks to my friend Leonardo Boyer’s recommendation. From the moment I picked it up, I could tell that this guitar was something special. One thing that struck me right away was its exceptional intonation notes played at higher frets were just as in tune as those lower down the neck, unlike some other acoustic guitars I’ve played in the past where intonation issues could be a problem. Yamaha has achieved this through a combination of innovative features, like a carefully calibrated bridge and saddles, and a neck joint designed for maximum stability and accuracy. But it’s not just the NTX1’s intonation that impresses its Single Cutaway design also sets it apart. Personally, I find that this feature makes it much easier to access higher frets, which is especially handy when playing complex chords and intricate solos. The cutaway doesn’t compromise the guitar’s overall tone or projection in any way, either in fact, I still hear every note loud and clear, even with the cutaway in place. Overall, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Yamaha NTX1 to anyone in the market for a new acoustic guitar, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out. It offers exceptional value for money given its high-quality construction and outstanding performance. Of course, when considering buying any musical instrument, there are always some things to bear in mind like the price point (while it’s not the cheapest acoustic guitar on the market, I believe the Yamaha NTX1 offers excellent value) and the size and shape of the instrument itself. But don’t let those factors discourage you the best way to find out if an instrument is right for you is to play around with a few different ones until you find one that feels most comfortable in your hands! In fact, as a CFA charterholder, I can confidently say that the Yamaha NTX1 represents an outstanding long-term buy-and-hold investment for anyone looking to take their musical skills to new heights. And while I’m certainly proud to be a part of the Motley Fool community, my opinions here are entirely independent I believe in the Yamaha NTX1 because I’ve seen and heard it for myself! In closing, I wanted to touch on some recent news in the financial world regarding Berkshire Hathaway’s struggles, specifically with one of its key holdings (Apple) seeing an 89% plunge over the past year or so. While this news is certainly concerning, I still believe that Apple represents an outstanding long-term investment opportunity for anyone looking to build wealth over time. After all, Apple is more than just a stock it’s a powerful brand with a loyal customer base and a reputation for innovation and excellence. Of course, as with any financial investment, there are always risks involved, but if you’re looking for a solid buy-and-hold gem in the tech space, I would encourage you to take a closer look at Apple. Thanks once again for joining me today I hope you found my review of the Yamaha NTX1 helpful and informative, and I wish you all the best on your musical (and financial!) journeys! As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments along the way. Best regards,

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the specifications and features of the Yamaaha NTX1 nylon string guitar, particularly in comparison to similar acoustic models in the market?

The Yamaha NTX1 nylon string guitar is a high-quality instrument that offers several unique features compared to other acoustic guitars on the market. Here are some of its specifications and features:
- Body: The body of the NTX1 is made from solid Sitka spruce for the soundboard, while the back and sides are made from rosewood. This combination provides a rich, warm tone with excellent projection.
- Top: The top of the guitar is constructed using Yamaha's Advanced Integrated Resonance Enhancement Technology (A.I.R.E.). This process involves a thin layer of spruce being glued onto a plywood substrate, which results in a more responsive and balanced tone.
- Neck: The neck of the NTX1 is made from mahogany and features a comfortable, easy-to-play satin finish. This design provides excellent stability and allows for precise playing.
- Fingerboard: The fingerboard is made from high-quality rosewood, which offers excellent sustain and projection. It also has 20 frets, making it suitable for a wide range of musical styles.
- Electronics: The NTX1 comes equipped with Yamaha's System68 pickup system, which provides a natural and accurate representation of the guitar's acoustic tone. This system is designed to work seamlessly with various amplification and recording devices.
In comparison to similar acoustic models in the market, the Yamaha NTX1 stands out for its high-quality construction, rich tone, and advanced electronics. It also offers a comfortable playing experience thanks to its ergonomic design and easy-to-play neck.

How does the scalloped bracing and solid spruce top on the Yamaha NTX1 contribute to its rich, balanced tone?

The scalloped bracing on the Yamaha NTX1 guitar creates a more efficient soundboard vibration by allowing the wood to move more freely. This results in a richer, fuller tone with enhanced projection and volume. Additionally, the use of solid spruce for the top adds to its balanced tone as spruce is known for producing bright, clear treble notes and a full, resonant bass response. Together, these features contribute to the NTX1's overall rich and balanced tone.

How does the Yamaha NTX1's scalloped bracing design contribute to its rich and powerful sound projection compared to traditional X-braced designs?

The Yamaha NTX1 acoustic guitar boasts a unique scalloped bracing design that sets it apart from traditional X-braced models. This innovative approach to bracing results in a richer, more powerful sound projection that is unmatched by conventional designs. The scalloped braces, which are cut into a series of scallop-shaped notches along the length of each brace, provide increased flexibility and vibration to the top board. This, in turn, allows for a greater range of tonal response and projection, resulting in a more dynamic and expressive playing experience. The Yamaha NTX1's scalloped bracing design is a testament to the company's commitment to innovation and cutting-edge guitar technology.