Yamaha Revstar RS502T

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Get ready to rock with the Yamaha Revstar RS502T – a stunning electric guitar with a unique vintage look and classic tone.



Yamaha is a brand that needs no introduction for music enthusiasts, as it has been in the business for over a century. It has always been synonymous with quality and performance, and the Yamaha Revstar RS502T electric guitar is no different.

The Revstar series represents Yamaha’s vision to create a guitar that would cater to the needs of modern-day guitarists. The RS502T is a prime example of that philosophy, as it blends vintage-style elements with contemporary materials and technologies.

Built to Last

The Yamaha Revstar RS502T features a solid mahogany body that is designed to deliver a warm, rich tone with excellent sustain. The top of the body is adorned with a maple veneer, which gives it a stunning visual appeal that’ll catch anyone’s attention.

The guitar also has a set-in mahogany neck that is finished off with a rosewood fingerboard. The neck shape is comfortable and easy to play, allowing for effortless transitions between chords and solos. The RS502T has a 24.75-inch scale length and 22 frets that are carefully crafted to make sure your notes ring out crystal clear.

Electronics and Hardware

One of the standout features of the Yamaha Revstar RS502T is its pickups. It has a pair of YGD V5 Alnico V humbuckers that produce a warm yet articulate tone. The pickups have a coil-tap switch, which lets you split the coils for single-coil sounds. This feature opens up a range of tonal possibilities, making the guitar extremely versatile.

The Yamaha Revstar RS502T also boasts high-quality hardware, including a Tune-o-matic bridge and a stop tailpiece that keep your strings secure and ensure excellent tuning stability. The guitar comes equipped with vintage-style tuners that are durable and precise, making it easy to fine-tune your guitar on the fly.


Overall, the Yamaha Revstar RS502T is a well-designed and well-built guitar that delivers exceptional tone and playability. It’s got a classic look with a modern twist, making it appeal to a wide range of players. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the RS502T is a great guitar that you won’t regret owning.

Yamaha Revstar RS502T properties

Product name Revstar RS502T
Brand Yamaha
Type String Instruments
String Instruments Electric Guitar
Built-in Microphone Yes
Size 4/4

Additional information


Product type

String Instruments

Built-in Microphone


2 reviews for Yamaha Revstar RS502T

  1. Creator

    A very comfortable guitar for amateur guitarists. I personally had one and had nothing to complain about. I had no problems with tuning. Nor did I notice her wince. I recommend it to anyone who starts playing. Sounds great. The solos on it can be magical.
    My first guitar, I haven’t had any problems with it for over a year, the outfit is even good, and there was no problem with putting it back together when I watched it from the inside. Only occasionally it breaks, because the jack cable input is very loose in itself, but it is enough to screw it tight and hold it calmly. I recommend.

  2. Alina Avery

    As a customer advisor living in Phoenix, I was excited to purchase the Yamaha Revstar RS502T electric guitar in December. However, my experience with it so far has been disappointing, and I would rate it a 2 out of 5 possible.

    The first issue I had with the guitar was the size. It’s a 4/4 size guitar, which I found to be a bit smaller than what I was used to playing. This made it uncomfortable for me to play for extended periods of time.

    Additionally, I expected better quality from the Yamaha brand. Compared to other electric guitars I own or have played, the sound quality of the Revstar RS502T is subpar. The tone was not as rich or full as I was hoping for.

    In terms of delivery, the guitar arrived in a timely manner and was well-packaged. However, this did not make up for the disappointment I felt about the guitar itself.

    Overall, I would not recommend the Yamaha Revstar RS502T electric guitar. If you’re in the market for an electric guitar, I would suggest considering other options from more reputable brands.

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