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Introducing the Epiphone Casino Coupe; the electric guitar with classic design and modern features, perfect for any style of playing.



The Epiphone Casino Coupe is a slimmed-down version of the iconic hollow-body electric guitar that first came out in the 1960s. This guitar has a truly unique sound and design that has been favored by guitarists across genres for decades. It is the perfect electric for anyone who is looking for a new sound that is both classic and modern at the same time.

The Epiphone Casino Coupe is a smaller version of the Casino model, however, it still has that classic and unmistakable sound. The tone of this guitar is incredibly unique due to its fully-hollow body design. This means that the sound that comes out of the guitar is un-amplified and therefore very natural. The guitar is equipped with a set of P90 pickups, which are famous for producing that warm and rich tone that characterizes the sound of blues and rock and roll.

The guitar is also incredibly good-looking. The Coupe is available in a range of colors, including Natural, Cherry, and Vintage Sunburst. Each of these colors highlights the stylish design of the guitar which draws inspiration from the classic ‘60s shaping of the original Casino model. The light-weight design of the guitar also makes it a joy to play, maximising the mobility of the guitarist.

The Epiphone Casino Coupe is an incredibly versatile guitar. It works brilliantly for a wide range of music genres including blues, rock, jazz, and everything in between. The guitar has a very fast-playing neck that feels extremely comfortable in your hands. The body is also well-balanced so the weight of the guitar is evenly distributed, which makes it a lot more ergonomic.

Another great feature of the Epiphone Casino Coupe is that it comes at a considerably lower price point than other guitars with similar features and specifications. This makes it ideal for beginners who are looking for an affordable but high-quality instrument, as well as professionals who want a guitar that will give them plenty of bang for their buck.

In conclusion, the Epiphone Casino Coupe is an impressive guitar that stands out for its great design, versatility and signature sound. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, this hollow-body guitar won’t disappoint you. You’ll love playing it and you’ll be proud to show it off to your friends and fellow guitar enthusiasts. Its unique design and high-quality build make this guitar one of Epiphone’s most outstanding products, ideal for musicians who are passionate about creating truly unique music. With the Epiphone Casino Coupe in your hands, you’ll be able to create the sounds that you’ve been searching for.

Epiphone Casino Coupe properties

Product name Casino Coupe
Brand Epiphone
Type String Instruments
String Instruments Electric Guitar
Built-in Microphone Yes
Size 4/4

Additional information


Product type

Number of Strings


Number of Frets


Wood Type-front

Wood Type-back

Wood Type-body sides

Wood Type-neck

Wood Type-fretboard

Built-in Tuner


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  1. WQoh

    Epiphone – the guitar I played for about 30 minutes. I didn’t notice much of a difference between this guitar and the guitar that I bought for half the price. I do not recommend to professionals, but for beginners and those who have such an amount. I had the opportunity to spend some time with this guitar, and the impressions are absolutely positive. The guitar is comfortable, the sound is perfect for its price, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start their adventure with the guitar. I really like playing the guitar. Until then, I only played the classical guitar. I haven’t had the chance to play the electric guitar yet. I think the game is even better. I highly recommend it to all guitarists.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between the pickups and electronics of the Epiphone Casino Coupe and the regular Epiphone Casino?

The main difference between the pickups and electronics of the Epiphone Casino Coupe and the regular Epiphone Casino is that the Casino Coupe features a humbucker pickup in the bridge position, while the regular Casino has two P-90 single coil pickups. Additionally, the Casino Coupe has a simplified control layout with just two volume controls and one tone control, compared to the regular Casino's three-way toggle switch and individual volume and tone controls for each pickup.

What unique features set the Epiphone Casino Coupe apart from other electric guitars in terms of sound and playability?

The Epiphone Casino Coupe stands out from other electric guitars in terms of both its sound and playability due to several unique features. Here are some key differences:

1. Semi-hollow body construction: The Casino Coupe's semi-hollow body design gives it a rich, resonant tone that is both warm and bright. This makes it well-suited for a variety of music genres, from jazz to blues to rock. Alnico Classic humbucker pickups: These pickups provide a clear, balanced sound with plenty of midrange and bass response. They are also less prone to feedback than some other types of pickups, making them ideal for high-volume playing situations. Mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard: The neck on the Casino Coupe is made from mahogany, which is known for its balanced tone and easy playability. The rosewood fingerboard adds to the guitar's warmth and sustain. Grover Rotomatic tuners: These high-quality tuners help ensure that your Casino Coupe stays in tune even during intense playing sessions. They are also very smooth and easy to use, which is especially important for players who rely on precise intonation. Customized Epiphone hardshell case: This high-quality case provides excellent protection for your guitar while you're transporting it from place to place. It also includes all the necessary accessories, such as a strap and picks. Overall, these features combine to make the Epiphone Casino Coupe a unique and versatile instrument that is both fun to play and pleasing to listen to. Its sound and playability are sure to impress both seasoned musicians and casual guitar enthusiasts alike.

What are the unique features of the Epiphone Casino Coupe electric guitar model, and how does it differ from other Casino variants?

The Epiphone Casino Coupe electric guitar is a modern take on the classic 1960s design of the original Casino. Some of its unique features include a slimmed-down body shape that is more comfortable to play for extended periods, as well as updated electronics and hardware. Compared to other Casino variants, the Coupe stands out for its contoured body, which provides a sleek and stylish appearance, as well as its versatile Alnico Classic Pro humbucker pickups, which offer both warmth and clarity in tone. Overall, the Epiphone Casino Coupe strikes a perfect balance between vintage heritage and modern playability, making it an excellent choice for players who want the best of both worlds.