Floyd Rose FR Rail Tail Tremolo Narrow Chrome


Get ready to rock out with the Floyd Rose FR Rail Tail Tremolo Narrow Chrome: the perfect bridge for a guitar that’s built to last!

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If you’re looking for an electric guitar tremolo system that can give you the stability, precision, and expression you require, then the Floyd Rose FR Rail Tail Tremolo Narrow Chrome electric guitar is the perfect option for you. This tremolo system is designed to provide you with unrivaled vibrato performance, and at the same time, keep your guitar in tune through the most intense playing sessions.

The Floyd Rose FR Rail Tail Tremolo is a highly popular tremolo system that has been used by numerous guitar players since its release. The rail tail design is an innovative twist on the classic Fulcrum tremolo bridge design. It features a narrow chrome design that delivers a sleek and modern appearance; the narrow design also adds a lot of sustain to your guitar.

One of the standout features of the Floyd Rose FR Rail Tail Tremolo is its ability to eliminate any unwanted noise or feedback. With its machined steel parts and durable aluminum construction, you can expect noise-free performance and sustain that lasts for ages.

The Rail Tail Tremolo features a locking system designed to keep the guitar strings locked in place at the bridge. This feature allows for stable tuning even when playing intense fast shredding or using bend-after-bend expressiveness. Knotting or slipping of strings is history with this tremolo system.

This electric guitar comes with an adjustable locking nut that makes it easy for you to replace or change your strings, ensuring you get optimum sound performance.

The Floyd Rose FR Rail Tail Tremolo Narrow Chrome electric guitar comes loaded with the Floyd Rose locking system. With its unique design, you can be certain that your guitar will stay in tune even after aggressive and extreme use. The rail tail tremolo system allows for stable tuning, ensuring that all the notes played are in harmony with each other.

In conclusion, the Floyd Rose FR Rail Tail Tremolo Narrow Chrome electric guitar is a guitar with a unique edge that provides exceptional performance, delivering stunning sound quality, and durability. This electric guitar is a must-have for serious guitarists looking for top-quality gear to get their musical journey going. Get your hands on this guitar and experience the power and versatility that comes with using world-class guitar technology.

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Product name Floyd Rose FR Rail Tail Tremolo Narrow Chrome
Brand Floyd Rose
Type Electric Guitar

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the proper setup process for installing the Floyd Rose FR Rail Tail Tremoolo Narrow Chrome on my electric guitar?

To install the Floyd Rose FR Rail Tail Tremolo Narrow Chrome, follow these steps:

1. Gather your tools and materials: You'll need a screwdriver, a hex wrench (Allen key), a soldering iron or heat shrink tubing, a small file or sandpaper, and a guitar with the necessary hardware.

2. Disassemble the Floyd Rose bridge: Remove all screws and springs from the bridge and set them aside in organized piles. Carefully unscrew the locking nuts that hold the saddles in place. Gently lift the saddles out of the bridge, making sure not to damage any parts.

3. Prepare the guitar: Make sure your guitar is clean and free of dust or debris. Remove any strings if they are still on the instrument.

4. Install the FR Rail Tail: Line up the FR Rail Tail with the holes in the body of your guitar where the original tailpiece was located. If necessary, use a drill to enlarge the holes slightly to accommodate the larger screws provided with the FR Rail Tail. Once the placement is correct, secure it using the supplied screws and locking nuts.

5. Install the saddles: Take each saddle and slide it onto the intonated bridge pins until it seats properly. Press down firmly on each saddle as you install them to ensure a good fit. Once all saddles are installed, secure them in place with their respective locking nuts and tighten them firmly using an Allen key or hex wrench.

6. Reassemble the tremolo system: Insert the springs into their respective slots on either side of the bridge. Make sure they are oriented correctly so that they will not interfere with the arm when it is raised or lowered. Place the arm back onto the bridge and secure it by tightening the screw at the base of the arm using an Allen key or hex wrench.

7. String your guitar: Thread each string through the tuning pegs, over the nut, and under the saddles before attaching them to the tailpiece. Tune your guitar to standard pitch (EADGBe) and check for proper intonation by playing each note along the length of the fretboard.

8. Set up your intonation: Adjust the intonation on each string by turning the screws located behind each saddle. This will ensure that every note plays in tune at all points on the fretboard.

9. Test your tremolo system: Gently lift and lower the arm to make sure it functions smoothly without binding or sticking. If you notice any issues, double-check your installation process and make adjustments as necessary.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Floyd Rose FR Rail Tail Tremolo Narrow Chrome on your electric guitar. Enjoy playing with your new hardware upgrade!