Gretsch G5420T

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The Gretsch G5420T is a classic electric guitar with retro styling, modern playability, and an unmistakable sound that will make you stand out from the crowd.



The Gretsch G5420T is a highly regarded guitar model that stands out for its unique design and versatile sound. The instrument has been praised by guitarists for its ability to deliver rich and warm tones, making it a popular choice for rock, blues, jazz, and other genres.

One of the standout features of the Gretsch G5420T is its hollow body design, which is made from laminated maple and features a sound chamber that enhances the guitar’s acoustic resonance. This helps to create a full and rich sound that shines whether playing clean or overdriven tones.

The guitar also features a pair of high-quality humbucking pickups, which provide excellent clarity and sustain. The pickups can be controlled with a three-way toggle switch, allowing you to choose between the neck and bridge pickups or both at once. Another unique feature of the Gretsch G5420T is the Bigsby vibrato tailpiece, which allows for subtle pitch bending and vibrato effects.

The guitar’s design is also worth noting, with its classic jet style and vintage-style headstock. The G5420T is available in a range of finishes, including orange, black, and red, each with a striking binding that adds to the guitar’s visual appeal.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Gretsch G5420T is an excellent guitar for those looking to explore new sounds and styles. Its unique design and versatile sound make it a standout choice that’s sure to turn heads both on and off stage.

Gretsch G5420T properties

Product name G5420T
Brand Gretsch
Type String Instruments
Type of DrumsĀ in Drum Kit Snare Drum
String Instruments Electric Guitar
Built-in Microphone Yes
Size 4/4

Additional information


Product type

Type of DrumsĀ in Drum Kit

String Instruments

Built-in Microphone


2 reviews for Gretsch G5420T

  1. Robert

    I recently purchased the Gretsch G5420T electric guitar and have been playing with it for a few months now. As a stock clerk in Baltimore, I have always been interested in string instruments and have played guitars in the past but nothing like the Gretsch G5420T.

    One of the features that grabbed my attention was the yes built-in microphone on the guitar. It has really added to my sound, allowing me to amplify my playing when necessary. The clarity of the sound is fantastic, making it easy to distinguish each string and note while playing. I am quite happy with this feature and would recommend it to anyone looking for a guitar with an excellent microphone.

    The guitar’s body and build quality are outstanding, giving a great feel and comfortable play style. The finish on the guitar is very attractive with the sunburst color shading giving it a classic look. The Gretsch G5420T has a good weight to it and a balance that makes it easy to hold for an extended period of time. This guitar is also durable, and I have not experienced any issues with the string tension, neck or fretboard so far.

    In comparison to other electric guitars, the Gretsch G5420T holds its own. It delivers a different sound than many of the standard electric guitars and has a unique tone. When playing it, I feel like a rockstar, and the sound can’t be beaten by other guitar models. I would recommend this guitar for any musician looking for a different sound and feel.

    The delivery to Baltimore was relatively quick, and I received the guitar earlier than expected. It was well packaged, and everything arrived in perfect condition. I ordered it in March, so I have had a few months to put this guitar to the test, and it has passed with flying colors.

    Overall, I rate the Gretsch G5420T electric guitar four out of five stars, it is an excellent guitar that delivers on its promises. With its superior quality, unique sound, and great feel, I highly recommend it to any musician who wants to stand out from the crowd.

  2. Taylor Frost

    I can’t help but question Robert’s review of the Gretsch G5420T electric guitar. It seems too glowing and lacking in criticism for a truly honest appraisal.

    Firstly, the claim that the built-in microphone adds to one’s sound is highly subjective. Some may find it useful, while others may prefer a traditional microphone setup. Furthermore, the assertion that the guitar has a fantastic clarity of sound is again debatable and depends on personal taste and playing style.

    The description of the guitar’s body and build quality being outstanding seems too idealistic. While many players appreciate a well-made instrument, there are always going to be those who prefer a different feel or weight distribution. The sunburst color shading mentioned might attract some but could turn others off.

    Comparing the Gretsch G5420T to other electric guitars and claiming it has a unique sound is also open for debate. Many guitarists find their signature sounds through experimentation and individual preference, making such an assertion questionable.

    The delivery experience described by Robert seems perfect, but not everyone’s experiences are that smooth. It’s essential to acknowledge potential issues with shipping or packaging, as they can significantly impact the overall experience for some customers.

    Finally, Robert’s rating of four out of five stars raises further questions. While he praises the guitar for its superior quality and unique sound, he also mentions it lacks in certain areas. However, a rating of only four out of five seems overly generous when there are apparent shortcomings mentioned throughout the review.

    In conclusion, while Robert’s opinion on the Gretsch G5420T may be valid for some guitarists, it lacks a critical analysis and fails to consider alternative viewpoints. The review needs more depth and nuance to provide a comprehensive understanding of this electric guitar’s strengths and weaknesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Electromatic G5420T by Gretsch differ from traditional hollow body guitars in terms of sound and construction?

The Electromatic G5420T by Gretsch differs from traditional hollow body guitars in several ways both in terms of sound and construction. While hollow body guitars are known for their warm, resonant tone due to the open chambers that allow the strings to vibrate freely, the Electromatic G5420T features a semi-hollow body design with a solid center block that helps to reduce feedback and sustain loss at higher volumes. This makes it an ideal choice for players who want the classic Gretsch sound but also need a guitar that can handle loud gigs or recording sessions. Another key difference is the use of laminated maple in the construction of the Electromatic G5420T, which provides greater stability and durability than the traditional hollow body construction methods that often utilize thin, fragile plywood backs and sides. This also helps to reduce feedback and sustain loss, making it an excellent choice for players who prefer a more modern sound or require a guitar that can hold up well on the road. In terms of sound, the Electromatic G5420T features a pair of Gretsch's Black Top Filter'Tron humbuckers, which are designed to deliver rich, harmonically-rich tones with plenty of clarity and articulation. The filter'tron design also helps to reduce feedback and unwanted noise, making it an excellent choice for players who want a versatile guitar that can handle a wide range of styles from blues and jazz to rock and pop. Overall, the Electromatic G5420T by Gretsch offers a unique balance between traditional hollow body sound and modern construction techniques, making it an ideal choice for players who demand both classic tone and contemporary performance features.

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