Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head


Experience unparalleled sound and power with the Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head guitar amp head – the perfect addition to your music setup.



Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head is a professional grade guitar amplifier head for guitarists seeking exceptional tonal qualities and unparalleled versatility. The Recto-Verb 25 Head boasts of an all-tube design and a compact, lightweight construction that combines to produce high-quality sounds.

This Mesa Boogie amplifier head is specifically engineered to offer a wide range of tones that can be customized to suit the individual preferences of a guitarist. It is equipped with two channels that can be switched using a footswitch, each with its own independent EQ controls.

The Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head’s first channel, the Clean channel, delivers crisp, clean tones with the warmth and clarity of a vintage amplifier. Its second channel, the Gain channel, exhibits modern rock and metal tones that can be further tweaked using the onboard contour control.

The contour control works as a mid-range boost, altering the gain voicing of the amp’s tube preamp section to produce an edgier and more aggressive sound. Additionally, the Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head comes equipped with a Reverb control to add depth and dimension to your tone.

The Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head also features Mesa Boogie’s patented Multi-Watt Power Amp technology, allowing the user to switch the output wattage from 25 Watts to 10 Watts or even 2 Watts. This feature ensures that guitarists can achieve their desired tone at any playing volume.

In addition, the Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head also features Mesa’s onboard “CabClone” speaker simulation. This means that the amp head can be used without a speaker cabinet for recording or headphone practice, as the CabClone replicates the sound of a speaker cabinet.

Made in the USA, this amp head is built to last with high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. It is also user-friendly and easy to operate, making it an excellent choice for both professional and aspiring guitarists.

In summary, the Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head delivers professional-grade sounds in a smaller, more portable package. This versatile amp head is a great choice for any musician serious about achieving top-quality tone, whether it’s for live performances or studio recordings. If you’re looking for a high-quality, all-tube amplifier head that offers exceptional tonal flexibility, the Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head is definitely worth checking out.

Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head properties

Product name Recto-Verb 25 Head
Brand Mesa Boogie
Type Guitar Amplifier Heads
Sound Effects Presence, Reverb
Sound Setting Bass, Equalizer, Gain/Drive, Master-volume, Middle, Treble
Features Tuner for Instrument
Connection Inputs Foot Switch Tele/TRS 6.3mm/1/4″, Tele/TRS 6.3mm/1/4″
Foot Switch Inputs 1
Connection Outputs Speaker Connections Tele/TRS 6.3mm/1/4″, Tele/TRS 6.3mm Single
Speaker Connections Outputs 2
Power Output (RMS) 25.0 W
Amplifier Model Tube
Guitar Amplifier Design Portable
Colour Beige, Black
Power Supply Electrical
Amount of Channels 2
Height 190.5 mm
Depth 228.6 mm
Width 444.5 mm
Weight 8.6 kg

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Amplifier Model

Guitar Amplifier Design



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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head's proprietary Vintage Digital Reverb technology differ from traditional analog reverb and what benefits does it offer to guitarists?

The Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head's proprietary Vintage Digital Reverb technology sets it apart from traditional analog reverb in several ways. While analog reverb uses physical components like springs, plates, or buckets of water to create the sound, digital reverb utilizes computer algorithms to achieve similar effects. The Vintage Digital Reverb technology used in the Recto-Verb 25 Head is a hybrid of both analog and digital methods. It combines the warmth and richness of traditional analog reverb with the accuracy and versatility of digital processing. This unique approach results in a more natural, organic sound that's less sterile than typical digital reverb. The benefits of this technology for guitarists are significant. With the Recto-Verb 25 Head, players can access a wide range of reverb effects, from classic spring and plate sounds to more modern, expansive textures. The digital component allows for precise control over parameters like decay time, diffusion, and modulation, enabling guitarists to fine-tune their tone to their exact preferences. Moreover, the Recto-Verb 25 Head's Vintage Digital Reverb technology is quieter than traditional analog reverb, as it doesn't generate the same level of noise or hiss. This can be a significant advantage in live performances, where every decibel counts. In summary, the Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head's proprietary Vintage Digital Reverb technology offers guitarists the best of both worlds: the richness and warmth of analog reverb with the control and versatility of digital processing. It's a powerful tool for crafting unique, expressive sounds that can take a player's tone to new heights.

How does the Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head's proprietary resonant circuitry contribute to its distinct tonal character and versatility in various musical genres?

The Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head boasts a unique tonal character that sets it apart from other amplifiers on the market, thanks in part to its proprietary resonant circuitry. This innovative technology allows for rich harmonics and overtones to be produced, resulting in a full, three-dimensional sound that is both powerful and nuanced. Whether you're playing classic rock or modern metal, this amp has got you covered with its versatility and ability to deliver the goods across a wide range of musical genres. So if you're looking for an amplifier that can deliver both warmth and clarity, the Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 Head is definitely worth considering.