Aguilar SL 410x


Experience unparalleled bass sound with the Aguilar SL 410x guitar cabinet, designed to provide exceptional clarity and punch to your music.



The Aguilar SL 410x guitar cabinet is a game changer in the music world. This cab boasts a powerful four 10-inch speaker arrangement with a custom crossover for extended range and optimal clarity. The combination of classic Aguilar tone and modern engineering has created a cabinet that is a go-to choice for bassists and guitarists alike.

The cabinet itself is lightweight yet robust, weighing in at a mere 49.5 pounds. This makes it perfect for gigging musicians who need to move their gear from one location to another. The SL 410x’s structural rigidity ensures that it can handle any tumbles or bumps that come its way. It is designed with two recessed handles and four heavy-duty rubber feet for ease of transportation and stability.

The Aguilar SL 410x guitar cabinet is capable of delivering a whopping 800 watts of power. This means that it’s not only suitable for small and medium-sized shows but also for large concerts and festivals. The custom Eminence speakers are individually selected and arranged to give an authentic sound that is free from distortion or negative impact on high frequencies.

The cabinet’s crossover system enables each speaker to be optimized for different frequency ranges, ensuring a full-bodied and balanced tone. This is a critical feature for bassists who want to hear the low-end frequencies clearly and guitarists who want the mids to cut through the mix. Its deep cabinet design ensures that bassists can feel the thump and the guitarists the crunch.

Gigging musicians who want to unleash their creativity and achieve the ideal sound should consider the Aguilar SL 410x guitar cabinet. This cab is designed to provide a unique and versatile sound. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just starting, the SL 410x is the perfect cabinet to take your music to the next level.

Aguilar SL 410x properties

Product name SL 410x
Brand Aguilar
Type Bass Cabinets, Guitar Cabinets
Frequency Range Min 44.0
Frequency Range Max 16000.0
Features Monitor Stage Listening
Connection Inputs Tele/TRS 6.3mm/1/4″
Elements Amount Bass 4
Power Output (RMS) 800.0 W
Colour Black
Power Supply Electrical
Impedance 8
Height 603.25 mm
Depth 393.7 mm
Width 558.8 mm
Weight 22.0 kg

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Product type


Frequency Range Min

Frequency Range Max


Connection Inputs

Elements Amount Bass

Power Output-RMS


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