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The TC Electronic RS112 guitar cabinet delivers powerful and clear sound with its custom-engineered 12-inch speaker and lightweight design.

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As a guitarist, your sound is heavily reliant on your equipment. A high-quality guitar cabinet is essential to project your sound and achieve that perfect tone. The TC Electronic RS112 Guitar Cabinet is a powerful and compact option for those who are looking to upgrade their setup.

The RS112 is a 1×12 inch cabinet that has been designed to deliver superior sound quality with its proprietary ferrite magnet speakers. These speakers have been custom-designed by TC Electronic and are known for their full-range response and clarity. With a power handling capacity of 200 watts, this cabinet can easily handle even the loudest guitar rigs.

One of the standout features of this cabinet is its compact size. Measuring just 18.1 x 15 x 18.1 inches, the RS112 is a relatively small cabinet that can be easily transported for gigs and rehearsals. The cabinet’s lightweight construction also means that it won’t weigh you down if you need to move it frequently.

Despite its small size, the RS112 packs plenty of punch. Its 12-inch speaker delivers a powerful low end, while the mid and high frequencies are clear and articulate. As a result, the RS112 is a versatile cabinet that can handle a wide range of musical genres and soundscapes.

In terms of construction, the RS112 is built to withstand the rigors of constant gigging and touring. The cabinet is made from high-quality plywood, which is both durable and acoustically resonant. The cabinet’s covering is made from a black tolex material, which provides additional protection against scratches and dings.

The RS112 also features a number of handy features that make it a joy to use. The cabinet has two parallel jack inputs, which allow you to connect multiple cabinets together. The cabinet’s recessed handle makes it easy to carry, while its rubber feet provide additional stability when the cabinet is in use.

In conclusion, the TC Electronic RS112 Guitar Cabinet is an excellent choice for guitarists who need a compact, versatile, and reliable speaker cabinet. With its custom-designed speakers, rugged construction, and thoughtful features, the RS112 is an investment that will elevate your sound for years to come.

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Product name RS112
Brand TC Electronic
Type Guitar Cabinets
Amplifier Model Hybrid Combo

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the active bass-reflex design of the TC Electronic RS112 guitar cabinet optimize low-frequency response and minimize distortion at high volumes?

The active bass-reflex design of the TC Electronic RS112 guitar cabinet optimizes low-frequency response by using an active electronic crossover to separate the low frequencies from the mid and high frequencies. This allows for a more precise control over the lower frequencies, resulting in improved definition and clarity. Additionally, the bass-reflex design includes a tuned port that enhances the low frequency response without adding unwanted resonance or distortion. At high volumes, the active bass-reflex design of the RS112 helps to minimize distortion by providing a higher power handling capability than traditional passive designs. The electronic crossover allows for more controlled and efficient delivery of power to the woofer, reducing the risk of overdriving and resulting in cleaner and more precise low-frequency response at high volumes. Overall, the active bass-reflex design of the TC Electronic RS112 guitar cabinet provides exceptional low-frequency response with minimal distortion at high volumes, making it an ideal choice for guitarists seeking clear, powerful low end in their live performances or studio recordings.

What specific features and benefits does the TC Electronic RS112 cabinet offer in terms of sound quality, power handling capabilities, and compatibility with various amplifiers?

The TC Electronic RS112 cabinet is a premium bass enclosure designed to deliver exceptional sound quality, high power handling capabilities, and compatibility with a wide range of amplifiers. Some specific features and benefits of this cabinet include:

1. High-quality construction: The RS112 cabinet is built using high-grade Baltic birch plywood and features sturdy T-braced construction for maximum rigidity and durability. This design ensures that the cabinet maintains its shape over time, even under heavy use and transport. Custom-designed drivers: The cabinet houses two custom-designed 12" woofers with high-power neodymium magnets and aluminum cones. These drivers are specifically designed to deliver clear, punchy bass response with low distortion at high output levels. Large volume: With a total capacity of 45 liters (27 liters per side), the RS112 cabinet offers plenty of air volume for clean, accurate low-frequency reproduction. This makes it ideal for use in a variety of bass-heavy music genres, such as rock, metal, and electronic dance music (EDM). High power handling: The RS112 cabinet is rated to handle up to 600 watts RMS per side (1200 watts peak) without distortion or compression. This makes it suitable for use with high-powered amplifiers and allows it to deliver loud, punchy bass that can cut through the mix in live performances and studio recordings. Versatile compatibility: The RS112 cabinet is compatible with a wide range of amplifier types and brands, making it a versatile choice for musicians and producers who use different gear in their setup. It is also designed to provide optimal acoustic performance when paired with TC Electronic's own amplifiers, such as the BH250 and BH750. Lightweight design: Despite its high power handling capabilities and large volume, the RS112 cabinet weighs only 42 pounds (19 kg), making it easy to transport and set up on stage or in the studio. This is achieved through careful design and engineering, which minimizes material waste and maximizes efficiency. Custom-designed grille: The RS112 cabinet features a sleek, custom-designed grille made of high-quality steel mesh with powder-coated finish. This not only looks stylish but also provides added protection against accidental damage during transportation or use. Overall, the TC Electronic RS112 cabinet offers an exceptional combination of sound quality, power handling capabilities, and versatility that makes it a top choice for bass players and producers looking for high-performance enclosures that can stand up to heavy use and transport.

How does the TC Electronic RS112 integrate advanced digital signal processing technology into a compact and powerful 1x12" guitar cabinet for live performances and studio recordings?

The TC Electronic RS112 is a game-changing addition to the world of guitar cabinets, as it seamlessly integrates advanced digital signal processing technology into a compact and powerful 1x12" design. This groundbreaking cabinet provides an unparalleled level of flexibility and versatility for both live performances and studio recordings, thanks to its cutting-edge DSP technology. With its sleek and stylish design, the RS112 packs a serious punch, delivering rich, warm tones with exceptional clarity and definition. Whether you're playing in front of a packed audience or laying down tracks in the studio, the TC Electronic RS112 is the ultimate choice for discerning guitarists seeking maximum power, control, and sonic versatility from their gear.