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The Vox V212HWX guitar cabinet delivers rich and immersive sound for a truly unforgettable playing experience.

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When it comes to playing guitar, the amp and cabinet combo can make all the difference. The Vox V212HWX guitar cabinet is one of the best on the market, and for good reason. This cabinet is built with high-quality materials that provide a warm and classic tone that many players seek. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at this exceptional guitar cabinet.


The Vox V212HWX is a 2×12 cabinet that is built with marine-grade birch plywood with a semi-open back design. This material is highly durable, lightweight, and doesn’t interfere with the sound in any way. The cabinet’s exterior is coated with a vintage-style tolex, which makes it look sleek and classic. Additionally, the cabinet features hand-wired construction and Alnico Blue speakers for exceptional sound quality.

Sound Quality

The Vox V212HWX guitar cabinet’s sound quality is truly exceptional since it features two 12-inch Alnico Blue Celestion speakers. This speaker design provides a warm and balanced tone with a smooth high-end and plenty of mid-range punch. The Alnico Blue speakers are also highly responsive to dynamic playing and do an excellent job of conveying the nuances of your guitar’s tone.


The Vox V212HWX is compatible with a wide range of guitar amplifier heads, but it is specially designed to pair with the Vox Hand-Wired Series. These amps are built with the same high-quality components and hand-wired construction as the cabinet, so they produce a truly remarkable vintage-style tone. The cabinet also comes with two different impedance options, so you can select the one that works best with your amplifier head.


Overall, the Vox V212HWX guitar cabinet is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a warm, classic tone with plenty of punch and clarity. Whether you play blues, rock, or any other style, this cabinet can handle it all with ease. The construction is top-notch, the sound quality is excellent, and the compatibility is unmatched, so this cabinet is an investment that will last a lifetime.

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