Fender Pro Junior IV


Experience professional-grade sound with the Fender Pro Junior IV guitar cabinet.



Fender Pro Junior IV Guitar Cabinet – A Powerful Addition to Your Rig

Fender has been a renowned name in the world of guitar amplifiers for over 70 years now. Their stellar reputation is a result of their unwavering commitment to producing top-quality guitar cabinets that offer unrivaled sound and tone – and the Fender Pro Junior IV guitar cabinet is no exception.

The Pro Junior IV is a compact, yet surprisingly powerful guitar cabinet that’s designed to complement small to mid-size rigs. It comes loaded with one ten-inch Celestion Greenback speaker that delivers a distinctive British sound, making it an excellent choice for rock, blues, and classic rock musicians.

With its 15 watts of power, the Fender Pro Junior IV guitar cabinet packs a considerable punch despite its small size, making it perfect for bedroom jam sessions, rehearsals, and smaller gigs. And while it may be small, it’s built like a tank.

The cabinet’s build quality is exceptional, with premium materials used throughout the construction. Its durable wooden housing features a vintage-inspired styling with a recognizable silver grille cloth, chrome hardware, and Fender logo emblazoned on the front.

Thanks to its impressive tonal qualities and sturdy construction, the Fender Pro Junior IV guitar cabinet is the go-to option for many guitarists who value quality and flexibility. It pairs perfectly with any high-quality amplifier, and its classic styling adds a touch of vintage elegance to any stage.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a guitar cabinet that offers high-quality sound, compact size, and reliability, the Fender Pro Junior IV guitar cabinet is a perfect choice. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first amp or a professional guitarist in need of a reliable practice cabinet, the Pro Junior IV will exceed your expectations. With its impressive tone and build quality, you can’t go wrong with this timeless classic.

Fender Pro Junior IV properties

Product name Pro Junior IV
Brand Fender
Type Guitar Cabinets
Sound Effects Overdrive
Sound Setting Volume
Features Monitor Stage Listening
Connection Inputs Tele/TRS 6.3mm/1/4″
Elements Size Bass 1.0 “
Elements Amount Bass 10
Power Output (RMS) 15.0 W
Amplifier Model Solid State, Tube
Guitar Amplifier Design Portable
Cabinet Design Open Cabinet
Colour Chrome
Power Supply Electrical
Amount of Channels 1
Impedance 8
Height 368.3 mm
Depth 222.2 mm
Width 387.3 mm
Weight 10.4 kg

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Sound Effects

Sound Setting


Connection Inputs

Elements Size Bass

Elements Amount Bass

Power Output-RMS

Amplifier Model


Guitar Amplifier Design

Cabinet Design


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the maximum wattage rating for Fender Pro Junior IV combo amplifiers, and what impact does this have on speaker choice for guitar cabinets?

The Fender Pro Junior IV combo amplifier has a maximum wattage rating of 15 watts. This means that it is a low-wattage amp designed primarily for practice and small gigs. When choosing a guitar cabinet to pair with this amp, you'll want to select one that can handle the lower power output while also providing a good tone match. For a 15-watt amp like the Fender Pro Junior IV, you'll typically want to use a 1x8 or 1x10 inch speaker cabinet. These smaller cabinets will provide enough volume and projection for practice sessions and small venues while also complementing the tone of the amp. It's essential to consider both the power handling capability and tone characteristics of the cabinet when pairing it with a combo amplifier like the Fender Pro Junior IV. A good match in terms of tone can help enhance the overall sound quality and make your playing experience more enjoyable.