Victory V112-C


The Victory V112-C guitar cabinet delivers outstanding tone and projection to ensure you sound your best on stage or in the studio.

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The Victory V112-C guitar cabinet is a true gem for guitarists who are looking for the perfect sound and clarity in their music. This cabinet is a perfect addition to high-end amplifiers, delivering a rich and deep sound that is sure to impress any audiophile or professional musician.

The cabinet is made with high-quality wood, which not only enhances the durability but also helps to reduce any unwanted resonance that can affect the sound quality. It is an open-backed 1×12, camouflaged in black to create an artificial open-back feel.. The cabinet is a perfect match with a Victory V40 Deluxe or V40 Duchess to deliver an immersive experience that can only be found with high-end gear.

The cabinet is incredibly versatile, capable of producing a wide range of sounds that can accommodate any genre of music, from classic rock to blues to heavy metal. The cabinet can handle up to 70 watts, and with its single 12-inch Celestion G12M-65 Creamback speaker, you can expect exceptional sound production that is both powerful and clean.

One of the most notable features of the Victory V112-C cabinet is the ease of transport. With its compact and lightweight design, it is perfect for musicians who are always on the go. It can fit seamlessly into any car or van, making it a perfect choice for gigging musicians who need equipment that can keep up with their busy schedules.

The Victory V112-C guitar cabinet is also incredibly easy to set up, even for amateur musicians. With its easy wiring connection, it can be paired up with any amplifier, making it a perfect choice for home studios or rehearsal rooms. You can get the best performance out of this cabinet by pairing it with any Victory series guitar amplifiers, where it perfectly complements the amplifier’s sonic characteristics.

In conclusion, the Victory V112-C guitar cabinet is a true gem that can deliver exceptional sound quality that any musician will love. It is built to last and is designed to deliver a sound that is both powerful and clean. With its versatile capabilities, ease of transport, and straightforward setup, this guitar cabinet is an ideal choice for musicians looking to enhance their music-making experiences.

Victory V112-C properties

Product name V112-C
Brand Victory
Type Guitar Cabinets
Features Monitor Stage Listening
Connection Inputs Tele/TRS 6.3mm/1/4″
Link Single Tele/TRS 6.3mm/1/4″ Input
Elements Size Bass 1.0 “
Elements Amount Bass 12
Power Output (RMS) 65.0 W
Cabinet Design Open Cabinet
Colour Beige
Impedance 16
Height 465.0 mm
Depth 255.0 mm
Width 425.0 mm
Weight 13.3 kg

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Product type


Connection Inputs

Elements Size Bass

Elements Amount Bass

Power Output-RMS

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