Vox BC108


Attention guitar enthusiasts: Experience unparalleled sound quality with Vox BC108 guitar cabinet – the perfect combination of power and precision!

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The Vox BC108 guitar cabinet is an extremely popular choice among guitarists due to its compact size and excellent sound quality. This cabinet is perfect for small gigs or practice sessions and is a great alternative for those who do not have the space or budget for a larger amp.

The Vox BC108 is designed to work with Vox’s line of compact amplifiers such as the MV50 series or other small amp heads. With a power rating of 25 watts, it is able to handle the power output of most small amps without any issues. The cabinet is loaded with a single 8-inch speaker that is specially designed for enhanced mid-range and low-end response. This results in a warm and powerful tone that is perfect for a variety of genres including rock, blues, and metal.

The overall build quality of the Vox BC108 is top-notch. The cabinet is made from high-quality MDF and is covered in a black tolex finish that is both durable and stylish. The front baffle is angled upward to help project sound upwards towards the player’s ears, which helps with clarity and improves the overall listening experience.

One of the standout features of this cabinet is its small size. Measuring just 10.43 x 10.43 x 5.43, the BC108 is incredibly compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and store. Despite its small size, it still manages to produce a huge sound that belies its diminutive stature.

In terms of sound quality, the Vox BC108 is highly versatile and can handle a wide range of playing styles. Its mid-range focused tone is perfect for cutting through the mix, making it an excellent choice for guitarists who play in bands. The low-end response is also impressive, delivering a thick and chunky tone for heavier genres like metal and hard rock.

Overall, the Vox BC108 guitar cabinet is a highly recommended option for guitarists who need a compact and portable solution for practice or small gigs. Its excellent sound quality, solid construction, and low price point make it an ideal choice for players of all skill levels.

Vox BC108 properties

Product name BC108
Brand Vox
Type Guitar Cabinets
Power Output (RMS) 25.0 W
Colour Black
Impedance 8
Height 285.0 mm
Depth 200.0 mm
Width 260.0 mm
Weight 39.0 kg

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