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Take your playing to the next level with the Max KB4 61, a professional-grade keyboard that delivers superior sound quality and unparalleled playability.

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The Max KB4 61 keyboard is a compact keyboard designed for gamers, typists, and anyone who wants a high-performance, durable keyboard that is easy to transport. The Max KB4 61 keyboard features 61 keys, which is fewer keys than a standard keyboard, but it still includes all the functionality that most people need.

Design and Features
The Max KB4 61 keyboard is a mechanical keyboard. It features a thick aluminum plate that gives the keyboard a rugged and durable design, perfect for gaming or lengthy typing sessions. The keyboard also includes a detachable USB cable that makes it easy to transport or store away when not in use. The cable is braided and durable, ensuring that it won’t wear down quickly over time.

The Max KB4 61 keyboard uses Gateron switches. These switches are similar to Cherry MX switches and are known for their tactile feedback, durability, and long lifespan. The Gateron switches on the Max KB4 61 keyboard are rated for over 50 million keystrokes, ensuring that the keyboard will continue to function properly for years to come.

The keyboard also features rainbow-colored LED backlighting. Although the lighting is not customizable like some of the other Max Keyboard models, it still adds a nice touch to the overall design. The Max KB4 61 keyboard also includes multimedia controls, Windows key lock, and programming macros that make it easy to customize the keyboard to your needs.

The Max KB4 61 keyboard is an excellent performer. The Gateron switches offer excellent tactile feedback, which is especially important for gamers who need to ensure that each keypress is registered accurately. The switches are quiet, which means that users can type or game without disturbing others nearby. Thanks to the aluminum plate, the Max KB4 61 keyboard is also resistant to wobbling and slipping, ensuring a comfortable and stable typing experience.

The Max KB4 61 keyboard is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a compact, high-performance keyboard that is easy to use and transport. The keyboard features a durable design that will last for years, as well as Gateron switches that offer excellent tactile feedback and a long lifespan. Overall, the Max KB4 61 keyboard is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and functional keyboard.

Max KB4 61 properties

Product name KB4 61
Brand Max
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Keyboard
Keys Yes
Number of Keys 61 pcs
Pre-Programmed Rythmes Yes
Pre-Programmed Songs Yes
Speakers Yes
Connections 3.5mm (Aux), Headphone, Microphone
Colour Black
Power Supply Battery, Electrical Cable to Wall Socket

Additional information


Product type

Keyboard Instrument


Number of Keys

Pre-Programmed Rythmes

Pre-Programmed Songs



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Power Supply



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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the maximum number of keys on a keyboard?

The maximum number of keys on a standard English (QWERTY) keyboard is 104 keys, including function keys and numeric keys. However, some specialized keyboards may have more keys or different layouts to cater to specific needs or preferences.

What is the correct troubleshooting process for intermittent MIDI communication issues on a Max KB4 61 keyboard?

If you are experiencing intermittent MIDI communication issues on your Max KB4 61 keyboard, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem:

1. Check all MIDI connections: Make sure all MIDI cables are securely plugged in and connected correctly. Double-check that the correct MIDI channel is selected on both the keyboard and the receiving device. Restart the keyboard: Turn off the Max KB4 61 keyboard, unplug it from the power source, wait for at least 30 seconds, and then plug it back in and turn it back on. This will help to clear any temporary issues that may be causing the communication problems. Check the keyboard's MIDI settings: Go to the "MIDI Setup" section of the Max KB4 61 keyboard's menu, and make sure the correct MIDI settings are selected for your specific setup (such as the appropriate baud rate or sync method). Update the keyboard's firmware: Check if a newer version of the keyboard's firmware is available online. If so, download and install it to see if this resolves the communication issues. Try a different MIDI connection: If possible, connect the Max KB4 61 keyboard to a different MIDI interface or device to test whether the issue persists. This can help determine whether the problem is with the keyboard itself or with the receiving device. Contact technical support: If none of these steps resolves the intermittent MIDI communication issues on your Max KB4 61 keyboard, contact the manufacturer's technical support team for further assistance. They may be able to provide additional troubleshooting suggestions or suggest a repair or replacement option if necessary.

How does the integration of MIDI and USB connectivity in Max KB4 61 enhance its functionality as a digital keyboard?

The Max KB4 61, a digital keyboard by Casio, distinguishes itself from other keyboards with its advanced features that set it apart. One such feature is the integration of MIDI and USB connectivity, which significantly enhances its functionality. With MIDI connectivity, this keyboard can be easily connected to a wide range of musical instruments, such as synthesizers, drum machines, and digital audio workstations (DAWs), allowing for seamless integration into any musical setup. Additionally, the USB port enables users to directly record their compositions to a computer or transfer MIDI data between different devices, making it an essential tool for musicians who want to take their music production to the next level. Overall, the combination of MIDI and USB connectivity in Max KB4 61 makes it an indispensable instrument for professionals as well as hobbyists alike.

Frequenty asked questions about Max KB4 61

How to connect Max KB4 61 to computer?

Max KB4 61 keyboard is a standalone instrument that has its own sound engine. However you can connect it to a PC/Mac computer. It will significantly extend the functions and usability of the instrument. You can use USB-MIDI interface to control co called DAW Software like Ableton Live, Fl Studio, Logic Pro or Cubase to record MIDI notes and command or pure digital audio.

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