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Take your music production to the next level with the Acorn Masterkey 61, the ultimate midi keyboard designed for experienced musicians and producers.

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The Acorn Masterkey 61 is a MIDI controller device designed for musicians and producers to control their virtual instruments and digital audio workstations (DAWs). This device is a great option for beginners and professionals alike, as it offers a wide range of features at an affordable price.

The Masterkey 61 features 61 full-sized, velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch, allowing for expressive performances. The keys are also semi-weighted, providing a more natural feel than non-weighted keys. Additionally, there are octave buttons to allow for control over a wider range of notes.

In terms of connectivity, the Masterkey 61 has a USB port for connection to a computer or mobile device, as well as a MIDI Out port for connection to external MIDI gear. There are also expression and sustain pedal inputs for versatile control over sound and performance.

The controller’s interface includes pitch bend and modulation wheels, along with assignable knobs and buttons. These features can be used to control parameters such as volume, pan, and effects, as well as automate functions within a DAW.

The Masterkey 61 also comes with a software bundle, including a custom version of Presonus Studio One Artist, Acoustica Mixcraft First, and a collection of virtual instruments and effects. This allows users to start creating music right out of the box.

Overall, the Acorn Masterkey 61 is a versatile and affordable MIDI controller device that offers a wide range of features for music production and performance. Its semi-weighted keys and aftertouch add an extra layer of expression to performances, while its connectivity and assignable knobs and buttons allow for versatile control over software and external gear.

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Product name Masterkey 61
Brand Acorn
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument MIDI Keyboard

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Keyboard Instrument


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Frequently Asked Questions:

"How do I program a custom chord progression using the arpeggiator feature on my Acorn Masterkey 61 MIDI keyboard?"

To program a custom chord progression using the arpeggiator feature on your Acorn Masterkey 61 MIDI keyboard, follow these steps:

Step 1: Set the Arpeggiator Mode
Press the [Arp] button located in the lower left corner of the front panel. The [ARP] LED will light up to indicate that the arpeggiator is enabled. Press the [Mode] button until "Chord" mode is displayed on the LCD screen. Step 2: Select a Chord Type
Press the [Chord] button located next to the [Mode] button. Use the [Up] and [Down] buttons to select the chord type you want to use for your progression. You can choose from a variety of common chords, including major, minor, dominant seventh, and more. Step 3: Select the Root Note
Press the [Root] button located next to the [Chord] button. Use the [Up] and [Down] buttons to select the root note for your chords. This will determine which keys will be used in your progression. Step 4: Choose the Chord Progression
Use the [Seq1] through [Seq8] buttons located at the bottom of the front panel to select the chord that will be played first in your progression. Use the [Up] and [Down] buttons to cycle through the available options. Once you have selected the first chord, move on to selecting the second chord using the same process. Repeat this step for as many chords as you want to include in your progression. Step 5: Set the Arpeggio Speed and Depth
Use the [Speed] and [Depth] buttons located above the sequence selection buttons to adjust the speed and depth of the arpeggiator. Use the [Up] and [Down] buttons to increase or decrease these settings as desired. Step 6: Test Your Chord Progression
Press the [Play] button located in the lower right corner of the front panel to hear your custom chord progression being played back through the keyboard's speakers or connected audio output device. Adjust any settings as necessary until you are satisfied with the sound and timing of the progression. Step 7: Save Your Chord Progression
If you want to save your custom chord progression for future use, press and hold both the [Play] button and the [Seq1] button simultaneously. Release these buttons when the LEDs next to each sequence number begin flashing rapidly. This indicates that the sequences are being recorded into memory. You can now disconnect power from the keyboard or move on to using your newly saved progression in your compositions or live performances. Congratulations! You have successfully programmed a custom chord progression using the arpeggiator feature on your Acorn Masterkey 61 MIDI keyboard.

How does the Acorn Masterkey 61's MIDI interface function and interact with external devices?

The Acorn Masterkey 61, which is a high-performance MIDI controller keyboard, features a powerful MIDI interface that allows for seamless communication and integration with a wide range of external devices. The MIDI interface operates using standard MIDI protocols, enabling the keyboard to send and receive MIDI messages with any compatible device, including synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, and digital audio workstations (DAWs). This allows for greater versatility and creative possibilities during live performances or in studio settings. The Acorn Masterkey 61's MIDI interface is also equipped with multiple outputs and inputs, providing ample connectivity options for routing and splitting MIDI signals as needed. Overall, the Acorn Masterkey 61's MIDI interface is a critical component of its functionality, enabling it to function as an integral part of any MIDI-based music production or performance setup.