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The Casio PX-870 piano offers an immersive concert experience in the comfort of your own home.

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The Casio PX-870 is a digital piano reputed for its ultra-authentic sound and feel. Developed with simple designs and groundbreaking technology, this piano is a masterpiece that appeals to beginners and professional musicians alike.

Sound quality and realism are what make the Casio PX-870 stand out from the crowd. It comes equipped with a premium amplification system, a four-channel equalizer, and an advanced filtering system that suppresses all sound on the keyboard other than the one you are playing.

The PX-870 is built with Casio’s proprietary AiR sound engine, a technology that delivers authentic piano sounds that closely mimic the resonance, decay, and tonal variation of an acoustic piano. It also comes with a total of 19 different tone options, including grand pianos, electric pianos, harpsichords, organs, and more.

The piano has an 88-key weighted hammer-action keyboard that doesn’t feel like a digital keyboard, rather like a genuine piano. The keys are appropriately weighted, giving the pianist an authentic piano experience. Also, the keyboard is made up of synthetic ivory and ebony materials that give it an excellent grip.

There are benefits to owning a digital piano, especially when it comes to flexibility and versatility. The Casio PX-870 is equipped with numerous sound and recording features that make it an exciting instrument to play.

For recording, the PX-870 comes with a two-track recorder built-in that allows you to record, playback, and save moments of creativity. You can also layer different sounds on top of one another, effectively mixing up to four different sounds for a new tone.

The piano also comes with an Accompaniment System that enables you to play along with MIDI files or other audio tracks. You can, therefore, create full arrangements with drums or bass accompaniments that give you an enriched music experience.

Lastly, the PX-870’s design is simple, clean, and elegant. It comes in a black, rosewood, or white finish, depending on your preferences. Additionally, it comes with a sliding key cover that can protect the keyboard when not in use.

In conclusion, the Casio PX-870 is a modern digital piano that combines superior technology and design to deliver the ultimate playing experience. Its lightweight, streamlined design makes it perfect for small living spaces, and the sound quality, combined with the weighted keys, makes it feel like you’re playing an acoustic upright. If you’re a beginner or an experienced pianist, this piano is a top pick that you won’t regret.

Casio PX-870 properties

Product name PX-870
Brand Casio
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Stage and Digital Piano
Keys Yes
Number of Keys 88 pcs
Colour Black

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Product type

Keyboard Instrument


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2 reviews for Casio PX-870

  1. Leo Fennimore

    And one more note: it’s best to get over and buy an instrument with an original pedal bar. Such a strip is 1000 times better than the plastic sustain pedal included in the set. The squeaking of the pedals stops after about 2 weeks of use, when they are well formed and settle down.

    Besides, in this price range, the instrument is fine

  2. Gene Grant

    I am not a professional musician, but for me this piano is very good, both in terms of the sound and the quality of the keyboard. After switching to a CASIO keyboard, this is a huge plus. The number of functions and sounds is limited, but all that matters is and works perfectly.

    A certain difficulty is that access to most of the functions requires pressing a combination of several keys and without the manual, there is no way to remember.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II feature of the Casio PX-870 differ from that of its predecessor, and what benefits does it provide to the user?

The Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II found in the Casio PX-870 is an upgraded version of the Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard present in its predecessor, the Casio PX-860. The main difference between these two keyboard actions is that the new Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II provides a more gradual touch response near the keys' points of crossover, which is where the black and white keys meet. In the previous version, this area had a noticeable change in touch sensitivity, making it slightly harder to play smoothly. However, with the Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II, this issue has been addressed, resulting in a more natural and fluid playing experience. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for intermediate and advanced players who appreciate the subtle nuances of touch response in their music performances. In summary, the Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II in the Casio PX-870 offers improved touch sensitivity near the black and white key crossover points, providing a more natural and fluid playing experience compared to its predecessor.