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Experience unparalleled joy and expression on the Kawai CN39 piano, with its stunning sound quality, realistic touch, and innovative features.



As a leading brand in the world of digital pianos and acoustic pianos, Kawai has been providing high-quality instruments for over a century. The latest release from the company, the Kawai CN39 digital piano, is a brilliant combination of premium sound, advanced features, and modern design.

One of the most impressive things about the CN39 is its exceptional sound. Equipped with Kawai’s advanced sound technology, the piano delivers an authentic, expressive response that mimics the sound of a traditional acoustic piano. The CN39 features Kawai’s Harmonic Imaging XL technology and 88-key piano sampling, which captures every subtle nuance of the acoustic piano.

The CN39 has a total of 355 sounds, including grand pianos, electric pianos, organs, and strings, making it a versatile instrument for any musical genre. The piano also has dual and split keyboard modes, allowing you to play two different sounds at the same time.

With regards to touch, the CN39 features Kawai’s Responsive Hammer III keyboard action, which offers a natural and comfortable playing experience. The keys are weighted and graded, providing a grand piano-like feel. This feature is important, especially for pianists who are used to playing on an acoustic piano.

The CN39 also comes with extensive connectivity options, including Bluetooth MIDI and audio connectivity, which allows you to stream audio wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The instrument also has USB audio recorder and player, as well as a headphone jack, which is perfect for private practice sessions.

Design-wise, the CN39 is slim and elegant. The piano features a sleek cabinet design with a beautiful rosewood finish. The LCD touchscreen panel is easy to navigate and provides access to all the features of the piano.

Overall, the Kawai CN39 digital piano is an exceptional instrument that is suitable for pianists of all levels. With its premium sound, advanced features, and elegant design, the CN39 is a worthy investment for any pianist looking for a high-quality digital piano.

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