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Enjoy Roland’s powerful sounds and intuitive workflow with the new Fantom 8 synthesizer keyboard – the perfect tool for any stage or studio production.



Roland Fantom 8 Synthesizer: The Ultimate Synth Powerhouse

Roland is a leading name in the world of electronic instruments and music production technology. Their Fantom series has been the epitome of excellence among the synthesizers for years. The Roland Fantom 8 Synthesizer represents the latest release in this line and is undoubtedly the most advanced one yet.

With a powerful processing engine and a sleek design, the Fantom 8 is more than just a synthesizer. It is a comprehensive music production workstation that can handle virtually anything you can throw at it, whether you’re a professional musician, music producer, or sound designer.

Design and Construction

The Roland Fantom 8 is massive, measuring over 57 inches in length and weighing over 75 pounds. Despite its size, the synth is incredibly well-built with a premium look and feel. The synth offers an 88-note premium hammer-action keyboard with aftertouch, which provides a fantastic playing experience, making it an excellent tool for pianists and keyboardists.

Specs and Features

The Roland Fantom 8 is a true powerhouse when it comes to sound synthesis, offering a range of modern and vintage synth engines. Its flagship V-Piano engine provides an infinite range of piano sounds with the added benefit of creating custom pianos using the instrument’s built-in editor. Additionally, the PCM engine offers an extensive library of acoustic and electronic sounds, including drums, guitars, brass, and strings.

The synth features three oscillators per voice, comprehensive filters, and high-quality effects, making it easily one of the most versatile synths on the market. With over 3,500 presets, you can be sure that you’ll never run out of new sounds to explore.

The Roland Fantom 8 also features advanced DAW integration capabilities, allowing producers and musicians to control their DAW within the instrument. The synth is compatible with all major DAWs, enabling hassle-free workflow.

Ease of Use

Despite its impressive range of capabilities, the Roland Fantom 8 is relatively easy to navigate, thanks to its intuitive touch screen and the synth editor app. The layout is straightforward, with dedicated knobs and faders that allow you to shape your sound with ease.

In addition to its touch screen, the synth also features the traditional MIDI I/O, USB 2.0 connection, as well as an SD card slot, making it even easier to transfer and store data.


All aspects considered, the Roland Fantom 8 Synthesizer is the perfect instrument for anyone looking for a versatile, high-quality synthesizer that can streamline a workflow seamlessly. The sophisticated sound engine, the powerful onboard processing, and intuitive controls create an exceptional music production experience that can open doors to a whole new world of sound design. While pricey, the Roland Fantom 8 is worth every penny for anyone looking for a top-tier synthesizer.

Roland Fantom 8 properties

Product name Fantom 8
Brand Roland
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Synthesizer
Keys Yes
Number of Keys 88 pcs
Key Functions Aftertouch, Semi Weighted
Drawbars/Sliders Yes
Pads Yes
Rotary Controls Yes
Pre-Programmed Effects Yes
Supported Audio Files AIFF, WAV
Connections Headphone, MIDI, MIDI In, MIDI Thru, Microphone, Pedal for Keyboard Instrumet, USB, XLR
Colour Black
Power Supply Electrical Cable to Wall Socket

Additional information


Product type

Keyboard Instrument


Number of Keys

Key Functions




Rotary Controls

Pre-Programmed Effects

Supported Audio Files



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Power Supply


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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the SuperNATURAL technology in the Roland Fantom 8 synthesizer revolutionize sound quality and expressive capabilities?

The SuperNATURAL technology in the Roland Fantom 8 synthesizer takes sound quality and expressive capabilities to a whole new level. This advanced technology uses AI and modeling techniques to recreate the behavior of natural instruments, such as the subtle nuances of a violin's bowing or the complex overtones produced by wind instruments. SuperNATURAL goes beyond simple sampling by analyzing the source sounds and rebuilding them from the ground up using algorithms that mimic the physical behavior of the original instrument. This results in incredibly detailed, rich, and dynamic sounds that respond realistically to your touch and play style. In addition, SuperNATURAL technology allows for advanced articulations, such as natural legato transitions, release samples, and key-off behaviors, giving you a level of expressiveness that was previously impossible with traditional synthesis methods. This makes the Roland Fantom 8 an incredibly versatile instrument for creating everything from realistic acoustic performances to rich, complex electronic textures. Overall, SuperNATURAL technology is a game-changer for modern music production, offering unparalleled sound quality and expressive capabilities that will inspire your creativity and take your music to new heights.