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Unleash your inner rocker with the Gibson Les Paul Modern – the perfect combination of classic style and modern performance.



Gibson Les Paul Modern Electric Guitar: A Look at its Features and Specifications

The Gibson Les Paul is one of the most iconic electric guitars in history. Known for its sustain, warm tone, and thick sound, it has been the go-to instrument for guitar legends like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, and Slash. Now, the legendary guitar maker has released the Gibson Les Paul Modern, a guitar that retains the classic Les Paul sound, but with a modern twist.

Here’s a look at some of the features and specifications of the Gibson Les Paul Modern.

1. Body and Neck Material:

The body of the Gibson Les Paul Modern is made from mahogany with a maple cap, which gives it the classic Les Paul look and sound. The neck is also made of mahogany and has a slim taper profile, which is comfortable to play, especially for those who have smaller hands.

2. Fingerboard Material:

The fingerboard is made of torrefied granadillo, a wood that has been roasted to increase its stability and resistance to moisture. It also has a compound radius, which means that the fingerboard gradually flattens as you move up the neck, making it easier to play higher notes.

3. Pickups:

One of the most significant features of the Gibson Les Paul Modern is its pickups. It has two BurstBucker Pro humbuckers, which are signature pickups used by Gibson. These pickups offer a warm and full sound that is perfect for rock and blues.

4. Wiring:

To give players more flexibility in their tone, the Gibson Les Paul Modern has a push-pull potentiometer system that allows the player to switch between the humbuckers and single-coil pickups. This means that you can get both the classic Les Paul sound and a brighter sound that is more suited for funk and pop music.

5. Hardware:

The hardware on the Gibson Les Paul Modern is high-quality and includes a titanium adjustable zero-fret nut, which ensures that the guitar stays in tune, even if you use the tremolo. The bridge and tailpiece are made of aluminum and are lightweight, which adds to the guitar’s resonance.

6. Finish:

The Gibson Les Paul Modern comes in three finishes: Translucent Ebony, Graphite, and Sparkling Burgundy. Each finish is done with a high gloss and gives the guitar a sleek and modern look that is different from the classic Les Paul design.

In conclusion, the Gibson Les Paul Modern is an excellent choice for guitar players who want a classic Les Paul sound with modern features. Its pickups, wiring, hardware, and finish make it a versatile instrument that can handle a wide range of musical styles. Whether you’re a rock, blues, or funk player, the Gibson Les Paul Modern is a fantastic choice that will deliver the perfect sound.

Gibson Les Paul Modern properties

Product name Les Paul Modern
Brand Gibson
Type String Instruments
String Instruments Electric Guitar
Number of Strings 6 pcs
Handedness Right-handed
Number of Frets 22
Cutaway Single Cutaway
Size 4/4
Wood Type (front) Mahogany
Wood Type (neck) Mahogany
Wood Type (fretboard) Ebony
Connections 6.3mm (1/4″RTS)
Colour Black, Blue, Red
Power Supply Through 6.3mm (1/4″RTS)

Additional information


Product type

String Instruments

Number of Strings


Number of Frets



Wood Type-front

Wood Type-neck

Wood Type-fretboard



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Power Supply

1 review for Gibson Les Paul Modern

  1. Trinity Holt

    models and highlight some of its unique features.

    As Trinity Holt, a music enthusiast and avid guitar player, I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Gibson Les Paul Modern. Overall, I would rate this guitar at a solid 4 stars out of 5.

    One thing that immediately stood out to me was the Les Paul Modern’s 22 number of frets, which gave me a bit more range and flexibility while playing. I really enjoyed being able to reach those higher notes with ease.

    As for the sound, the Les Paul Modern did not disappoint. As an electric guitar, it had a very distinct and powerful sound that was both clear and rich. I especially appreciated the way this guitar handled heavy distortion, as it didn’t get overly muddy or lose clarity.

    When compared to other electric guitar models, the Les Paul Modern definitely holds its own. While it does share some similar features with other Les Paul models, it also has some unique additions that make it stand out. For example, its ability to split coil and offer single coil sounds really sets it apart from other guitars in its class.

    Overall, I would highly recommend the Gibson Les Paul Modern to any guitar player looking for a quality instrument with great sound and unique features. While it may not be perfect for every style of music, it certainly has a lot to offer and is definitely worth considering.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the proprietary BurstBucker Pro pickup system of the Gibson Les Paul Modern differ from traditional humbuckers and contribute to its distinctive sound?

The Gibson Les Paul Modern guitar features a unique pickup system called BurstBucker Pro, which sets it apart from traditional humbuckers. These pickups are designed with a higher output level than standard humbuckers, providing increased power and presence in the sound. They also offer a crisp and detailed high end, while maintaining a full-bodied low end that is characteristic of traditional humbuckers. The BurstBucker Pro pickups feature Alnico II magnets and custom wound coils to deliver a clear, dynamic, and versatile tone that is both rich and punchy. This proprietary pickup system contributes significantly to the distinctive sound of the Gibson Les Paul Modern, making it a popular choice among modern guitar players who demand high-performance instruments with exceptional tonal character.

"How does the Gibson Les Paul Modern's proprietary TB Plus and Ceramic magnet pickups contribute to its versatile sound capability?"

The Gibson Les Paul Modern is a guitar that offers exceptional versatility in terms of sound, thanks in part to its unique pickup configuration. The Modern features two proprietary pickups - the TB Plus and Ceramic magnets - which work together to provide a wide range of tonal options for players. Firstly, the TB Plus pickups are designed with Alnico V magnets, which offer a classic vintage tone with a bright, clear response. This is balanced out by the use of specially-designed coils that reduce microphonic feedback, making these pickups suitable for high-volume playing and stage environments. The result is a crisp, articulate sound that is perfect for clean and crunchy tones, ideal for rock, blues, and country music styles. The Ceramic magnets, on the other hand, provide a more aggressive, modern-sounding tone that is ideal for heavy metal and hard rock genres. These pickups have a powerful output level, which allows them to cut through the mix with ease even in high-gain situations. The ceramic magnets also offer increased sustain and harmonics, making them perfect for lead work and solo playing. Together, these two types of pickups provide a unique tonal palette that is unmatched by many other guitars on the market. Whether you're looking to achieve classic bluesy tones or heavy metal riffs, the Gibson Les Paul Modern has got you covered. The ability to switch between these different sounds with ease thanks to the guitar's push-pull coil-splitting function further adds to its versatility and makes it an ideal choice for players who want a guitar that can handle a wide range of musical styles and situations.

What is the weight of a Gibson Les Paul Modern electric guitar?

The weight of a Gibson Les Paul Modern electric guitar can vary depending on the specific model and year. However, on average, a Gibson Les Paul Modern weighs around 9-10 pounds (4-5 kg).

How does the Swamp Ash body construction of the Gibson Les Paul Modern contribute to its unique tonal characteristics compared to traditional Mahogany constructions?

The Swamp Ash used in the construction of the Gibson Les Paul Modern's body has a few tonal qualities that set it apart from traditional Mahogany constructions. While Mahogany is a denser wood with a warm, full-bodied tone, Swamp Ash is lighter and more porous, which allows it to vibrate more freely. As a result, the Swamp Ash body of the Gibson Les Paul Modern produces a brighter and more open sound compared to Mahogany constructions. The notes have more clarity and definition, making them easier to distinguish in chords and solos. Additionally, Swamp Ash tends to have less resonance than Mahogany, resulting in a tighter bass response and better note sustain. Overall, the use of Swamp Ash in the construction of the Gibson Les Paul Modern adds a unique tonal dimension that complements the guitar's modern appointments like the open-book headstock, chrome hardware, and slim-taper neck profile. It offers players an alternative sound option for those who prefer a brighter, more articulate tone.