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Step into the dark and mysterious world of Jaxville Hades, and experience a thrilling journey like no other!



Jaxville Hades Electric Guitar: A Must-Have For Aspiring Guitarists

The Jaxville Hades Electric Guitar is a well-designed and well-crafted instrument that is perfect for aspiring guitarists who want to take their skills to the next level. This electric guitar is crafted from high-quality materials and has an elegant and sleek design that is sure to capture the attention of anybody who sees it.

Design and Construction

The Jaxville Hades Electric Guitar has a solid basswood body which makes it lightweight and easy to handle. The neck of the guitar is also made of maple, which adds to its durability and strength. The guitar is equipped with a rosewood fretboard, which gives it a smooth and comfortable feel while playing.

Apart from that, the guitar features a stylish and classic design, with a glossy black finish that adds to its overall elegance. The Hades guitar is designed with a black skull graphic and a silver leaf pattern, which adds an interesting twist to the guitar’s overall appearance.

Sound Quality

The Jaxville Hades Electric Guitar boasts a range of high-quality features that make it an ideal choice for aspiring guitarists. This guitar is loaded with two humbucking pickups that deliver a rich and powerful sound with plenty of sustain. Moreover, the pickups are controlled by three-way toggle switches and a volume and tone control knob that makes it easy to customize your sound.

Excellent Playability

The Jaxville Hades Electric Guitar is designed to offer excellent playability to its users. With a slim profile and a comfortable neck, this guitar provides players with easy access to all the frets at any given time. Additionally, the guitar is equipped with a smooth bridge and a whammy bar which allows players to incorporate vibrato and dive bombing techniques into their playing.


The Jaxville Hades Electric Guitar is a fantastic instrument that is sure to exceed your expectations. Its well-crafted design, sound quality, and excellent playability make it an ideal choice for any aspiring guitarist who wants to take their playing to the next level. With all these features and at such an affordable price, it is now easier than ever to add the Jaxville Hades Electric Guitar to your collection.

Jaxville Hades properties

Product name Hades
Brand Jaxville
Type String Instruments
String Instruments Electric Guitar
Built-in Microphone Yes
Size 4/4

Additional information


Product type

String Instruments

Built-in Microphone



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