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Create groundbreaking sounds and explore endless possibilities with Roland’s SE-02 analog synthesizer!

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If you’re searching for a powerful analog synthesizer that provides exceptional sound quality and performance, a good option to consider is the Roland SE-02.

The Roland SE-02 is a monophonic synthesizer that was created in collaboration with Studio Electronics, and it provides an incredible range of features that have impressed music producers and musicians alike. This compact synthesizer was designed with an old-school vibe, yet with modern-day features that make it an excellent addition to any rig.

The SE-02’s design is inspired by classic Roland analog synths of the past, such as the legendary SH-101. It features a 16-step sequencer and a wide variety of mono sounds, which will appeal to electronic music producers and sound designers who are seeking vintage sounds. The SE-02 also has a digital delay effect that allows you to create intricate soundscapes with ease.

One of the most remarkable features of the SE-02 is its filter section, which provides a vast array of sound-shaping options. The synth has three oscillators with three waveforms – triangle, sawtooth, and pulse – and a sub-oscillator with the ability to sync to oscillator one or two. Additionally, the SE-02 includes an LFO to modulate the filters or the oscillators, which gives you precision over the tonal range of your sound.

Another great feature of the SE-02 is its connectivity, with MIDI IN/OUT and USB connectivity, meaning you can use it with your favorite DAW or hardware sequencers. The synth is portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go, and with a reasonable price point, you can add it to your collection without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, the Roland SE-02 synthesizer provides an excellent sound, versatile connectivity, and a stylish retro look, making it an ideal choice for anyone who loves classic analog synths. Whether you’re just starting in music production or an experienced synth enthusiast, the SE-02 will impress you with its depth and breadth of sonic options.

Roland SE-02 properties

Product name SE-02
Brand Roland
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Synthesizer
Rotary Controls Yes

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Product type

Keyboard Instrument

Rotary Controls


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