Ampeg BA-115 V2


Get rich, warm, and clear bass tones with Ampeg BA-115 V2 – the perfect amplifier for bass players looking to amplify their sound without any compromise.

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Ampeg is one of the most popular and reputable brands in the world of bass amps. They have been making amps since the 1960s, and their amps are known for their rich, warm tone and their ability to handle low frequencies with ease. The Ampeg BA-115 V2 is a great example of this quality.

The Ampeg BA-115 V2 is a 150-watt bass combo amp that features a 15-inch custom Ampeg speaker, and a 1-inch compression driver. The amp is built to deliver a warm, punchy sound that is perfect for bass players looking for a classic, vintage tone.

One of the most impressive features of the BA-115 V2 is its preamp. The preamp features Ampeg’s legendary 3-band EQ, allowing bass players to dial in their favorite tone with ease. There is also a dedicated Ultra Hi and Ultra Lo switch, which allows players to add even more depth and presence to their tone.

Another great feature of the BA-115 V2 is its built-in Scrambler overdrive circuit. This circuit allows players to add some grit and grind to their tone, perfect for rock and metal bass players.

The BA-115 V2 also features a balanced XLR output, which is perfect for recording and live sound applications. There is also a headphone jack, allowing players to practice quietly without disturbing their neighbors.

In terms of build quality, the BA-115 V2 is built like a tank. The amp is housed in a durable, road-ready enclosure, and the metal grille protects the speaker from damage.

Overall, the Ampeg BA-115 V2 is an excellent bass amp that delivers the classic, vintage Ampeg tone in a reliable, road-ready package. Whether you are a seasoned pro looking for a new amp or a beginner looking for your first amp, the Ampeg BA-115 V2 is definitely worth considering.

Ampeg BA-115 V2 properties

Product name BA-115 V2
Brand Ampeg
Type Bass Amplifiers
Power Output (RMS) 150.0 W
Amplifier Model Hybrid Combo

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the 3-band active EQ with sweepable mid in Ampeg BA-115 V2 enhance tonal versatility?

The 3-band active EQ with a sweepable mid in the Ampeg BA-115 V2 enhances tonal versatility by providing more control over the sound of your bass amplifier. The three bands are designed to provide precise adjustments for Bass, Midrange, and Treble frequencies. The sweepable mid allows you to fine-tune the frequency of the midrange band to better suit your playing style and the type of music you're performing.
By having more control over the EQ settings, musicians can shape their tone to better fit their needs. This can be especially important in different musical genres or when using different types of bass instruments, such as electric, acoustic, or fretless. With this level of control, players can achieve a wide range of tones, from warm and smooth to bright and cutting, allowing them to stand out in any mix.
Overall, the 3-band active EQ with sweepable mid in the Ampeg BA-115 V2 greatly enhances the versatility of the amp by giving players the ability to fine-tune their sound to match their specific needs and preferences.

"What is the power rating and key features of the Ampeg BA-115 V2 Bass Amplifier, and how does it compare to previous models in terms of performance and design?"

The Ampeg BA-115 V2 Bass Amplifier has a power output rating of 115 watts. This makes it ideal for bassists who play in smaller venues or rehearsal spaces, as it provides plenty of volume without being overpowering. In terms of key features, the V2 model includes several improvements and updates from its predecessor. Some of these include:

1) Updated preamp section: The V2 version features a new preamp design that offers enhanced clarity, definition, and low-end response. This makes it easier to achieve a full, rich sound with less need for external effects or processing. Improved EQ controls: The EQ section has been redesigned to provide more flexibility and range, allowing bassists to shape their tone in greater detail than before. New gain control: The V2 model now includes a separate gain control that allows players to boost the input signal without affecting the overall volume level. This is useful for achieving a more aggressive or distorted sound when needed. LED display: The front panel of the amplifier now features an LED display that shows the current settings and output level, making it easy to monitor your performance and make adjustments on the fly. Compared to previous models in the BA-115 series, the V2 version represents a significant upgrade in terms of both performance and design. The new preamp section, EQ controls, and gain control offer greater tonal versatility and clarity, while the LED display adds an extra level of convenience and functionality. Overall, the Ampeg BA-115 V2 Bass Amplifier is a powerful and feature-packed amplifier that will appeal to bassists of all levels and styles.

How does the Ampeg BA-115 V2's Power Plus technology enhance its power output and reliability compared to previous models?

The Ampeg BA-115 V2's Power Plus technology significantly enhances its power output and reliability in comparison to previous models. Power Plus technology allows the amplifier to deliver a continuous 115 watts of clean power, which is an improvement from the previous model that delivered only 100 watts. This increase in power output ensures that the BA-115 V2 can handle larger venues and louder gigs with ease. Furthermore, the Power Plus technology also improves the reliability of the amplifier by incorporating a new Class D circuit design that generates less heat, reduces noise, and provides higher efficiency. This design ensures that the amplifier operates at lower temperatures, which significantly reduces the risk of failure due to overheating or thermal damage. Overall, the Power Plus technology in the Ampeg BA-115 V2 offers a significant boost in power output and improved reliability, making it an excellent choice for musicians who demand high-quality performance from their equipment.