Ampeg BA-115 V2


Get rich, warm, and clear bass tones with Ampeg BA-115 V2 – the perfect amplifier for bass players looking to amplify their sound without any compromise.

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Ampeg is one of the most popular and reputable brands in the world of bass amps. They have been making amps since the 1960s, and their amps are known for their rich, warm tone and their ability to handle low frequencies with ease. The Ampeg BA-115 V2 is a great example of this quality.

The Ampeg BA-115 V2 is a 150-watt bass combo amp that features a 15-inch custom Ampeg speaker, and a 1-inch compression driver. The amp is built to deliver a warm, punchy sound that is perfect for bass players looking for a classic, vintage tone.

One of the most impressive features of the BA-115 V2 is its preamp. The preamp features Ampeg’s legendary 3-band EQ, allowing bass players to dial in their favorite tone with ease. There is also a dedicated Ultra Hi and Ultra Lo switch, which allows players to add even more depth and presence to their tone.

Another great feature of the BA-115 V2 is its built-in Scrambler overdrive circuit. This circuit allows players to add some grit and grind to their tone, perfect for rock and metal bass players.

The BA-115 V2 also features a balanced XLR output, which is perfect for recording and live sound applications. There is also a headphone jack, allowing players to practice quietly without disturbing their neighbors.

In terms of build quality, the BA-115 V2 is built like a tank. The amp is housed in a durable, road-ready enclosure, and the metal grille protects the speaker from damage.

Overall, the Ampeg BA-115 V2 is an excellent bass amp that delivers the classic, vintage Ampeg tone in a reliable, road-ready package. Whether you are a seasoned pro looking for a new amp or a beginner looking for your first amp, the Ampeg BA-115 V2 is definitely worth considering.

Ampeg BA-115 V2 properties

Product name BA-115 V2
Brand Ampeg
Type Bass Amplifiers
Power Output (RMS) 150.0 W
Amplifier Model Hybrid Combo

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