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Experience the classic style and modern design of the Fender Player Telecaster LH, the perfect guitar for any musician.



As left-handed guitarists know all too well, finding a quality left-handed electric guitar can be a difficult challenge. Luckily, Fender has long been one of the most trusted names in the guitar world, and they offer a variety of left-handed options. One of the most popular is the Fender Player Telecaster LH – a sleek and stylish guitar with all the classic Telecaster sound and style.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Player Telecaster LH is its striking looks. The guitar features a glossy, solid-body finish in a variety of colors, including classic hues like black, sunburst, and white, as well as trendier options like sage green and buttercream. The classic Telecaster shape is instantly recognizable, with its beveled edges, curved cutaway, and single-cutaway design. The guitar is fitted with chrome hardware, including vintage-style tuning machines and a six-saddle string-through-body bridge.

But the real magic of the Player Telecaster LH lies in its sound. This guitar is equipped with a pair of high-quality pickups – a Player Series Alnico 5 Tele single-coil in the bridge position, and a Player Series Alnico 5 Tele single-coil in the neck position. These pickups deliver the bright, twangy sound that Telecasters are famous for, but they’re also versatile enough to handle a range of musical styles. Players can dial in everything from classic country twang to gritty rock and roll overdrive, depending on their amp settings and playing style.

In terms of playability, the Player Telecaster LH is a dream. The guitar features a modern C-shaped neck profile, which is comfortable for most players’ hands. The fingerboard is made of maple or pau ferro, depending on the finish, and features 22 medium-jumbo frets. The guitar’s 25.5 scale length provides plenty of room for fretting, and the string-through-body design ensures excellent sustain and resonance.

Overall, the Fender Player Telecaster LH is an excellent left-handed guitar option for anyone seeking classic styling, great sound, and a comfortable playing experience. It’s versatile enough for a wide range of musical genres, from country and blues to rock and punk, and its solid construction ensures that it will stand up to years of playing. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this guitar is sure to inspire and delight.

Fender Player Telecaster LH properties

Product name Player Telecaster LH
Brand Fender
Type String Instruments
String Instruments Electric Guitar
Number of Strings 6 pcs
Built-in Microphone Yes
Handedness Left-handed
Number of Frets 22
Cutaway Double Cutaway
Size 4/4
Wood Type (body sides) Alder
Wood Type (neck) Maple
Colour Black, Brown, White, Wood

Additional information


Product type

String Instruments

Number of Strings

Built-in Microphone


Number of Frets



Wood Type-body sides

Wood Type-neck


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1 review for Fender Player Telecaster LH

  1. Angelina Mcbride

    As a left-handed guitarist, finding high-quality electric guitar string instruments can be a daunting task. However, I recently purchased the Fender Player Telecaster LH and I must say, I am impressed.

    The first thing that caught my attention was the built-in microphone feature. This allows for amplified sound without the need for an external amplifier, making it perfect for on-the-go jam sessions or home practice.

    The tone and sound quality of the Fender Player Telecaster LH are comparable to other well-known electric guitar models. The sleek design and comfortable neck make it easy to play and perfect for any genre of music.

    One unique feature of the Fender Player Telecaster LH is the Alnico V pickups, which produce a rich and warm sound that stands out from other electric guitar models.

    Overall, I highly recommend the Fender Player Telecaster LH for any left-handed guitarist in search of a high-quality and versatile electric guitar. With its excellent tone and unique features, it is definitely a worthy investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

"How do I connect my Fender Player Telecaster LH left-handed guitar to my computer for using with recording software?"

To connect your Fender Player Telecaster LH left-handed guitar to your computer, you'll need a cable that can convert the 1/4" audio jack (the one on the output side of your guitar) into a USB signal. This is called an audio interface or "guitar-to-USB" adapter. Here's how to do it:

1. Purchase an appropriate audio interface: Some good options include the Focusrite Scarlett Solo, Audient EVO 4, or the Steinberg UR22C. These devices provide high-quality sound and are compatible with most recording software.

2. Connect your guitar to the input jack on the audio interface: Plug one end of a standard instrument cable (1/4" to 1/4") into your guitar's output jack, then connect the other end to the corresponding input jack on your chosen audio interface.

3. Connect your audio interface to your computer: Use a USB cable to connect the audio interface to an available USB port on your computer.

4. Install the drivers and software for your audio interface: Follow the manufacturer's instructions, which usually involve downloading their application from their website or using a disk that comes with the device.

5. Launch your recording software: Once everything is connected and set up correctly, open your preferred digital audio workstation (DAW) such as Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, or Cubase. You should now see input channels in your DAW corresponding to the inputs of your audio interface, allowing you to record directly from your guitar into your computer.

What are the steps to install and set up the Fender Player Telecaster LH guitar for the first time?

To install and set up the Fender Player Telecaster LH (Left Hand) guitar for the first time, follow these steps:

1. Unbox your guitar carefully, ensuring all parts are present.
2. Check the tuning of the strings before proceeding with any adjustments or setup work. If necessary, adjust the tuning using the machine heads at the headstock.
3. Fit the string trees on the nut to help guide the strings into the tuners.
4. Make sure that the truss rod is properly adjusted for your playing style and preferences. Loosen the hex-key truss rod nut located inside the sound hole, make adjustments with the truss rod wrench provided, then tighten the nut back down.
5. Set up the intonation of the guitar by adjusting the saddles on the tremolo bridge. Use a tuner or electronic pitch reference to ensure each string is perfectly in tune at its respective fret position.
6. Check the action of the strings - the distance between the strings and the frets should be comfortable for your playing style. Adjust the height of the saddles on the tremolo bridge to achieve the desired action.
7. Set up the pickup heights by adjusting the pole pieces or screws on each individual pickup. This will affect the tone and volume balance between the neck and bridge pickups.
8. Install any optional hardware such as strap buttons, pickguards, or other accessories according to the manufacturer's instructions.
9. String up your guitar with the appropriate gauge strings for your playing style. Fender recommends using their own branded strings, but you can also choose from various third-party options.
10. Play and enjoy your newly installed and set up Fender Player Telecaster LH guitar! Remember to regularly maintain and care for your instrument by keeping it clean, tuned, and properly stored.

How do I adjust the tuning machines on my Fender Player Telecaster LH electric guitar?

Of course! Adjusting the tuning machines on your Fender Player Telecaster LH electric guitar is quite simple. Here's how to do it step by step:

1. Start by taking off the strings from your guitar. You can either remove them one at a time or take the whole thing off all at once. Just be sure not to lose any of your string ends!

2. Next, locate the tuning machines on your neck. There should be six in total, two on each side of the headstock.

3. Now, use a pair of guitar picks or small pliers to adjust the tension on the screws that hold the tuning machines in place. Pull the screw out slightly and rotate it counterclockwise until it's loose enough for you to slide it out of its slot.

4. Once the screw is removed, take a look at the washer underneath it. If it seems too large or misaligned, simply replace it with a new one that fits better. Take care not to lose any of the small retaining screws on the underside of the washer.

5. After replacing the washer (if necessary), reattach the screw and tighten it just enough so that it's snug but still loose enough to move. This will allow you to adjust the tension on the string as needed.

6. Repeat this process for all six tuning machines, making sure to check them all for proper alignment and adjustment.

7. Finally, slide your strings back onto the tuning pegs and reattach any remaining screws or washers that you may have removed earlier. Tune up your guitar using your preferred method (either electronic or by ear) and enjoy your newly adjusted Fender Player Telecaster LH!