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Experience top-tier guitar playing with incredible clarity and tone with Ibanez ART120QA.



The Ibanez ART120QA electric guitar is a beautifully designed, high-performance guitar that offers a smooth playing experience and a rich, versatile sound. This guitar is perfect for players who want an affordable guitar that looks and sounds just as good as more expensive models.

The ART120QA features a sleek, arched-top, single-cutaway design that’s reminiscent of classic electric guitars of the past. The body is made from mahogany, with a quilted maple top, which gives it a warm, woody tone with plenty of depth and sustain.

The guitar’s neck is also made from mahogany and features a smooth, satin finish that makes it easy to play. The fretboard is made from jatoba, which is a dense, hardwearing wood that delivers a bright, snappy tone with excellent sustain.

The ART120QA is equipped with two Ibanez-designed humbucking pickups, which provide a versatile range of tones that can easily be shaped to suit a variety of playing styles. The pickups can be adjusted using the volume and tone knobs, which offer a wide range of tonal options.

The guitar also features a fixed bridge, which adds to its stability and sustain. The bridge is designed to offer a low profile, which makes it easy to change strings and adjust the intonation.

One of the standout features of the ART120QA is its looks. The quilted maple top, finished in transparent blue burst, adds a layer of visual interest that sets the guitar apart from other models in its price range. The chrome hardware complements the finish and helps to give the guitar a sleek, modern feel.

In terms of playability, the ART120QA is a joy to play. The neck is slim and comfortable, making it easy to move up and down the fretboard. The body is lightweight and well-balanced, making it easy to hold and play for extended periods.

Overall, the Ibanez ART120QA electric guitar is a fantastic choice for players who want a versatile guitar that’s easy to play, looks great, and offers a wide range of tones. Its combination of solid construction, quality components, and stylish design make it an excellent choice for guitarists of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the ART120QA is sure to impress.

Ibanez ART120QA properties

Product name ART120QA
Brand Ibanez
Type String Instruments
String Instruments Electric Guitar
Number of Strings 6 pcs
Handedness Right-handed
Number of Frets 22
Cutaway Double Cutaway
Size 4/4
Wood Type (front) Maple
Wood Type (back) Nato
Wood Type (body sides) Poplar
Wood Type (neck) Poplar
Colour Black, Blue

Additional information


Product type

String Instruments

Number of Strings


Number of Frets



Wood Type-front

Wood Type-back

Wood Type-body sides

Wood Type-neck



2 reviews for Ibanez ART120QA

  1. Alexander

    I recently got my hands on the Ibanez ART120QA electric guitar, and I must say that I am impressed with its overall performance. As a stock clerk residing in Corpus Christi, I have played various electric guitars, and I must say that the Ibanez ART120QA stands out from the rest.

    This electric guitar is a perfect fit for me, standing at 4/4 size and having 22 frets. The size and number of frets make it comfortable to play and create various sounds, making it a great guitar for beginners and experienced players.

    Compared to other electric guitars, the Ibanez ART120QA stands out due to its excellent construction, fantastic finish and great sound quality. The humbuckers on this guitar produce a crisp, clear sound, and the wiring and hardware used are top-notch. I previously owned a Fender Telecaster, which I used for a long time, but I can say that the Ibanez ART120QA is a fantastic upgrade.

    When I ordered this electric guitar in February, I was worried about delivery because I was in Corpus Christi, but I was pleased with how easy it was to purchase and how quickly it was delivered to my doorstep.

    Overall, the Ibanez ART120QA guitar is a great investment for anyone, and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a high-quality, versatile electric guitar. I give it a 4 out of 5 rating.

  2. Harrison

    I recently purchased the Ibanez ART120QA electric guitar for my son Jonathan, who is a 27-year-old aspiring musician. Initially, I was quite excited about this purchase, as the Ibanez brand has a reputation for producing high-quality guitars. However, after spending some time with the ART120QA, I must say that I am disappointed with its performance.

    Firstly, let’s discuss the size of the Ibanez ART120QA. It is a standard 4/4 size electric guitar, which means it is suitable for both adults and older teenagers. This size ensures that the guitar is comfortable to hold and play, as it fits well within the average adult’s body proportions. Additionally, the 4/4 size allows for easy maneuverability on the fretboard, making it suitable for players of varying skill levels.

    Moving on to the performance of the Ibanez ART120QA, I found it to be subpar compared to other guitars in its price range. The sound quality is decent, but lacks the richness and depth that one would expect from a professional-grade instrument. The pickups on this guitar are also not very versatile, limiting the range of tones that can be produced. Overall, the sound output is rather mediocre.

    Furthermore, the build quality of the Ibanez ART120QA leaves much to be desired. The materials used in its construction feel cheap and flimsy, leading to concerns about its durability in the long run. The hardware, such as the tuners and bridge, are not of the highest quality either, causing occasional tuning stability issues. These shortcomings make it clear that this guitar is more suited for amateur use rather than professional performances.

    So why did I choose the Ibanez ART120QA for my son? Well, initially it seemed like a great entry-level option for someone who wanted to explore playing the electric guitar. Its affordable price point and the Ibanez brand name were enticing factors. Unfortunately, I underestimated the impact that the size and build quality would have on the overall experience.

    In conclusion, the Ibanez ART120QA electric guitar, while boasting a 4/4 size, falls short in terms of performance and build quality. Its sound quality is mediocre, and the overall construction feels cheap and flimsy. While it may be suitable for amateur use or beginners just starting out, it does not meet the expectations of a professional-grade instrument. If you are looking for an electric guitar with better sound quality, durability, and overall performance, I would recommend exploring other options in the same price range.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What unique features does the Ibanez ART120QA guitar possess, and how do they contribute to its overall tone and performance capabilities?

The Ibanez ART120QA is a high-end electric guitar that boasts several unique features which set it apart from other models in the market. These characteristics contribute significantly to its overall sound quality and performance capabilities. Here's a breakdown of some of these features:

1. HSH pickup configuration: The ART120QA employs a unique pickup configuration that consists of an HSH layout, which comprises of an H bridge humbucker in the neck position, a single coil in the middle, and a humbucker at the bridge. This arrangement offers a versatile tonal range, from tight and bright to warm and full-bodied sounds. Ash body: The ART120QA features an ash body that provides a resonant and lively tone. This type of wood is also known for its lightweight characteristics, making it comfortable to hold during extended playing sessions. Roasted maple neck: The neck of this guitar is made from roasted maple, which has undergone a special process called "roasting" that involves heating the wood at high temperatures for several hours. This technique helps to reduce moisture content and alters the chemical composition of the wood, resulting in improved stability, durability, and tonal qualities. Abalone dot inlays: The ART120QA's fingerboard is adorned with abalone dot inlays, which add a touch of elegance and visual appeal to the instrument. These dots provide a subtle marker for the player's fret hand and aid in locating notes more easily during fast-paced solos or complex passages. Locking tuners: The guitar's headstock is equipped with locking tuners, which ensure stable tuning even during high-energy performances or dramatic string bending techniques. This feature reduces the need for frequent retuning and ensures that the guitar stays in tune throughout the entire performance. Overall, these unique features contribute significantly to the ART120QA's exceptional sound quality and performance capabilities. Its HSH pickup configuration, ash body, roasted maple neck, abalone dot inlays, and locking tuners make this guitar an excellent choice for players looking for a versatile and reliable instrument that delivers superb tone and playability.

What unique electronic features does the Ibanez ART120QA guitar offer for advanced sound manipulation?

The Ibanez ART120QA guitar boasts several unique electronic features for advanced sound manipulation. Firstly, it has a 5-way switch that allows you to select from various pickup configurations, including series, parallel, and split modes. This versatility provides a wide range of tonal options, allowing you to shape your sound according to your preferences. Secondly, the guitar features a high-gain preamp system that offers exceptional clarity and definition, making it suitable for high-volume live performances as well as studio recordings. The preamp also includes an onboard chromatic tuner, which is convenient for quick and easy tuning without having to carry around a separate tuning device. Thirdly, the ART120QA guitar comes equipped with a built-in effects loop that enables you to insert external pedals or processors into your signal chain. This feature offers even more tonal flexibility, allowing you to customize your sound in countless ways. Fourthly, the guitar has a 3-band active EQ system that lets you fine-tune your tone, providing additional control over your sound's bass, mid, and treble frequencies. This level of precision is essential for achieving the perfect balance between clarity, warmth, and presence. Lastly, the ART120QA guitar features a built-in USB port that allows you to connect it directly to your computer or laptop for digital audio recording or editing. This feature is especially useful for musicians who want to capture their ideas quickly and easily without having to use an external interface or converter. Overall, the Ibanez ART120QA guitar's advanced electronic features provide exceptional versatility, tonal flexibility, and convenience for both live performances and studio recordings. Its preamp system, effects loop, 5-way switch, active EQ, and USB port make it a powerful tool for musicians who demand the highest level of sound quality and performance from their instruments.

How does the Ibanez ART120QA's Quantum Tuner work to provide optimal tuning stability and accuracy for electric guitar players?

The Ibanez ART120QA's Quantum Tuner technology uses a high-precision oscillator that generates reference frequencies. These frequencies are then detected by the tuner's pickup sensor, which is located under the bridge of the guitar. The sensor detects the vibrations of the strings and converts them into electrical signals, which are analyzed by the tuner's microprocessor. The Quantum Tuner uses advanced algorithms to accurately identify the pitch of each string and display it on the LED screen. This technology provides optimal tuning stability and accuracy, even in high-volume environments or under extreme temperature and humidity conditions. The ART120QA also features a calibration function that allows the user to adjust the tuner's reference frequency to suit their specific guitar or tuning preferences. Overall, the Quantum Tuner technology helps electric guitar players achieve precise and stable tuning for their performances.