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Experience pure tonal bliss with the Blackstar Artisan 100 guitar amp head.

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The Blackstar Artisan 100 guitar amp head is a product that has been highly anticipated by musicians and enthusiasts alike. This amp head is deemed to be one of the best products out there that deliver an exceptional blend of classic and modern sounds.

The Blackstar Artisan series was first introduced with the aim of delivering the ultimate sound quality and versatility, and the Artisan 100 is no exception. This amp is designed for the gigging musician who expects nothing but the best from their equipment.

The Artisan 100 features four channels, each with its own unique voicing. These channels are labeled as clean, crunch, OD1, and OD2, which allows the user to craft a multitude of tone and sound options. The clean channel offers a warm and responsive tone with plenty of headroom. The crunch channel offers a bluesy, vintage-overdrive sound, which is perfect for classic rock music. The OD1 channel offers a more distorted sound with a lot of gain, perfect for heavier rock and metal genres. The OD2 channel has even more gain, perfect for heavy metal and extreme genres.

One of the most significant features of the Blackstar Artisan 100 is its power attenuation. This feature allows the player to reduce the output power of the amp head, which allows it to be used in smaller venues or recording studios without sacrificing sound quality. The attenuation feature offers a range of options from full power to just two watts, which can still deliver significant volume without pushing the amp to its extreme limits.

The Artisan 100 was designed using a unique point-to-point construction method, which allows the amp to deliver its full tonal range. This construction method also reduces the potential for signal loss, which is common in PCB (printed-circuit board) amps. The output transformer of the Artisan 100 is made from high-grade materials, which offers amazing tonal detail, dynamics, and presence.

In terms of design, the Artisan 100 offers a vintage look with modern functionality. The amp head is housed in a stylish, black leatherette casing and features cream-colored control knobs, which gives it a classic look and adds to its vintage feel.

In conclusion, the Blackstar Artisan 100 guitar amp head is an excellent product for the musician who seeks maximum functionality and versatility in their equipment. Its unique point-to-point construction, power attenuation, and vintage look make it a stand-out product in its class. With its exceptional sound quality and unparalleled power, you can expect nothing but the best from this amp head.

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